Weekend Open Thread

Kate Spade - Marli Too (Black Patent) - FootwearSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

So when I read about the Kate Spade “Halle” wedge shoe in the NY Times, I was convinced it would be sold out — but sought to find another wedge shoe for you guys for the Weekend Open Thread. It turns out I was half right — good luck finding the Halle shoe anywhere — but here is another remarkably similar shoe from Kate Spade. High comfort ratings? Check. 3″ wedge heel? Check. Cute look in general? Check, check. It’s available in black, camel, and navy patent leather at Zappos Couture for $298. Kate Spade – Marli Too (Black Patent) – Footwear

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(Readers — what are your favorite wedge shoes? And hey, whoever has any other “shoe secrets,” fess up! You’re among friends.)

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  1. I have a very similar looking pair from Ellen Tracy & I can honestly say, I only wish I had bought 2! They’re so versatile, comfy, etc. — I am wearing mine into the ground. Maybe I will get these as a replacement!

  2. I was just trying to find the infamous Kate Spade wedge and hit upon this one. Looks comfy!

  3. NicMarie29 :

    I just bought a similar pair from Cole Haan with a 2″ heel. I love them!

    • Also own the Cole Haan ones…very similar & very comfy. Air something wedge pump, but mine have a 2.5/3″ heel.

    • Also own the Cole Haan ones…very similar & very comfy. Air Lainey wedge pump, but mine have a 2.5/3″ heel.

    • NicMarie29 :

      Yes, It’s the Air Lainey. Their current version has a 2 1/4″ heel. Really fantastic shoe :)

  4. A similar pair from Lands End: http://tinyurl.com/22wmp2h

    Women’s high heel wedge in black and brown, 2 inch heel, for $69.50. If anybody has these, please post a quick review! I like them a lot, but am really trying not to buy anymore right now…. sigh.

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  6. !!! I’ve been on the lookout for wedges that look just like these! They are the easiest thing to walk in when hauling it across the office. I saw some at Target (not online yet though), that come in black, grey, and a nude suede. Can’t wait to get a pair for fall.

    • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

      Are these the shoes you’re talking about? If so, I tried them on in store and they were a solid half a size small. And how do you ladies shorten your links? I’ve tried making hyperlinks in Word and transferring them over, but that never seems to work.


      • LovingFriday :

        I have a the wedges in patent from Target. Love them–very comfy.

      • Hey Ms. B.E.F. :-) Go to bit.ly to shorten your URLs/links automatically. It’s like magic. Whoever invented it is a freakin’ genius: http://bit.ly/

        I find Kate Spade over-rated and over-priced for what you get… Handbags, shoes, and clothes. JMHO. This lady’s trying to build an empire. Does she have perfume too? I like to stick to shoe-makers who specialize in shoes. Wouldn’t trade my Stuart Weitzmann Honoroll suede wedges for anything in the world: http://bit.ly/9VjOqd

        • Hey Ms. B.E.F. :-) Go to bit.ly to shorten your URLs/links automatically. It’s like magic. Whoever invented it is a freakin’ genius: http://bit.ly/

          I find Kate Spade over-rated and over-priced for what you get… Handbags, shoes, and clothes. JMHO. This lady’s trying to build an empire. Does she have perfume too? I like to stick to shoe-makers who specialize in shoes. Wouldn’t trade my Stuart Weitzmann Honoroll suede wedges for anything in the world!

      • oooh, like these Merona ones best!

      • These are the ones!!! Thanks for sharing the link! I LOVE Target. They always have a better shoe selection online than in their store. Trying to decide if the taupe/nude ones are okay for the office. Would look cute with a skirt. And for those other wedges you posted, I think they’d look really cute with jeans (and we have a jeans day coming up so I’m trying to decide what I’ll wear then, too.)

      • Oooh. I went to Target and tried those on today. They ARE comfortable. I would never have guessed–never bought footwear there before. Thanks for the tip!

    • Oh yay! Love! I will be stopping on my way home tonight. A small present to myself for making it through the week.

      • PS – I bought a black pair on my way home. I’m pretty satisfied with them for $30. Wish they had the purple in stores!

        • maine susan :

          Big Target Day — the wedge shoes in black, the black dress from this morning and the cheetah skirt. All for $75. i heart corporette.

