Thursday’s TPS Report: V Neck Long Sleeve Pleated A Line

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

The doo.ri for Impulse collection is available now at Macy’s, and I must say there are a lot of cute dresses. So many, in fact, that it was hard to pick which to feature! I think this blue dress is my favorite, though — something about the way the sleeves pool at the cuffs, and the way the pleating is just so at the front bodice. It’s $75 at Macy’s. doo.ri for Impulse Dress, V Neck Long Sleeve Pleated A Line


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  1. PSA: Spanx are on sale at today

  2. Early threadjack.

    I see that lace is big this spring, according to Nordie’s new catalogue.

    I have a navy lace skirt from Talbts that has a very dark green lining. What color top and jacket could I pair with that? I do wear belted cardis and more traditional to biker cut blazers…so I have things in the closet to consider. I’m lost in terms of colors. I never wear green nor any of the citrus colors (clashes with my sallow olive skin tone).

    I have had the tailor change out the lining in a lace skirt (from the same co) before, but it’s kind of pricey…esp. when I buy the skirts on deep discount in the first place :)

    Where’s Ru and her magical way with colors?


    • Navy, cream, white, maybe gray if you want to calm it down. Of if you’re feeling adventurous, something bright like pink or yellow (if you’re avoiding citron shades, more on the mustard side). That skirt sounds really cool though!

    • Oh god, the last time we talked about lace it turned into a bit of a “argument” — but I actually remember the skirt you’re talking about from Talbots in the winter (or last winter, I don’t remember).

      Maybe a tan shirt with a white blazer. Or eggplant. Yeah, I tried on this skirt and decided against because I couldn’t figure out how to style it, sorry.

      • I also think it would look pretty with a really nice, crisp white button down.

        • is this the skirt? (link goes to “kaboodle,” a site I found thru a google image skirt for Talbots lace skirt)

          if so – I probably wouldn’t wear it to work. Some lace skirts (usually those with a heavier, more matte finish) I could see working at the office. But not this one. I can also see the styling problem – hmm – I would probably stick with navy.

          • This was the argument. In this, I am Switzerland.

          • ack, didn’t want to pick at old scabs! *retreats, muttering things about knowing one’s office*

          • Hahahahaha.

          • Happily, not the skirt. Mine is a very dense lace that shows far less liner!

            Thanks for the thoughts…I will try navy/white or navy/grey combos and the entire thought of eggplant intrigues me…perhaps in a solid cardi, belted.

            FWIW I am not a JD, but a PhD in my own practice, so I have more leeway. For example, today I”m wearing a pencil skirt/belted cardi outfit with a pair of Enzo Anglioni heels that are sueded with bows in the back of the heels from Nordies…yeah, I can bell all the feminine corporette I want to be.

            Thanks again for the ideas!

        • I think crisp button downs look great with skirts like this and can make it look a little less party-ish.

      • Sadly, I ordered mine on line and there was NO indication of the lining color. BOY was I shocked when it arrived. I had just ordered a black lace skirt and it had grey lining, so I had no idea that Talbts was going into color blocking/heightening … but I kept it anyway as it was a lovely navy color and delicate lace…if I don’t wear it THIS spring, it must go as I have already added a few new skirts to the spring wardrobe and am pushing hard on my “buy one, give one away” motto to maintain the volume of hangers in there and my DH’s sanity. :)

    • I would vote for a tan / beige color.

    • How about a gray cardigan belted with a bright yellow/lime belt? That way you have a more flattering color next to your face, but also a little pop of color to help tie things together. Or maybe a dark green belt? Not sure if this would be too matchy.

      Gray and orange are my usual go-to colors with navy, but I guess orange wouldn’t work with the green lining. I guess I’d stay neutral on top (gray, white, black, maybe some camels/khaki) and then try to do a belt or shoe in a color that plays off the blue and green.

    • I’m wearing a green Ann Taylor wool skirt today with a purpley-gray (for lack of a better word – it’s not mauve) boatneck sweater and black tights.

      So I think you could try shades of purple/violet.

