Weekend Open Thread

Charter Club Pants, Modern Fit AnkleSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Pictured: This is all Jessica Alba’s fault. We saw her pictured in some magazine (Self, perhaps?) wearing cute ankle-length jeans, pink Ferragamo flats, and a boyfriend sweater, and she looked adorable. So when we saw these on sale today at Macy’s, we snapped them up — for $29 we’ll try the ankle-length look, which we remember being vaguely cute from the last time it was in style. Were $55, now $29, available in sizes 4-16 in black, brown, gray, navy, and sand. Charter Club Pants, Modern Fit Ankle

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Also – we already Tweeted about this earlier today, but if you haven’t been yet, check out the sale Amazon is having on women’s shoes. Serious discounts on some seriously cute shoes — we’re talking $500+ shoes marked to $56. Lucky sizes only, of course.

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  1. Why do all of the shoes featured on Amazon have such high heels? Seriously, it seems like all those shoes are 3.5 – 4 inches.

    • You’re right; most of them are sky high. Maybe that’s why nobody bought them at full price ;)

      • pinkrobot :

        also no wide widths in the sale though there are narrow widths. sadness

    • Ooooo, thanks, Corporette. Just bought a pair of $313 shoes for $47!! And their fuchsia suede flats. Awesome. For the first time in my life, my weird shoe size — 5 1/2 — is lucky!!

  2. What do people think of ankle length pants? I see them on other females and think they look adorable, but I’m 6′ tall so I’m afraid it will just look like my pants are too short…

  3. See these just make me laugh because a running joke among my friends in warmer months is “What do you call capris when I’m wearing them? Pants!” At 5’1″ most capri pants are ankle length on me. These make me think of that. It’s just an awkward length.

  4. I’m not a fan of ankle length or capris because I think they are unflattering on over 90% of women. Unless you are extremely slim, it is a hard look to pull off. I also think it shortens your leg, which most of us don’t want.

  5. No likey. I like capri’s that hit higher (mid calf), maybe with a sash belt, but these look like floods.

  6. Love them on tall, thin women like my mother. For those of us not quite so blessed, it can be very unflattering. I’m tall but I don’t think my athletic thighs are flattered by the length.

  7. From what I see around here (SoCal) floods and capris that are hemmed above the ankle bone seems to = short enough so it does look like too-short-pants. But casual only. Never see them at work.

    Flood pants here = ankle bone to mid-calf, capris are anywhere from mid-calf to just below the knee. For casual, you see them ALL the time, with flat sandals. They’re great for when you feel you aren’t as slender as you’d like to be, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable in shorts, but it’s hot out, and pants just aren’t on the menu.

  8. No capris for me.

  9. Jessica Alba is really fit and prettier than most of the rest of us, so you can’t really look at anything she wears and assume that it will probably be fine for you. Aside from that, I’m not a fan of ankle-length pants. It just looks like they got hemmed a little too much. Or, it feels that way when I wear them.

  10. really cute! I like that the look just says – comfortable and casual.

  11. I think ankle-length pants are a “cute” look. I like how they look with pointed toe sling-backs with a low heel and a pretty blouse (not tucked in). Maybe with a nice belt or a cardigan over.

  12. I’m usually not a fan of ankle pants. The only person I’ve ever seen wear them well is my friend who is fairly tall and quite thin and wears them with high heels. I feel like on most people they just look like you accidentally bought pants that are too short.

  13. Have two pairs (grey and black cords) I’ve been wearing non stop since fall, albeit mostly with boots over them once it got cold. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. They look good with flats, and can easily be dressed up with heels.

    Not sure how I feel about the pair above though, prob smidge shorter than mine and flare out a bit too much for my taste (pairs I have taper more and follow the line of the leg). I think the taper makes the length look more intentional and less ‘flood’ like. As a long legged freak growing up who had get pants two sizes to big to avoid wearing highwaters, it took a week for me to overcome the nagging feeling that my pants were to short.

    Full disclaimer – I have a 32″ inseam even though I’m 5’6 ish and have sticks for legs.

