Poll: Are dark nails inappropriate for the office?

As we roll into August, the shimmery pinks and muted nudes of early spring and summer tend to move their way to darker hues, like the NARS polish at left. So today’s poll is about nails — particularly, darkly colored nails at the office. A friend of ours told us once that she’d been told her dark red nails were “too aggressive” for her law office, but from our perspective it seems that any normal color (in the pink or red family) should be acceptable for a professional woman to wear, provided her nails are well manicured (and not chipped, no matter what the NYT says). What’s your opinion?


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  1. Going with nude or pale has the added benefit of not showing chips… Personally, I think nails should abide by the same ruels as jewelry, hair, andclothing — clean, professional, and flattering, but never distracting.

    I keep a bottle of clear posh and cuticle oil in my desk drawer. Dry, ragged cuticles are more noticable and unsightly than chips!

  2. I agree, chips are not trendy! They may be inevitable, but heavily chipped fire-engine red nails? That’s tacky.

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