  3. TJ — Need some advice! My department is re-orging over the next month or so, I think for the better. My boss is highly supportive of me and thinks that there will be good opportunities for me (but probably not promotions), but also told me about an opportunity at another company that came up through her network. It would be a step up professionally and I think I would really love it, although it might be a stretch and I probably wouldn’t be considered without her recommendation. The kicker — I’m 9 weeks pregnant and haven’t told her. Do I pursue it, knowing I’d work for a few months and then need maternity leave? Is that a bad spot to put my boss in? Do I tell my boss and see what she thinks? I’ll definitely be coming back to work afterwards and my boss knows that (my hubby is a non-profit guy), but I don’t know if it puts everyone in an awkward position. Anyone gone through this?

  4. If you wear flats for your commute and heels at work, how do you deal with the hem issues on your pants? Most of my pants are hemmed for heels, so they drag on the ground when I’m wearing flats. Obvious answer is wear more skirts, but is there some secret that I’m not in on about how to save the backs of your pants when you are wearing flats?

  5. What’s a great gift for a boyfriend around $50? I’m throwing him a surprise party at a bar, and I committed to buying apps for everyone there. Well, with 10% tax and 20% gratuity, that ended up costing $600! I’m sure he’s going to appreciate it, but I need to get him a gift as well. Just… can’t spend too much money!

  6. Spark Group Idea :

    An update from yesterday’s post:

    For those who do sparkpeople instead of, or in addition to weight watchers, and and interested in joining a SparkPeople group, the group is now up and running on the Spark website.
    It is called “Sparkers who enjoy Corporette”, and right now I’m the only member. You can search for it on the teams page.

    Good luck to everyone with their health and fitness goals!

  7. Anon Canadian :

    TJ – For those of us that wear hair elastics around your wrist, you can now do it in “style”

    Don’t know if these have been talked about recently, so sorry if they’re old news.

  8. Lipstick Lover :

    What do you ladies think of the trace amount of lead found in this list? The link was on the Makeup and Beauty Blog and I have three of the lipsticks on this list. I don’t plan on using them again but this is freaking me out. Thoughts…

    • I think that I probably won’t go out and eat a couple of cases of lipstick on a daily basis, but fortunately I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway.

      As stated (by the FDA) in the link you posted:
      Our initial findings, as well as our expanded findings posted in December 2011, confirm that the amount of lead found in lipstick is very low and does not pose safety concerns.

    • I was surprised to see Burt’s Bees is on the list, and also surprised to see that it is owned by Clorox.

      On the other hand, I have no idea how bad trace levels of lead are for you. And I find it interesting that the levels vary by color more than by brand. It looks like something that would be pretty hard to shop around, unless you just decided not to wear lipstick anymore.

    • I’m not a doctor — so don’t quote me on this. But while I wouldn’t eat these lipsticks in large quantities, trace amount of lead is unlikely to do serious harm to adults. Lead causes the most harm developmentally to children (which is why lead paint is dangerous).

      But if it makes you feel better, go buy different lipstick.

    • The model sort of looks like Kyle from Real Housewives…

    • FWIW, I don’t see Buxom by Bare Escentuals brand on there. I switched to that brand because it was the only one that didn’t dry my lips out.

      • do you know how this line differs from bare escentuals? I just got their mascara & love it, but thought it was just packaging.

        • Buxom used to be sold at Bare Escentuals boutiques/counters but eventually became exclusively sold at Sephora.

          *I’m aware that the grammar in the above sentence is atrocious but I’m too tired to figure it out.

  9. Another early threadjack . . . some of you ladies were raving earlier about Paula’s Choice products. Do people use ALL of them (face wash, toner, exfoliator, antioxident, etc.) or just some? I currently use a horribly overpriced line from my aesthetician and would like to switch to something that’s cheaper but still comprehensive and effective.

    Also has anyone used their skin lightening product? I’ve heard some of you raving about the Clinique product and wondering how they compare.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I use all of them. She sells a set of all five steps at a discount, which I stack with a % off promo like they are running now. I find I go through the antioxidant and toner a lot faster than the cleanser and the BHA, so I usually pick up a couple of the former in between set purchases.

      • Littlest Attorney :

        SF Bay Associate — do you use a whole preset line or do you mix and match between the lines? I have breakout prone skin, but it is also sensitive, and at 29 I’m thinking I need something to prevent wrinkles! I know they have a breakout/antiaging line but I also like some of the products in the “Clear” breakout line. Do you think it would work to mix and match the lines as long as I have a product for each step? Or does that defeat the idea behind the system approach?