  14. I know there’s been a lot of talk expressing frustration w/ inconsistent sizing. Last night I came across myshape dot com while chasing a jessica howard dress. Basically, you put in a ton of your measurements and it assigns you a body type….AND shows you clothes that actually fit those measurements. (It recommend the size that I’d tried on in-store that had fit perfectly, which inspired my confidence!) lol…and they had the color I wanted that wasn’t in-store!
    I’m intrigued/sold! Wish they sold all brands there though!
    Just wanted to share my newest find!

  15. finance question: has anyone used mint.com and what are your thoughts, especially on the security? I’m always a little wary of entering account numbers online.

    • divaliscious11 :

      I love Mint.com. It IS cumbersme initially in the setting up process, but once you have all of your accounts loaded, it becomes remarkably easy to use. I find after a couple months, I am now only tweaking the categarization of one off purchses, as my regular stuff fills automatically. I used quicken for many years, and always hated trying to remember to add every transaction, even when I had pocket quicken on my PDA. Since my cash purchases tend to only be things like Starbucks etc… it gives me great visibility into my spending habits etc… My only complaint is that it runs a day or two behind, but I have found that a refresh will pull your current information. If you can get through the set-up, I think you’d find it helpful. There is an iPhone app as well so if you need to do a spot check, you can.

      • divaliscious11 :

        Oh, and there are a few straggler banks/investment companies who aren’t in the system – I have one investment account that is not supported, but the seem to be coming on board…. The big ones are there (Fidelity/Vanguard/T.Rowe Price etc…)

    • I am a bit concerned about privacy, although I took the risk and entered my information, and absolutely love the program thus far. The website assures the users that the information is protected, but I do wonder how secure it really is. Think about Chinese and Russian-affiliated hackers and Google!

  16. I LOVE ankle pants, if the pant leg is slim enough. Not tapered, per se, but not the hideous (sorry capri fans) leg-shortening capri look with the wider opening. I also prefer them with flats – think Mary Tyler Moore on the Dick Van Dyke show! http://www.imdb.com/media/rm595433472/tt0054533 I think they look best with a slightly more tailored and more 60s-inspired top, but maybe that’s because while I want to be a high-powered attorney, part of me will always want to be Donna Reed …

    Also – I was going to post this as a PSA today, I bought a pair of cable knit grey flats a few years back and they have been the most versatile pair of shoes I own, esp. in winter! (Just puttin it out there…)

    • Wait, what? cable knit flats?

      • Yup! They’re SO cute. And several years later, they’re just starting to pill around the sole, but that’s because I sit on my foot.

        • jealous, those sound really cute. Wish I had a pair! I recently bought a pair of gray suede flats with a silver detail on the top and am finding them very versatile, too – wear them to work, wear them with jeans. Have gotten a lot of compliments on them.

  17. Regarding mint.com – I find it pretty cumbersome and not as flexible as I’d like. I had heard good reports so I thought it would be a easy way to keep track of expenses. No such luck. I used it only after I did research and felt very confident about the security from several sources.

  18. lawsatudent :

    What are your thoughts on perfume in the workplace? I enjoy wearing some, but wonder if even a subtle scent is too “social” and distracting. Should I avoid floral scents, musky ones, or anything else in particular?

    • lawstudent :

      Of course, I meant to type “lawstudent” as my username.

    • For me? Just about all of them, but definitely the musks and anything floral with lilies in it, as I’ll have to take the rest of the day off because of the migraine you caused me. If someone else who isn’t touching you can smell it, it’s definitely too much. If you’re at all close with your coworkers, it might be fair to ask around first to make sure nobody has allergies. I’d love to hear other opinions, too.

      • KLo, if you get true migraines from others wearing perfume (which I think is a fairly common occurrence), aren’t you debilitated by that sensitivity? I just can’t imagine getting a full-on migraine from common smells and having to take the rest of the day off. Have you tried Imitrex? I’m probably telling you something you already know, and I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but Imitrex kicks in within an hour and saves the whole lying in a dark room bit. Thankfully I do not have any smell triggers- my triggers are generally hormonal (that time of the month), and some food triggers, and occasionally a really bright sunny day will do it (I get aura with those).

        • Luckily they’re rare enough (most people, thankfully don’t wear too much perfume, or will refrain if need be) that prescription meds haven’t been worth it to me. I have a cousin who’s been on meds for years though. I imagine as I age, it will be more important (and I’ll need them down the road), but for now it’s some perfumes, lilies, and winter sun at just the right level.

