Tuesday’s TPS Report: Tipped Sixties Coat

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tipped Sixties CoatI am a fan of this jacket in almost any color but this mustard and pink combo — but alas, that’s the one they chose to put the model in, so FINE. As we segue-way into warmer weather (finally!) it always strikes me how women can express a ton of individuality and personality in outerwear. It also makes sense for it to be a bit of a splurge — after all, you may wear it multiple times a week. I like this textured cotton coat from Boden — the “tipping” on the pockets, cuffs (and even on the half-belt in the back, love!) adds a bit of interest and whimsy, and I always love a colored lining. It’s available in, well, this color (sigh), a dark blue/light blue combo (which you know I can get behind), a really subtle navy-on-navy (with pink lining) combo, and a a beige/taupe combo (also pretty subtle). Lovely. It’s $168 at Boden, most sizes still available (except the mustard, which I just noticed is sold out — clearly I’m the only one who hates it). Tipped Sixties Coat

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  1. I heart Boden coats like this.
    This particular one is a tad too cutesy for me, style-wise, but I bought a striped one from last fall’s line that I absolutely cannot wait to wear (with peep toes and black cigarette pants).

    • Lost in Dall-Oz :

      Strangely, the mustard is the only one I actually like! But, I feel like this coat is too casual for work. Does anyone else feel that way?

      • It would be coverted in my office but here the rule is conservative suits with fun shoes/jewelry/outerwear so it wouldn’t be too out of the norm. I imagine it wouldn’t fly everywhere.

      • Why would you wear a coat in your office. I get no wearing a ski parka over a suit, but I think you could safely wear this *to* the office without anyone blinking an eye, except maybe to say it looks cute.

        • Agree, @AIMS (and thanks for bucking me up yesterday!)
          I hang my “cute coats and scarves” on my wall coat hook so I can marvel at their cuteness ;-D

          • Anytime, Lawgirl!
            I “artfully toss” my scarves on the chair next to my desk. Good idea on hanging the coat within sight, too — I think I may move my coat rack :)

        • Lost in Dall-Oz :

          Clearly, I would not wear the coat IN my office. I mean that this would be too casual to wear in and out of the office or to show up for a client lunch wearing, even if I removed it immediately and had on the most conservative suit/outfit in the world.

      • Anonymous :

        Same. I was sooo upset it was sold out. I would rock it over a navy sheath. Super cute.

  2. Alicia Florrick :

    Can I ask a favor of corporettes? After months of looking, I finally got an interview offer that I am so excited about. I don’t have the finances to buy a new suit, but I would love if everyone could post their favorite blouse to wear with a suit, that one that makes you think “Oh ya, power woman coming through, you know you should hire this” My two suits in contention are a black one (better suit) and a charcoal grey pinstripe suit (better color for me.) I’m especially having trouble finding a blouse to go with the black one even though it seems so easy in theory. White seems to harsh, and my colored blouses seem to be a little to loud with it (mostly jewel tones, it just seems dated) Thanks so much everyone! I’ve been so depressed about the job search, I just want to make sure I feel great and confident on the day.

  3. 10% off and free shipping over $150 right now with code WMJA. There is also a 15% off and free shipping over $150 around – you can probably search for it.

  4. I love this coat in iris. I wish I had more closet space to commit to coats in fun colors. Ah the joys of living in a 1920s home.

  5. Work to Live :

    Threadjack- am I the only one who gets tired of people pushing me to find my dream job? I am in my 30s, have tried several careers, and am fine at this point to have a job I like (but don’t love) that I can do reasonably well. Most of my coworkers really get into their work and I remain calm and unbothered by everything. I wouldn’t say I am completely apathetic, but I just don’t see the point in getting involved in all sorts of theoretical arguments.

    I like to focus my energies on my hobbies and interests outside of work. I’ve known people who started what they thought was a dream job only to find that their passion in that area was destroyed by the job. I just want to maintain my passions and feel like it’s hard to do that when I’m working in that area.