  7. Perhaps I’m the only one, but I’m really not digging these shoes. They remind me of a friend in primary school who couldn’t decide between pants and a skirt and so wore them both together. I might like them in another pattern, but this one? Eh.

    • I don’t love them either, and I think it’s because they’re patent. I think if it were some other material I wouldn’t mind it so much.

      • The patent is what’s turning me off… I think that in an interesting pattern or a solid non-patent leather they could be interesting… though they would have be pretty spectacularly comfortable and adorable to be worth nearly $300 to me.

    • I was surprised to see that these shoes were so popular with politicians. I don’t think they look particularly professional, and to me they look either too young or too old with suits– I can’t decide which.

      I love wedges and have a similar pair in red patent that I wear with jeans or dresses on weekends to add color to an outfit, but I wouldn’t wear them to work.

      • I agree with you, but assume its because they’re comfortable and easy to walk in? I plan to check them out but hardly need an additional 3 inches of height at this point, so will hold out for something a little closer to the ground.

    • I’m in this camp.

      I keep looking at them and I just can’t make myself like these shoes. I love cork-heeled wedges, but of course only as weekend shoes.

      Maybe it is because the wedge is the same color as the shoe? There is a LOT of patent leather going on there. Ick.

  8. beautiful! a co-worker has a similar pair I have been coveting for a while. . . . so very tempting.

  9. Negotiation Newbie :

    I have searched around the comments here and online and in a few books, but can’t really find an answer to my specific situation. I am NOT experienced in negotiating. Obviously :)

    I have 2 job offers, and both are offering basically the same compensation. Job A is offering $X+ (though not being specific on the +, just that it will be “a little more than $X.” I’m assuming it’ll be about $1-2k more). Job B is offering $X. $X is about $15,000 more than the 75th percentile for this job in my area. So, it’s a VERY good salary. My question is 2-fold:

    1. Should I try to negotiate since I don’t really have anything to support an offer of more than $X, since X is already very high? I mean, I think I’m an above-average gal, but this will be my first real job, so I don’t have any kind of support for that position. If I should ask for a few thousand more, should I just say, “I was really looking for $X+5k.”

    2. If I should try to negotiate more, should I tell Job B that Job A is offering $X+? I read that it’s kind of a faux pas to mention another offer to try to get a higher salary, but (I guess this goes back to part 1), I’m not sure how else to really ask for more.

    • divaliscious11 :

      Which is the better job? Which job will help you develop a better skill set without developing ulcers? Which jobs puts you in the better position for your next job, or more importantly puts you on the best path for your ultimate career objective? If its Job B, then it is not inappropriate to say, I really like you company B, would love to work here, but I also have an offer from Company A at X+. Is it possible to meet that offer? Assuming they are competitors, if they say no, then it still boils down to what is the better job? If Company A is the better job, then simply say, based upon my research, I was hoping for X + $5K, or whatever your “plus” is. All they can say is, this is the best we can do. If its the better job, it still pays more than X and Company B.

      Congrats on having 2 offers in this market.

    • Anonymous :

      I think it’s fine to negotiate, and I think it’s fine to mention that you have another job offer for a slightly higher salary. Of course, it’s a problem that you don’t know what the exact offer is, so you can’t just ask them to match it. I’d ask for X+5K. The worst they can say is no, and then you’ll still have a job offer for $X. Congratulations!

    • Anonymous :

      I was in this situation many years ago, and told the law firm I preferred to go to work for (Firm A) that I’d received an offer from another firm in the same city (Firm B) that included repayment of my bar stipend and fees, which had been paid by Firm C (where I’d summered and received an offer, but didn’t want to go). I told Firm A that they were my first choice but that I had not yet accepted their offer for this reason, and asked whether they would consider matching the repayment offer made by Firm B (about $8000, if I recall correctly). They got back to me later the same day and said yes, on the condition that if I left Firm A for any reason within one year of my start date, that I would repay Firm A that amount. I agreed, and will have been at Firm A for 10 years this fall.

      My mom was aghast that I even considered doing this, but a friend from clerking said women don’t negotiate hard enough on salary, as a rule. I suspect the firm management may actually have respected the fact that I asked/drove a hard bargain, because I certainly have to have that kind of strong nerves, etc. to do my litigation job well.

