Office Jewelry: Christie Martin Jewelry

Jewelry is a great place for expression in an otherwise conservative outfit. There are still some rules, however: Your earrings should not be too dangly. Nothing should be too shiny (unless it’s diamonds, really). Nothing should make noise when you walk (e.g., piled-on bangles).  Corporette navigates the waters for you and explores a different designer each week.

Christie Martin Jewelry is not new: she won the Gen Art “Fresh Face in Fashion” award in 2004, has been featured in most major magazines, and is sold at major institutions like the Big Drop boutiques in New York and Ron Herman in L.A. Still, when we were browsing through Couture Candy the other day we couldn’t help but being drawn to her stuff for office fun — it’s got a sense of humor but is still appropriate and beautiful.

Christie Martin Jewelry Sharktooth Earrings in 14K Gold

We think these sharktooth earrings (in 14K gold, natch) from Christie Martin Jewelry are hilarious, but still tiny and demure enough that you’re the only one who’ll be in on the joke.

Christie Martin Jewelry Old English Enameled Necklace in Blue

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Maybe we’re crazy, but we also love this initial necklace in Old English lettering — it speaks to our love of all things monogrammed. There’s an extra-large gold one that may not be appropriate for the office but is super cool, also: Christie Martin Jewelry Old English Necklace Large in Gold.

Christie Martin Jewelry Hammered Wire Necklace in Sterling Silver

We also like this hammered wire necklace — we think it would look great peeking out from beneath a button-down shirt.

Christie Martin Design [Official]
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  1. Completely agree about the no-noise rule for bracelets – there’s nothing more annoying than hearing tinkly noises when you’re trying to concentrate on something important. I love the shark’s tooth earrings…not sold on the letter necklace though, it looks a little…cheap. That could be because it’s blue but I think it’s more likely that jewelry with letters or words never really looks good.

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