        I saw they had an online chat feature, maybe I should ask there …

    • I use all of them as well (although not necessarily every day or on every area of my face).

    • I was so inspired by yesterday’s discussion about Paula’s Choice that I ordered two sample kits last night. Shipping is free on the sample kits and there was an additional discount on the products so I now get to try 10 different products for $11. And I got three free samples, too.

      • I was inspired too, so I got the BHA liquid and a sample kit, along with the three additional samples. I tried Paula’s Choice years ago, and I can’t remember why I stopped using it. Presumably if it had been really bad, like a major bad reaction, I’d remember. I’m assuming I just got bored as there are so very many products in the world to try.

      • Me too. I bought the skin balancing line.

    • I use the skin balancing line. I don’t use her moisturizers because I prefer the one from Clinique I have been using for awhile. I also don’t use a mask at all. I do use the rest of the products – face wash and toner morning and night, and the exfoliator only at night, and the antioxidant only at night and only in areas where I’m concerned about wrinkles.

      @Littlest Attorney – I used to mix and match with the Clear line. It should be fine to mix and match so long as you have a product for each step. If you have sensitive skin, though, I really don’t recommend the Clear line. The AHA treatment and the toner are too harsh for delicate skin. Skin Balancing, and not Clear, is what really cleared up my acne.

    • Related questions as I’m somewhat curious to give this line a try. How long does a set last you?

    • I used to use everything, but I have fair, extremely dry skin and I live at high altitude. Unfortunately, PC moisturizers just weren’t enough for me, so I’ve added some skinceuticals products (two daytime serums, a moisturizer and sunscreen). Currently, I use PC cleanser, toner, BHA, and some anti-aging things that I am winding down from (the blue stuff, at nite). I love her products and I have used the lightening cream. It’s OK and affordable. I don’t like the smell, and I stopped using it while I’ve been sorting out moisturizers. It’s definitely not as great as HQ (has this come back on the market??) But, it did not make my face red or irritated (like Obagi did).

  10. momentsofabsurdity :

    Advice for a formal event tonight? I am wearing a teal strapless dress and black tights (and probably black or gray heels). I want to wear a cardigan but am unsure what color – presumably a neutral but will a black cardigan + black tights be a bit too depressing? White? Gray?

    • I really like gray and teal together, but sometimes a heathery gray makes an outfit look less formal. Black would be fine, and not too depressing, especially if you have a pretty necklace or accessory to go with.

    • I would go with black shoes and black cardigan. I like mixing black with gray at work, but for a formal evening event, I think mixing gray in will make it look casual in a I-thought-I-might-get-cold-so-I-grabbed-my-favorite-cardigan kind of way. I’m thinking of the cardigans I have though, so YMMV. I also just like the look of matching shoes, tights, and cardigan. So if you want to go with gray, could you do gray shoes, tights, and cardigan?

      If you go all back, the teal of the dress should keep it from being too depressing, especially if you brighten things up with fun jewelry.

    • What about a gray blazer with gray heels? That way you aren’t defaulting all your layering garments to black (which can look less than purposeful) and you’re not wearing the “heather gray back-of-my-chair freezing office cardigan”.

    • Where are you gonna wear your bling? Ears, neck, fingers, wrist?

  11. To whomever posted the McSweeney’s Comic Sans rant yesterday — Thank you.

    Though you may get me fired because I’m sitting at my desk right now losing my sh*t.

  12. Personal finance threadjack. I will be getting a fairly large chunk of money this spring, to the tune of $13,500, and so far figuring out what to do with it has been making my head explode. I have no debt to throw it at, so really, it’s like magical fairy dust falling from the sky, to be sprinkled on *anything* I want.

    Stuff I’m almost positive I’m doing with it: $4,ooo to max out an existing IRA (I don’t have a 401(k) or anything) and $2,000 to my emergency/savings fund (which is already reasonably robust).

    But that still leaves me with $7,500. I will be dealing with either relocation or unemployment in July, so I would prefer that it not be irrevocably locked up in something–still, my emergency fund + $2,000 should keep me easily for the suggested six months in case of unemployment. I don’t really know what other options there are for that amount of money. Please help! I am clueless about anything more complicated than blank credit cards monthly/contribute to savings/contribute to IRA/live within my means.

