Coffee Break: Reversible Loop Scarf

Reversible Loop ScarfFall is here! We’re huge fans of infinity scarves in general, but we particularly like these reversible scarves from Affordable Scarves — it’s always fun to mix prints, and these scarves take the guesswork out of it. Available in red/grey (pictured), black/grey, and yellow/grey — was $17.95, now $14.49 at Affordable Scarves.  Reversible Loop Scarf



  1. I am buying this. Thanks!

  2. I’ve ordered from this site – quality is about what you’d expect for the price, maybe a little better, and shipping was fast. Scarves were fairly thin (again, what you’d expect from the price) so I’m not sure how much utility they would have, but are OK for a wrap on a spring/early fall evening.

  3. I needed some scarves to complete my Halloween outfit — I have a fantastic gypsy skirt with bells on it — and this site was just the thing. Thanks!

    P.S., didn’t like the prints in the infinity scarf, but love the concept.

  4. Public service announcement: If you purchase anything at Macy’s, carry the receipt around in your wallet for a month. That way, if you are in the store again and the item you bought went on sale, you can get the difference in price back as a refund.

    This is probably common knowledge, but Macy’s seems to be putting stuff on and off sale at strange/random times. The dress I bought on Monday went on 25% off sale this weekend. I went back today for the discount, and the sale is over. But another item on the same receipt was now on sale, so I got a bit back. But! Yet a third thing, on a different receipt that I didn’t have with me, was on even better sale and I missed that. Lesson learned.

  5. As someone who likes playing with scarf tying tricks, infinity scarves just take away all of the fun for me. But I guess these would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to fool with tying.

  6. I saw some really pretty thick and substantial infinity scarves at the Filene’s Basement on 14 and F in DC today. I may go back tomorrow to pick one up. They had a great selection of scarves in general.

  7. Has anyone ordered jacket or blazer from Pendleton Mills? I wonder how true to size they run. I have read somewhere that theyntend to run a bit small. I am particularly concerned about how they fit around the hips as I am pear shaped. Would you order one size up from your normal size?

    • This is my first post — long time lurker:) Anon – Yes, I have ordered many things from Pendleton Mills. The quality of their clothes is very good. They *do* tend to run a little small. I’m a 14 in most blazer/jacket sizes, but from Pendleton I usually order a 16 regular and sometimes a 16 petite if the jacket is longer because I’m short-waisted. Their pants fit me well as I have an ample buttocks and hips and find that a 14W fits better than their 16. Pendleton’s return policy is excellent as well. Good luck!

  8. Parisienne :

    I made a loop scarf the other day out of a linear scarf by tying the ends together with a square knot. I wore it with an outfit I pulled together (all navy blue) out of a pencil skirt, a scoop top from WalMart, and a big cotton lapel cardigan from LL Bean. The scarf was red, gold, and navy.

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