    • Alicia Florrick :

      hmm I don’t know how to get people to stop commenting on it, but here is some reassurance about your choices if that helps at all. Its wonderful to be able to find your dream job. In a reality check though, most people don’t. I grew up knowing my father never loved his job. He is good at it though, and he likes his coworkers. He is just in a position that is somewhat of a middle man, so I don’t think its possible to be emotionally filled by that, in the way that maybe a doctor or an activist or some lawyers, social workers, etc feel that the work they are doing is truly making a mark. My dad is loved by so many people though, has an amazing marriage, and 3 children that love him and respect him. I think more important than finding a dream job is one that makes you happy, and that might be because of the coworkers, because of the hours, because the money allows you certain freedoms. When we go its not our jobs that will miss us, its people that will miss us.

    • This makes sense to me – while it’s fantastic when people find dream jobs, it’s not like people used to be farmers, hunters, blacksmiths, etc. because it fulfilled all their passions. Too often it seems that we have to define ourselves by what we do, rather than as one aspect of who we are. And I know what you mean – if my livelihood depended on critiquing films or painting canvases, I’d destroy those passions (not that others would – I just like more structure). Sounds like you’ve struck a great balance!

      • I had a conversation with a co worker about this the other day, actually. I asked him how work was going, and he said, “I am not my job. But my life is going just great.”

    • I have been really struck lately by how many people here have been commenting about getting/not getting/ interviewing for/ applying to a “dream job.” For me, any “dream job” that I can imagine does not exist in reality…that perfect blend of intellectual challenge, good location, poisitive work atmosphere, salary & benefits, manageable hours…
      I never had a job that didn’t involve some degree of compromising what I want. Either I was killing myself and not seeing my family but feeling like I was doing important and high-level work, or I had more free time but didn’t feel like I was working up to my capabilities.

      • This. I’ve never applied for (etc…) a dream job b/c I’m pretty sure there is no dream job (for me) out there to apply for.

      • I feel like there’s (1) good hours, (2) challenging/interesting work, and (3) good money and you get to pick two out of the three.

        • (If you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you’re more or less choosing jobs/career paths, of course; I don’t want to ignore the fact that a lot of people are stuck in jobs that suck on two or all three of those axes.)

    • I could have written this. It may also be a personality thing. I’m wondering if my personality type is just very pragmatic and I don’t see the point of “all sorts of theoretical arguments.”

      • SF Bay Associate :

        For me, this idea of a “dream job” seems to come in part from one’s economic background. I grew up in lower middle class circumstances, and it was understood that a job was a thing you did the best you could so that you could pay the bills. I was taught that while you shouldn’t absolutely hate your job (and by that, meaning it compromises one’s moral/ethical standards or physical/mental health), one should not expect to love it either. The concept of a “dream job” just never came up.

        In law school, I met people who are now good friends of mine who were hoping for/expecting a “dream job.” They came from more financially stable/successful families, especially the upper middle class and the wealthy, where one could in a sense “afford” to search for and hold out for one’s “dream job.” Unfortunately, I find that these friends have had the hardest time adjusting to job disappointment, whether discovering that the “dream” biglaw job is actually pretty awful, or that their “dream” job is out of reach for whatever reason. Meanwhile, I toil away in my biglaw. Some days I hate it, occasionally I love it, but mostly it’s just ok and it pays my bills nicely. Good enough.

        • Valleygirl :

          Ditto this for me. I’m lucky to have found work in a field I really enjoy (doing applied research), however I also worked several low-level jobs in college and in grad school to pay the bills because when it comes down to it – as my mom likes to remind me from time to time – it’s about the “sack of money” and being able to afford the whole lifestyle that makes you happy. My dad was actually more proud of me for getting a job as a bank teller in grad school than getting into grad school because in his view, I had a “skill” that I could always fall back on if needed.

          • Notalawyer :

            I’ve always wondered if ‘Dream Jobs’ were kind of mythical, like unicorns.

            Do any Corporettes out there have one?

            And, more importantly, have you been there over 5 years, say?