          • Yeah, what is it about that winter sun? That’s what gets me too. Totally doesn’t happen in the summer. I had to get Rx sunglasses to prevent migraines driving into work in the winter. Getting a migraine aura while driving in heavy traffic on the highway with no shoulder is scary (not to mention dangerous- I lose part of my vision temporarily)!

        • I used to get about 3-4 migraines a week in college. I take Topamax as a preventative now and it has been a godsend – I only get maybe one every 2 months now. I used to still get maybe 1 every week or two, especially when stressed, even on the Topamax, but in the last few months I’ve changed my diet: nothing super-processed, as few preservatives and artificial ingredients as possible, less meat, no high fructose corn syrup, and more water (this was all for unrelated reasons) but ever since doing that I’ve been amazed at how few migraines I get.

    • I looove wearing perfume. But I leave it behind when I go to the doctor’s office (to respect people’s respiratory grief) or to work (to be professional).

      If you do choose to wear it, stay away from cheap brands, and fakes, as some people (me) can really tell, and it doesn’t reflect well on you to show up all carefully dressed according to Corporette’s genius advice, and yet smell of the latest eau d’cheap. Take advantage of department store try-ons, make a note of several that you like, then haunt the web to find a discount. Sometimes a ‘tester’ is offered at a lower price, this just means you don’t get the fancy box, which just goes in the paper recycle anyhow.

      Discount stores can be good hunting grounds. My best find was a 2/3 off Hermes perfume at Loehmann’s. I think they were changing the packaging.

      • Please don’t wear perfume to the office. I will inevitably share an elevator with you, and then 1) get a headache for the rest of the day, and 2) feel like I must now smell like whatever that smell was. So pretty please don’t do it.

    • My advice is to wear so little it can’t be smelled by someone who is not physically touching you. It should be smellable when someone hugs you, but not when they shake your hand. Get your roommate or friend to help you determine this. Generally a dab behind the ear is what it takes.

      Once you’ve got the correct amount, wear whatever scent you like.

      • I tend to buy the spray perfumes (CK One Summer and D&G Light Blue are my favorite — they smell clean with a little bit of citrus), and I’ve never exactly figured out how the dabbing works with those. After I get out of the shower, I’ll spray one pump in the air, let it dissipate a little bit and then walk through it. I’m not sure if it’s technically correct, but it’s really hard to overapply that way.

        • lawstudent :

          I like the clean, citrus smell as well, and will have to try your application method!

        • That works too. I wear a spray kind (because somehow my own perfume doesn’t bother me – I think it’s quantities, not particular smells, that make me nauseous) and I just spritz a bit behind each ear.

    • What do people think about scented moisturizers at work? I mean the ones with the heavy scents like victoria’s secret.

      • lawstudent :

        Thank you all for the helpful feedback!

        Hermes at Loehmann’s — that is a great find. I can’t afford full price for the perfume that I wear, so I may look in discount stores more often.

      • Please just don’t. I’m really smell sensitive and these make me nauseous when the assistant who sits in a cubicle across the hall from my office puts them on. A dab of perfume doesn’t smell nearly as strongly as those lotions do.

    • I think a hint of a clean, fresh perfume can be okay, but I would definitely say NO to heavy, floral or musky scents. Apply lightly in a couple places. Don’t spritz all over or the scent will end up being too overpowering. Of course, be courteous to your colleagues; if you know someone gets migraines or has bad allergies, skip the perfume and, if you can’t live without some fragrance, perhaps opt for a scented lotion or for a body spray since these are much lighter and will fade away to a tolerant level of fragrance if you overdo it.


    • I also get migraines from perfume if it is musky or floral. I have to be extra careful on airplanes or trains, and have asked to be moved to a different seat if someone near me smells of perfume. Because of allergies and migraines, I am of the belief that perfume should be smelled by you and your lover, no one else.

      That being said, I don’t think perfume at work is too social or distracting as long as you don’t wear very much of it. Musks and heavy florals probably have the most probability of making other people sick or offended.

  19. Can anyone tell me about the Georgina Goodman brand? I’ve never heard of it before but some of the shoes are really cute.

  20. I’m 5’2 and capris make my legs look even shorter. Husband hates them.