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f-bomb at work- This is SUCH a great question that we’re going to have to explore this further at some later date: What do you do when the men at the office obviously censor themselves because you’re a “lady”? [Working Girl] (Photo credit: f bomb, originally uploaded to Flickr by macwagen)

– Hmmn: We like black or navy tights with skirt suits, but apparently there’s some disagreement on that. [Bitter Lawyer]

– How did you decide what to wear on your last interview? [Fashionista]


– Tips from the WSJ on managing e-mail overload. [WSJ]

– Article III Groupies, rejoice: Underneath their Robes is back, with a new editor. [ABA Journal] Also, another voice from the past: Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote a column in the WSJ about how the crisis has lost us a dozen years’ worth of wealth in a few months. [WSJ]

– Cool new app for your iPhone combines a cool new app for the web: Read It Later allows you to bookmark long articles on the web and then read them offline on your iPhone. [via Lifehacker]

– Will fake breasts help you get a job in Big Law? Probably — but probably not the one you want. [Bitter Lawyer]


  1. Delta Sierra :

    May I recommend Sierra Trading Post’s website as a source of basic office wear? You’ll shriek when you first look at it – lots of sports stuff – but take a breath and continue. They have a lot of dead-boring basics, but from high-end, high-quality names. A dead-boring good quality suit only needs a colorful shirt or sweater under it, and a great necklace, to make it bearable. When I lived in France, the professional women there used bright scarves to fix up a boring (which they mostly are) suit. Sierra doesn’t have many fashionable names, but sometimes you can find lines like Cambio, beautifully-made pants, usually $300 and more, and which fit like they were made for you, especially if you’re not a size 2. As with all discount websites, you have to go back a few times to find what you’re looking for, but today they have a $480 Magaschoni dress at half-price. $580 Teri Jon wrap dress for $140. I’ve bought tons of stuff from them over the years, never had a problem. Good menswear, too.

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