    • Is the money the only difference in the compensation packages? I think a lot of people getting their “first job” don’t look at the entire package; is there 401(k) matching, or better benefits, or more vacation, or better maternity leave, or free gym memberships? Will they pay moving expenses or tuition for advanced schooling you might need? It might be more comfortable negotiating for a perk, even an expensive perk, than it is to straight up ask for more pay, and a lot of companies are more comfortable saying yes to “hidden pay” in this economy.

      • divaliscious11 :

        This is true as well – but remember, at most jobs, your entering salary is very important, as your increases, barring promotion, tend to be percentages, so its important to get dollars. also, as you move on, many companies are requesting current salaries upon which they base their offer. Someone just recently provided false information and ended up losing his/her job offer when it was confirmed….

        • I agree with looking at the whole package, particularly when you are only looking at a 1K-2K difference. A difference in benefits could easily outweigh that small amount, and won’t have a huge effect on future increases. If the difference is closer to the $4K-$5K range I’d agree with divaliscious11.

        • I don’t doubt your statement re losing an offer over a false salary, but it strikes me that this would be something that is subject to foul play by your current company (with which the salary number is confirmed) if they knew that they could torpedo your leaving by doing so.
          Unless the number you give the new company is just outrageous, this seems like a pretty crappy thing to do to a future employee.

          • I’d assume HR would ask for paystubs, not call up your former employer.

          • divaliscious11 :

            Actually – it is, and is considered lying on your application/in your application process. It is why many companies, even if its a resume submission job, will ask you to fill out a job application that has in very fine print, an attestation that all info you have provided was true and accurate to the best of your knowledge….. Some companies have gone back and fired people 2-3 years into their employment of this kind of stuff…

    • BigLaw Refugee :

      Agree with the advice about negotiating – as long as you are nice about it, why not?

      That said, you should also put effort into figuring out which job will make you happier. I was once in a position similar to you, with one offer in hand for about $25K more than I had been told the second firm would offer (which I expected them to do soon). I decided not to even try to negotiate because the difference was so wide and the firms were superficially quite similar. I found out later that although the firm I chose was a decent firm, it had some difficult personalities and lots of associate turnover. Whereas associates who worked at the firm paying $25K less universally loved their job. I also found out later that the second firm, although in a similar practice to the first one, got more high-profile work. I always kind of regretted not going there.

    • Negotiation Newbie :

      Thanks for the advice everyone!

      I am going to accept Job 2, whether they give more money or not. I’m making the call sometime in the next day or two. I’m very very nervous, but I know it’ll all work out just fine.

  10. I have similar in Bandolino and LOVE. It’s fabulous to get the height without the pain associated with typical heels. Works fabulous with pants and especially good for sprints through the airport. Hope this style never goes out.

  11. I bought these at the Nordstrom anniversery sale and totally love them:
    Super comfortable and the red is not too bright.

    • Very cool color!

    • Those Me Too wedges are heaven. I have last winter’s style in black, which had a buckle on the toe, and they are very comfortable and versatile shoes. I might like the style of this one a bit better. All of my Me Too shoes have been wonderful, in fact.

      I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t see those wedges during the sale. I like those red ones a lot. But since I avoided the sale because I was trying to save money, it’s probably for the best.

    • I wore these to work yesterday!! They are super comfortable, I wore them with black slacks and a grey/white print shirt and felt very Corporette. The red is a nice pop of color without being garish. It was the first time I wore them and I had no foot pain after a full day running around a hospital.

    • had to buy these, I am visualizing with a blue pinstripe skirt suit… thanks for sharing!

  12. Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

    How versatile do you ladies feel these are? I am right on the cusp of purchasing them, but cannot tell if I would wear them with anything but jeans. And don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of jeans, I’ve just been trying to branch out of my comfort zone.


    • anon - chi :

      Cute! I would definitely wear these with dress pants as well. The real question for me would be if I own enough brown/tan pants to justify brown shoes – I mostly stick to black/grey/navy.

    • I would wear them with pants or a skirt. I think they are lovely.

    • Very cute. Would go with anything casual. I’m not sure if this was your question, but I’d be careful about wearing them with a skirt in a business casual office (you could wear them with pants).