    • Jewelry. :) Seriously though: have you thought of also treating yourself to something nice? When I get work bonuses, my rule is that 10% can be spent on a fun gift for myself. The rest goes straight into my ING Direct account.

    • 1) Open up a high-yield savings account (not that the rates are that high, but .. ) and stick it there.
      2) You could put it in a short-term CD, but that limits your flexibility as far as taking it back out if you need it (and again, rates suck right now).
      3) Or, if you’d like to start investing in addition to your IRA, you can easily open an account with Vanguard and put it all in one or two no-fee index funds.

    • Can't wait to quit :

      Since you know you will either have to relocate or be unemployed in July, I would blow 10% of it on something fun and then just put the rest in the bank for contingencies. When you wind up with a wonderful new job or cool new city, if the money’s still in the bank you can reconsider its uses then.

    • Considering that you’re expecting relocation or unemployment in July, I wouldn’t plan on doing anything too drastic with it for now. If you’ve got a savings account you can stick it until you know what’s going to happen in July, that would be my suggestion. I hate to be the Debby-Downer, but there are lots of people out there who have been unemployed for more than 6 months. And moving can be really effing expensive. That way it’s liquid and not tied up in the even you do need it.
      That all being said, take $1,000-$1,500 and do something nice for yourself like to take a trip or buy something sparkly. :)

    • Thanks for all the advice! I think I’ll plan on sticking it in my (or if I can find one, a higher-yield) savings account until I figure my life out, then; and when I get my employment situation figured out, consider investing. I would love it if this money could become the start of a fund that would, sometime in the far-off future, go towards the down payment on a house.

      I also like the idea of 10% on something nice for myself, obviously. I was struggling with how much of it I could reasonably allot to fripperies, but 10% seems like a very reasonable number. Yay for vacations! And maybe a decent pair of pearl studs.

  13. I am going through all of the old Corporette threads about computer and tote bags and am not really finding what I’m looking for, so here’s my question–if I were to get a cross-body bike messenger bag, would I be shunned for wearing it to commute to work? I’m thinking something like a Chrome bag, and I promise I’d get all black, I’d get a small one and wouldn’t wear it to interviews, etc. My problem is I just got a firm-issued laptop and my Levenger bag and the firm-issued laptop bag are killing my back and shoulders, even though I got the smallest laptop they offer! I have a 40-minute walk to work and I barely made it today without keeling over. I’d like to start biking in good weather as well, so I don’t think a rolling bag would work. The problem seems to be that I’m so short that the straps on these bags are too long even if I tighten them all the way. But I worry that the bike bag is not “professional” enough, even though I think it looks better than a backpack and I don’t really see how they’re different from a black canvas laptop bag. FWIW I’m an associate at a firm that purports to be business casual but a lot of people wear suits anyway (annoying, seriously just pick a dress code and stick with it). It seems like most people just carry the firm-issued laptop bag, and I see a lot of big LV tote bags.

    • Yes, shunned! You’d have to wear a scarlet M for messenger!

      I like the Timbuktu bags. I’ve never tried a Chrome bag, but I love that you can customize the Timbuktu ones with your favorite colors.

    • If anyone shuns you for the bag you carry into and out of the office (and presumably not around the halls otherwise), I’d punch them in the face.

      But seriously, get what works best for your shoulders and back. 40 minutes is a long walk!

    • I’m carrying a black leather crossbody bag these days. The brand is Crown Vintage. It’s the only bag I own that fits over my heavy coat and is easy to lug on the commute.

      So, if people are shunning you, they’re shunning me, too.

    • To be clear, when I say cross-body messenger I mean something like this, in black:—medium.html

      Like a bag actual bike messengers wear, not what has come to be called a “messenger” bag.

      I am glad to hear I should just do whatever makes me comfortable though. I was just worried this skewed a little too edgy for work.

      • Ooohhh…with that bag you’ll look really tough. When they shun you and you have to punch them in the face, it’ll be all the more believable!

        Seriously though, I don’t think you should walk all around the office with it or bring it to court, but whatever works best for you.

      • I saw from the images that this bag can fit a six-pack! If anyone gives you trouble, offer them a beer!

