More Tech Troubles On Corporette? Tell Me More…

Hi guys — I am way behind on emails so it’s just coming to my attention that a bunch of folks can’t get on the site. I’m sorry for the difficulty… Can you give me more specifics?

– Is it ONLY Internet Explorer? Do you know what version of the browser it is? (I think the current version is 9…) Can you check what operating system you’re on?
– What happens when you try to access the page — do you just get a white screen? Just the grayish background? Just the logo?
– On the bottom part of the screen, does it say that anything is taking too long to load? Or that it is “gathering data”?


Thanks a million, you guys… I really appreciate it…


  1. The website crashes IE 7.0. The browser stops responding. IE7 is what is on all of the computers at my work. I don’t know why and it’s really frustrating. Luckily I have found that you do not need administrator access to install Google Chrome. I’m using Chrome to post this comment right now.

    Google+ doesn’t support IE7 at all. I’ve experienced this with other websites and gmail doesn’t support IE7 all the way though it is still usable.

    • This is the same problem that I have. My work computers only use IE7, and when I pull up this site, unless I can click the x to stop loading as soon as all the text has loaded (but nothing else), then the entire browser freezes, and I have to force quit.

    • Same as Jen. (Including experience with gmail – it displays a warning). The page looks like it’s going to load all the way, displays the posts and ads, but then totally freezes – can’t even close the window. I’ve tried using CSF’s technique to stop loading, but so far haven’t gotten the timing right.

    • Same here. Haven’t been able to get on the site in a couple of weeks from work. Totally freezes my browser.

      • Ekaterin Nile :

        Yup, that’s what happens to me. I go to the Corporette home page, it locks up, I have to force-quit IE. I’m running Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13 on Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600.

    • Same for me on work (federal government) computers. Total freeze / hangup.

    • Shout-out to Jen for suggesting that you can install Chrome on even total lock-down admin rights. I just tried it on my work computer and it WORKED! Three cheers for a return to Corporette breaks at work!

    • same problem

    • Ditto, exactly. Going on a couple weeks now. IE7, totally locks computer and never loads. I have stopped visiting (sending this from IPhone).

  2. Kat, I’ve also had comments straight up disappear recently – not get marked for moderation, no posting too fast message. I click submit and it acts like it’s submitting, but then the comment thread comes back and my comment isn’t posted. If it reposts, I get a “duplicate comment detected” message, but my comment never actually posts.

  3. I have an older version of IE on my work computer and the site usually works fine, but often I will get an error message in a small pop-up box that says “Stack Overload at 0.” It will pop up rapidly 6-7 times. If I close all the pop-ups, the site works fine.

  4. My problem – new as of yesterday is that when I click to read the comments, the show up in micro print – actually the whole page loads in the left 1/3 of my screen.

    Good luck, Kat. I’m actually not surprised there is a problem tho as the comments have seemed light this week.

  5. Accountress Queen of Costumes :

    Hi, Kat.

    I use IE 7.0.5730.13 for browsing, and crashes (for lack of a technical term) my IE. It sort of loads the page, but then I can’t scroll down or change tabs, and I have to get into task manager to close the window.

    For Corporette, I access it with no problems through FF 3.6.23, and have no issues. I also access it through Chrome on my personal laptop, but I’m not sure the version of it.

  6. Not sure what version we have at work (I am at home now) but for the past couple weeks when I go to it will pull up the site and within seconds after loading it locks up my computer, too – I can’t scroll, move, anything! Have to control-alt-delete to get out!

  7. Anon Canadian :

    At work I have an old version of IE, not sure which one, but Corporette does cause it to crash. I’m at home right now, and Corporette works fine on both of my Macs: Safari 4.1.3 on my 5 yr old macbook and 5.0.5 on my 1 yr old imac.

  8. Anonymous :

    Will not load at all on some computers I use. Just takes forever and gets nowhere. I doubt its the internet connection since other web pages and downloads function normally at the same time

  9. OK but no comment emails :

    I can access the site on my computer with IE and on my iPhone no problem. But when I comment and mark “notify me of followup comments via e-mail” I don’t get any emails.

  10. Salit-a-gator :

    Site works fine for me, but I keep getting “You’re posting too fast” messages which delete the comments I try to post. Most of the time I give up because I don’t have the time to post “slow” or twice.

    • MissJackson :

      Pro tip: click “refresh” when you’re on the “you’re posting too fast” page. It might tell you you’re posting too fast a couple times, but your comment will eventually show up and you won’t have to retype.

  11. FWIW I have not noticed any problems using Chrome or occasionally IE 9, on Windows 7 home premium edition.

  12. Research, Not Law :

    I’ve had the same issue with page starting to load and locking the entire computer, but only on my work laptop. Sorry, I don’t know the version on it. I use IE 8.0 on my work desktop (no issues) and Firefox at home (no issues).

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