  13. Is anyone else really bothered by the rounded toe in shoes like this? I don’t mind them too much casually, but when I try to wear something with such a round toe with professional clothing, I feel like it makes me look like a kindergardener, and kills the whole outfit.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just my feet (which are long and narrow), . . . or my imagination. But I have a couple pairs with toes like that, and whenever I wear them and glance down at my feet, I get a wave of “ugg, why did I decide to wear the little kid shoes again?”

    For the record, I really hate the super-long pointy toed shoes as well. Which means that I can’t seem to find a decent pair of professional shoes that gets in-between right for the past year or so. Sigh.

    • I really liked rounded toes with professional clothing. My difficulty is in finding simple, classic, rounded toe flats without embellishments or casual styling (contrast stitching, brown rubber soles, etc). If this exact shoe was a flat instead of a wedge, I wouldn’t be commenting because I’d be too busy putting them in my cart :)

    • Yes, I am! I think we have to look for what they’ve decided to call an “almond toe.”

    • I sometimes have a similar feeling — especially with patent leather (too many little girl associations). For this reason, I tend to avoid black patent leather & and I avoid Mary Janes (rounded or not) as well.

      I do think that with suede, this becomes less of an issue. Same for the shoe having actual grown up heels — nothing to do with height, just not chunky ones, and if it’s a wedge, for the wedge to be narrowed in. Also keeping the rest of your outfit free from cutesy details or overly peppy colors seems to help, as well as dark stockings/tights (otherwise, rounded toes & the button dress from this morning would = my 7th grade “dress up w/the fam” outfit).

      I am sure some people would disagree with the perception, but that’s what helps me avoid *feeling* like I am in grammer school for picture day when I wear rounded toe shoes.

      For what it’s worth — I have been seeing some very nice in-between shoes lately — a happy middle btwn the super pointy witch ones trendy a few years back and the Minnie Mouse rounded heels so prevalent today.

      • I think (shhh) pointy is coming back! Just not as severe as they used to be. Snagged these Kate Spades on 6pm.com (yeah, she’s overrated and overpriced, but for $100, who can complain?). http://www.6pm.com/product/7643613/color/820

        • Blonde Lawyer :

          LOVE the black with the pink heel but don’t have the guts to wear it to work. I think it would be awesome with an otherwise muted black/gray outfit.

          • Yeah, there’s a little hoochie momma in these Kate Spade pumps for sure, @Blonde Lawyer. Which is totally hilarious since Kate Spade is so preppy/proper/ladylike. I’ll sport them with some long, wide leg pants on the sly ;-D

    • i'm nobody :

      I love a round toe.

  14. surrounded by lawyers :

    Because “shoe secrets” were solicited, let me divulge a brand that I recently discovered and LOVE. I wear shoes to death because I walk so much, but these are holding up amazingly and are both comfortable and eco-friendly.

    I couldn’t wear these at work, but ymmv. And there are always new styles.

    For lots of walking, including my commute (yeah, I have all 3 colors):

    And for a bit more glam but almost as much comfort (I have both red and white):

    • divaliscious11 :

      That second pair is cute…too bad the season for these is wrapping up…..

  15. I think I don’t like the patent leather on these. I’m still a southern girl and have a mental barrier to wearing patent leather all year long. But, I do like the wedge look and think it would look fabulous with pants. I haven’t been able to make the mental leap to accept wedges with skirts yet. They look fine on other people but when I try to put it together I think the wedge is just too casual. But, I’m in Colorado and we are not on the cutting edge of fashion so I’m sure I’ll like the look in a couple of seasons.

    • I was exactly the same about wedges with skirts until I left my black heels on the bus while wearing commuter shoes (So embarrassing, but thankfully on my way home from work). Then I bought a pair of black wedges that I wear with skirts all the time (DC means too hot for trousers, at least for me). It is a bit casual, but my office is biz casual so it blends.

  16. Do you think there is the potential that this sort of shoe could become for women what the classic wing-tip or loafer is for men?

    • No. I think either a classic mid-heel pump or a classic flat would fit that bill.

  17. I ordered this shoe this morning and hoping to have it Monday before I leave town.


    I know many people don’t like bows but I do and I loved the shape of the heel and the toe. I bought my first pair of Softspots this summer and now I will own 3 of them. I think that is my new favorite brand.