    • Well, you may want to consider the pain an early warning and get a back pack if you are walking 40 minutes twice a day and the laptop is a mandatory part of your commute. It may not look as sleek as you would like but you can whisk it off on arrival and use the firm-issued bag for when you head out to see clients etc.

      I did a lot of work-related travel for a number of years (airports every couple of days) and did permanent damage to my neck and shoulders with my laptop despite the smallest possible machine and the lightest possible bag. The problem was chronic strain and no time for muscles to recover, which may be the case for you as well if you’re bringing the laptop to and fro everyday.

      • Yup, I carry a backpack to and from work (I take night classes and textbooks are a b****), and I figure that as long as I hide it in my office during the day no one is going to care if they see it when I leave at night.

      • What I am looking at is basically a backpack, I guess, just with a different type of strap. The appeal of this kind of messenger bag is that you tighten the strap across your chest so that the bag sits up really high and doesn’t move. I guess it’s similar to having one of those camping backpacks that has the extra chest strap. I have a regular backpack but it, too, strains my shoulders even if I wear it up high, and it is really not comfortable for biking.
        I will definitely try one of these on before dropping $100+, though. If it’s no better than the backpack I have I’ll just wear the backpack.

        • I have never found those kinds of bags to be as comfortable as a backpack, even when I cinch the around-the-body strap to take weight off the shoulder strap (which I think is what you’re describing). I have a Kelty backpack that I used in law school and now only use for day hikes, etc., since I don’t have to carry a computer back and forth, and I need the waist strap and the sternum strap to take the weight off my shoulders and upper back for carrying heavier loads.

      • Yeah, I have a similar several-airports-a-week schedule, and I tried a few different things and ended up with a backpack. It’s definitely not the most professional looking, but it has a separate space for my laptop, lots of space for papers and personal items and pockets and such. I have a few nice laptop bags, and it’s not TOOOO bad if there’s just my laptop in it–but if I also need paperwork and my wallet and keys and phone and some snacks and…it’s just too much.

    • I just bought my boyfriend this menswear-inspired backpack for V Day and we both love it. It’s really quite a classy backpack. I don’t commute with a computer, but I would’ve scooped one up for myself if I did. He was using a messenger bag but I noticed it really threw off his posture, and I really like the backpack for posture and balancing on a bicycle. I would probably tie on a colorful scarf and voila! it’s more feminine.

    • This doesn’t really address your question, but FYI on Chrome bags – I bought the Chome laptop messenger and found that the bag really killed my left shoulder and decreased my shoulder mobility for a while, due to weakness in the left shoulder. It feels extremely comfortable on the bike, but if you need to walk around with it at all, the weight of the bag might still cause you back/shoulder pain. The other issue is that if you’re a shorter woman, even if you get a smaller bag, the Chrome bags look huge on you – I swear it takes up more real estate when I’m wearing it than I do. However, if you’re strong in the shoulders (my shoulder pain eventually did go away when I started climbing regularly again) and get a smaller model – the laptop model is probably more medium-sized and bulkier than the others – it might not cause any problems for you!

      • Ugh, good to know. Which model did you have? There were one or two of the laptop-specific ones where the reviews on the website said something similar, while the regular bike bag didn’t have reviews like that.

        However, my old backpack and my current shoulder bags not only strain my shoulders but also, weirdly, my hips, so I am just hoping for any improvement at all. I don’t understand why someone can’t just make a bag that you can walk and bike with without hurting yourself. I am starting to think that all of these supposedly practical bags are made with men’s bodies in mind, and that manufacturers just go “Oh we’ll just make something pretty” when catering to women without any thought to ergonomics.

        • I have the Buran, which – aside from the shoulder problems – also does this annoying thing where the SUPER STRONG velcro sticks on certain parts of the bag’s piping and now the piping looks fuzzy and worn. (It doesn’t affect the functionality — just doesn’t look pretty.) For reference, my typical load — both during and post-shoulder pain — was a laptop, charger, textbook or two, binder of papers, and the miscellaneous stuff: wallet, extra cable for my lock, glasses, pens, lights, bright windbreaker for night-riding, etc.

