Poll: Can Fishnets Be Worn at a Conservative Job?

can you wear fishnets to workA while back, someone commented that instead of nude hose they wore nude fishnets in the summer. This piqued our curiosity — we used to do this also, back in the days after college, but not in a long while — we stopped because it felt inappropriate. So we thought we’d take a poll… (Pictured: I Bought Fishnets! originally uploaded to Flickr by badlyricpolice.)

For our $.02, fishnet tights are generally inappropriate for the office environment. Let’s face it, they conjure up images of dancers (both professional and otherwise) and hookers — and that association is a little too much for bosses of either sex. Besides, the goal of a working wardrobe should be to avoid what we’ll call “the second look” — you don’t want any of your coworkers to look at you once casually in the hallway and then be forced to look a second time in order to answer the question, “Were my eyes deceiving me or is she really wearing that?” Even if they answer the question with a blase “ok, well, I guess that’s acceptable,” the second look in and of itself is something to be avoided. We would argue, though, that fishnet trouser socks could be appropriate as long as they’re in a neutral color. (Our reasoning here is that only perverts are staring at your ankles; otherwise, what you wear there is unlikely to elicit the dreaded second look.)

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What are your thoughts, readers?

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  1. Delta Sierra :


  2. Well, your poll options don’t state my opinion, so I’ll do it in the comments: fishnets are OK for work as long as the weave on the fishnets is very, very fine. So the open weave you’ve illustrated above is inappropriate and better kept to the nightclubs. But I think a tight weave on a fishnet creates a bit of texture and isn’t sleazy. However I wouldn’t wear them to court or a client meeting; just for the office.

  3. It depends on the weave! I would never wear wide-weave fishnets to the office, but a small weave is almost no different than some patterened tights. Futher, I think most “false fishnets” (i.e. tights or hose with a fishnet pattern woven into them) can pass if worn with a proper skirt, and/or boots that will cover up most of the pattern.

  4. Can someone post a link to a picture of fine weave fishnets? I’m having trouble imagining them.

  5. nooo.

  6. nude-colored fishnets, small weave are appropriate. Givency makes some very good ones.

  7. Similar to the previous 2 commentaries – if the color is close to the skin tone and the pattern is tight, fishnets would not look different than any patterned hose – unless someone is looking at your feet from one foot distance, which is not appropriate office behavior, as you noticed earlier. The effect has nothing to do with the one in the posted picture.

  8. Just posted a link to the Givenchy tights mentioned by the above-commenter — click on the “nude fishnets” in the first paragraph — or this:


    We still say they’re inappropriate when worn with a skirt, unless the weave is so tight that they’re not actually fishnets but rather patterned tights.

  9. I agree with the commenters who have stated a tight weave and nude color are fine. I think the negative connotations are associated primarily with the really wide weave and black fishnets which I would say are inappropriate for the office. It is difficult to tell that the small knit nude ones are even fishnets until you are very close to the person’s legs.

  10. I’ve worn them before – with a conservative top, conservative shoes and long enough skirt to balance out the outfit. I think we’re all allowed one “pop” in an outfit so I thought it worked (received complements from other females as well).

    Also worn knee-high boots with conservative pairings – but never with the fishnets, that doesn’t leave enough to the imagination.

    Again, I dress for my day – if I know I’m going to be hanging out in a partner’s office or somewhere else with the bigwigs, I don’t chance it. But if it’s going to be a more girly day (and perhaps girly night out), then why not?

    Agree with the weave comments – the finer, the better.

  11. Alex in DC :

    looked at the Givenchy tights linked above …. and I can say I would actually consider wearing them to work with a pair of tailored wool trousers and very very nice boots – but only on Fridays

  12. I agree with the “as long as its nude” statements. I only wear them for socks, but I have seen nude colored stockings with a dress, and it looked fantastic, and not sleazy at all! I wish I had the gumption to pull off the look myself!

  13. I agree with the commenters above – nude and small weave is fine; i would even say black would be fine, as long as the weave in tiny.

  14. If you have to ask whether your outfit is appropriate for work, it isn’t.

  15. totally depends. i have extra tight weave wolford stockings in black and I think they are appropriate for more casual days at the office.

  16. I’ve worn a really tight weave in black. It is such a tight weave that even those that are sitting close to me can’t tell that they were fishnets. It was much smaller weave than the one in the link that C posted earlier. Also, I don’t know if it matters, but I am dark skinned. So, the weave on a light color would look much more obvious than the black one.

  17. Corpcounsel :

    I have done it and will continue to do so. Mine are very fine and a tight weave. I never wear a skirt that is above the knees. I would be shocked if anyone in my office noticed or cared.

  18. I studied in Paris back in college, and I noticed a lot of professional-looking women over there wore tight-weave black fishnets as trouser socks. I think that, the rest of the outfit being kept conservative, this was a cute look and not at all unprofessional. I’ve worn them a few times with dark pants and shoes and doubt anybody even noticed. It’s fun to wear something besides the same old boring hose once in awhile. That said, I can’t see myself wearing fishnets with a skirt, ever.

  19. OMG No. No socks no nothing!!!
    I just checked the date to see whether it was maybe april 1st again or something.

  20. Anonymous :

    I’d say patterned tights with boots and a knee length skirt (showing no more than say 8 inches of leg) would be ok in a more fashion forward office. I really can’t imagine wearing even very small, nude fishnets to work. Would that really be BETTER than going bare legged? It seems like the whole goal would be to draw additional attention to your legs.

    Would it be OK to wear stockings with a seam up the back? We know it’s not necessary and we know it only draws attention to the legs, right?