  18. Needa Cocktail :

    I have a joke that some lawyers, like me, might find too true to be funny.

    How many lawyers does it take to draft one line of a declaration?

    The answer is 9 if you want it to take two hours with everyone having to hear themselves talk, and 1 if you want it to take two minutes.

    • divaliscious11 :

      sigh…BigLaw drafting….. LOL!

      • When I was in law/mba school, the MBA-ers were [jokingly?] pretty anti-lawyer. During one presentation, they presented this joke: “What do you call a bus of lawyers driving over a cliff?” The answer was, “a good start,” but before they could get it out, I piped in with, “Insurance fraud!” I found it hilarious, but everyone else was confused/terrified.

        • divaliscious11 :

          LOL!!! Am one class away from finishing my MBA wishing I’d sucked it up the first time…oh well, almost done…

        • So, @ roar, you sound ‘calmer’ than you did the other night. And a sense of humor always helps :). Glad to ‘hear’ it. What did you do to adjust?

        • LOL! I find it hilarious too!

    • Oh yeah!!! Whenever you want it to take longer, cost more, be more confusing/boring/unintelligible, just add more lawyers, ideally expensive and arrogant ones. Mission accomplished!

  19. Hi All! You have walked me through my job search and now I have one more question!! I am currently a third year law student. After I finished my summer clerkship at a large firm in my area I was offered and accepted a full time position starting after I graduate. In addition I was offered a part time position (2 days/week) during my 3L year. For the part time position, I have not been told what my hourly rate will be yet. What should I expect? If they ask me how much I am expecting to be paid per hour, what should I say?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Another Sarah :

      I think a lot depends on the market, but I was paid $17.25/hr working in Government on the East Coast. I also heard that us interns apparently made good money, so I don’t know how my pay compares. ATL whines about the market rate being $10/hr, but you can probably take that with a salt mine full of grains of salt. :-)

    • I made 25$/ hr in SF (rising 3L) and LA (post-bar) as a clerk, and 17$/hr in Central California (north of Sacramento as a 3L). I think 10$/hr is a little low, I made 13$/hr doing tech support for my university as an undergrad!

    • When I clerked in big law during my 3L year (back in 2005/2006) they took the starting associate salary, and divided it by 52 week at 40 hours a week. So if I remember correctly, I made more than $50/hour and my “real” hourly rate declined when I became a real associate and worked more than 50 hours a week.

      You could always start there…

      • Working 3L :

        I’m in exactly the same position as OP, and my firm calculated my hourly rate just like SS’s did.

    • Anonymous :

      I made $15/hr at a 20-lawyer firm in a mid-sized midwestern city in 2006.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I made $17/hour.

    • When I was in law school (not all that long ago) in my area, the rate for intern at a private firm was about $15-$20 an hour on average.

    • Wouldn’t you be paid at the same rate you were paid for the summer?

      • Last year as a 3L I made $15 an hour at a small business/banking law firm in a midwestern state capitol. I had friends in government who made between $10 and $17 depending on the agency and whether it was state or federal.

      • Thanks everyone! This summer I had a weekly pay rate and I wasn’t sure if I should expect to make about the same per hour. It sounds like from you and SS that I should probably expect an hourly rate that is about the same. :)

  20. I need a purse opinion — I was the (very grateful) recipient of a gift from a well meaning relative today – a Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q black leather purse (I have a link here so you can see pictures http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446366018) – It came from Nordstrom so I can return it if I want to – my question is, is it a “good” “professional” “fashionable” etc. bag? (I’m not worried about her seeing me with it – It’s my grandmother who I visit every year or so in FL). Does anyone have this bag – and can tell me if it has held up well? And is it okay to use the longer strap (it has two) as a cross-body strap?

    Thanks – (can you tell I’ve never bought/owned an uber trendy or expensive bag??)

    • Shayna, the link just goes to the Marc Jacobs sale. I did a quick search and it looks like there are a few differed Classic Q purses.

    • Thanks for the exam good wishes — I am excited to be on my way out to celebrate being done!

    • I think if you don’t like the bag 100%, don’t feel bad about returning it and getting something else. For me, the bag is too rounded at the bottom and wouldn’t be a “classic”, but that’s my taste. I like a more structured bag.

      Enjoy being done with exams!