          • To answer Notalawyer, I would say that I have as close to my dream job as I can imagine. The hours can vary significantly (hours in the U.S. are good, when traveling they are terrible) and “good” money is relative, but overall I feel extraordinarily lucky. It’s possible, but I recognize that it’s rare. (7 years in position, government non-lawyer.)

          • @Notalawyer – I love my job. It wasn’t what I would have thought was my dream job when I was in law school, but I work in an area of law that I find endlessly fascinating, I don’t have clients, I mostly get to pick my own projects to pursue, I set my own hours, my colleagues are great, and I live in a nice enough, big city. Only downside is that salary is on the low end for a lawyer and I don’t get many perks.

    • Original Lola :

      I think a “dream job” is like a “soulmate.” Some people believe in them, and some people don’t.

      The job you are in today may not be what really turns you on 10 years from now.

  6. I love this! I’m buying it

  7. found a peanut :

    the mustard and pink combo is my favorite :(

  8. Honeycrisp :

    Kat, you are not alone. I also hate the mustard/pink combo. I love this coat in “Parchment” though. Too bad that most sizes are sold out. :-(

  9. I bought the blue and white polka dot dress under the coat from Boden and ended up returning it because it was made of poor material and was not flattering. But I love a pencil skirt I got from them.

  10. Quick question. I have an interview today in D.C. It’s raining and in the low 60s. Should I wear tights with my black skirt suit? I prefer wearing them, but it was in the 80s yesterday so it just feels too late in the year. It’s not in a law firm– more laid back organization where I doubt I’d ever put on a suit if I got the job.

  11. Wear the tights. I’m in DC right now, and it just seems sensible.

    • Thanks. It’s such an awkward season for hosiery!

      • found a peanut :

        I think nude-colored hose can be worn year-round (whether you want to wear them in the middle of the summer is another issue).

  12. Recently applied to a few in-house counsel positions at large corporations through the companies’ online career sites. Is there any way to follow up on these? There aren’t individual contacts listed and unfortunately I don’t have any personal connections with them.

    • Would love to hear the answer to this. I’m not applying for legal jobs but it seems everything I apply to these days uses taleo to submit your cover letter and resume online with no mention of who to contact about the job posting.

  13. Great coat! Does anyone know if they ship to Canada?

  14. I WANT THAT DRESS, forget the coat.

  15. Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone who offered suggestions several weeks ago for my DC trip. We’re leaving this afternoon, and had a lovely time (and were incredibly happy to have avoided that gov’t shutdown so narrowly!). We didn’t get to see or do half of the things that were suggested, but really enjoyed what we did get to and hope to come back soon. In fact, we liked the city so much we’re even talking about me putting in some applications around here (which would be a massive lifestyle change from our mid-sized southern city suburb life, but would certainly be exciting!)

    Anyhow, your suggestions were great, and very appreciated!

  16. Hi guys — I was hoping to have another Corporette Guide out today, but I feel like I”m missing something — does anyone remember a recent discussion on which t-shirts are great beneath suits? I feel like we had this discussion for a Bargain Friday TPS but can’t remember for the life of me which top I originally featured or even what month the convo was…

    What are your other thoughts for the best tops to wear under suits? Favorite button-downs, favorite sweater weights, favorite brands, etc…


  17. Irene Adler :

    So I am looking for a small token for a best friend who just got a big promotion. Suggestions appreciated, but has anyone every looked at the business for her section on things remembered? Its almost at the insulting level. Cross bookmarks, heart everything, and a rape whistle?


  18. Threadjack:

    Is anyone familiar with ‘Thesis’ fabric from Theory? I just got a very flattering sheath from Saks Outlet made of this fabric, but I’m not sure how it fits into their suiting line (and whether I’ll be able to find a matching blazer…not entirely sure if I want one either). I’m guessing it’s one of their lower end fabrics that is primarily sold in outlets?

    Also, any styling suggestions? This is the dress (though different fabric):

    I still have time to return, so I’m trying to decide what to do.