Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Banana Republic’s Bow-Tie Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Women: Bow-tie top - Summer orchid
Banana Republic has its 30% Off Friends and Family sale this weekend, and have been sending out e-mails to “good customers.” Some customers (like us) got bar-codes for in-store use; others got coupon codes valid for one online use. One generous reader is apparently a very good customer, and C has sent us three online coupon codes to share with the readers. So: post a comment in this thread (tell us what you’re up to this weekend, perhaps), and by 5:00 E.S.T. we’ll pick three lucky winners and e-mail your code.

That said, we’re loving this bow-tie top from Banana Republic. It’s slightly quirky in a vintage way, but not a full homage to the fashion of Mad Men. It’s available for both regular and petites in summer orchid (shown), military navy, and black. It’s $40 at Banana Republic. Women: Bow-tie top – Summer orchid

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UPDATE: We’ve picked the winners and notified them.  Congratulations to TGIF@11:52, eplawyer@3:31, Meredith@11:34 — you can thank reader C!  A bit thanks to reader J, also, for sending in an additional, fourth BR code — Carly@10:57, you can thank J.  Ladies, please let us know if you haven’t received an e-mail from us with the code yet.

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  1. Anyone know how that side bow would lay under a jacket?

  2. I saw this top in the store and the bow was not overly “poofy.” I think it would lay nicely under a jacket.

  3. The bow definitely lies flat. But this wasn’t as cute on as I was hoping it would be–the material is pretty t-shirt-y, I thought, for how it looks in the picture. Sad, because I love the color.

  4. heading to the beach, post bar exam. first time i’ve spent with my kids in weeks! have a good weekend!

  5. This weekend? This weekend I’m buying a suit for firm interview week from Banana Republic!

    And thanks to Corporette, I’ll be buying both pants and a skirt with the jacket.

  6. Hmm….any idea what one has to do to be a “good customer”? I have a luxe card and I haven’t gotten a code! I’m feeling a bit put out, to be honest. Come on BR!

  7. Relaxing with my bf after he finally completed the bar exam!! YAY!! Maybe going to the drive-in! Oh… and praying PA passes a budget soon so we get paid again!!!

  8. I dont see an actual bow in the picture – its a little hard for me to picture it but I see one ‘flap’ of the bow-tie which should have a second corresponding flap but doesnt seem to. Maybe its just not well pictured, or it is a stylistic bow that is not exactly a bow?

    This weekend, I’m hanging out with one of my best friends and her little 3 year old daughter!

  9. I’ll be spending the weekend at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, attending CLE classes — fun!

  10. I’m about to go back for my last year of law school, so this weekend will be the end of my “summer vacation”. I’ve planned a little “back to school” shopping session with my mom and I think Banana Republic is one of the stops ;-)

  11. Helping my mom with house renovations, and continuing the job search for my new state. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. This weekend, I’m relaxing and helping install a desk for my dad’s birthday. :)

  13. This weekend I’ll continue recovering from a three-day bar exam, and I plan to inventory my closet and figure out what I’ll need to buy to wear for my job!

  14. academicsocialite :

    It’s my husband’s 30th birthday – fancy dinner at Gramercy Tavern on Saturday night and a big picnic in the park with friends on Sunday. Hmmm, maybe I could buy that cute BR plaid dress I’ve been eyeing with that 30% off code, and then wear it out on the town!

  15. I’ve been coveting the grey Banana Suit of the Week since you posted it weeks before… It has yet to go on sale, believe me, I’ve been checking.

    • Banana Republic sold out of the grey suit jackets online, the horror.
      But being a true Corporette, I spoke with the manager in a retail store, used the online code, and I am now the proud owner of a Suit of the Week.

      Thank you Corporette!!

  16. I happen to think that top is perfect for a “Mad Men” look! Wear it with a high-waisted pencil skirt, lightly textured hose, and patent t-strap heels. Accessorize with a skinny patent belt, heavy pearl bracelet, cluster earrings, and a dash of violet lipstick and you’re ready to give Don Draper what-for!

    I’ll be spending all weekend (and I mean ALL weekend) working on the upcoming issue of Style Sample Magazine.

  17. I’m actually planning on going to Banana Republic this weekend. I love that blouse, and I’m very excited about their Mad Men inspired clothes.

  18. apparently their “best” customers get both an in store barcode and an online code. hey, i’m just trying to stimulate the economy!

  19. Work, work, and more work. Is it still summer?