          I will say, though, that despite the various issues, I really do love owning this bag — you can pack everything (much more than a six pack! almost an entire case!) and not have to worry about it falling out or getting wet and without having to load panniers. I will also say that the shoulder pain might have been a personal problem — I’ve always had a hard time strengthening my shoulders without the movements required by climbing so weightlifting the problem away might work for you. However, it does seem like your walk to work might require a different bag.

          And totally agree about the rugged goods manufacturers’ design philosophy towards women’s stuff!

          • OK I’d seen the complaints about the Buran shoulder strap pilling–evidently that is one of the bags that is made in China with different materials. But that bag does seem to have the same strap design as the original model messenger bag so it will probably cause the same issues. I might see what ReLoad etc. have to offer, their straps may be more comfortable.

            I think what I will probably end up doing is just getting a bike bag, commit to biking, and then use my old backpack when I walk.

    • I have a Kimono laptop bag, which is really lightweight, and has a long enough strap that you can wear it as a messenger bag if you wanted. I love it.

    • LadyEnginerd :

      Put me squarely on team backpack for the walk. Leave your “professional” bag in your office and swap your stuff in and out. You can even stash a black nylon tote in the backpack in case of emergency. I worry that you’ll come back to us in a couple months asking us how to still look professional with your arm in a sling!

      For biking, you should consider making your bike carry the weight for you – get a rack and a bag that mounts to that rack instead of stressing your shoulders with a backpack. Check out Po Campo for bags that look like you’re going to work, not camping.

      • Amelia Pond :

        My SO and my dad both walk and they swear by the Ogio Metro backpack. It takes the strain off their shoulders and has all sorts of nifty pockets for commuting.

    • I carry a timbuk2 bag and it has really messed up my shoulders and back. If you are carrying this for commuting, I would seriously reconsider it and look at a backpack or (gasp) a wheely bag. I know part of the problem I am having is with how I am carrying the bag. If I tighten the crossbody strap as it should be, it will bisect my breasts, push one aside in a weird and unflattering way, and generally, draw a lot of attention to my breasts (32D, here). I end up wearing the bag looser and it shifts the weight around in a way that hurts. I also carry a purse or tote on the other side for personal items, and the combo of bags and off-kilter weight distribution is killing my body. I should probably do something about it, but this being my last semester of law school, I just can’t be bothered to sort it all out. :)

      • OP here. With my body type I absolutely will not have problems with it bisecting my breasts, as I don’t really have any.

        Although if you want a messenger back that doesn’t do that, you should check out FabricHorse.

        But like I said above, I am really starting to think that there aren’t any bags out there that don’t cause shoulder or back problems for most women, as I haven’t had any luck with a regular backpack, either. A rolly bag wouldn’t work with my city’s horrible sidewalks (even if I didn’t shudder at the idea of carrying one) so I just can’t win unless I get bike saddles, but those of course don’t solve the problem if I want to walk to work.

  14. Since when does Zappos no longer offer free 2-day shipping???

    They just lost a customer to Endless. Wth, Zappos?

  15. Travel threadjack! I am going to Houston this weekend for a wedding. Between rehearsal dinner and wedding we won’t have much site-seeing time, but are there any must-sees? How about fun places to eat?

    Also, am I right in thinking Houston is fairly casual? I’m not worred about the wedding itself, but just wondering if I need to pack something other than nice jeans and nice top for going out to eat.

    • Hooray! You’ll love my city. :) You’ll need a car because it’s unfortunately pretty spread out. Our museum district is top three in the country, so I would spend some time there if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus, that area is just gorgeous, so you could walk through Hermann Park and down Main Street, etc. NASA is obviously worth a trip, but it’s about 30 minutes outside of town by car with no traffic. If you’re looking for some outdoor time (not sure what the weather will be like this weekend; we’ve been getting lots of rain), I would recommend Memorial Park (a gorgeous park pretty centrally located) or Buffalo Bayou trail.

      Also, a fun area for dinner and nightlife is Montrose. There’s a great craft c*cktail bar called Anvil that gets lots of attention in GQ, etc. Plus, Montrose has great restaurants – upscale Italian at Da Marco, a little lower scale but still nice (same owners) at Dolce Vita, Mark’s is fantastic American food in a beautiful old church, Indika for Indian fusion, Hugo’s for upscale central American — yum yum yum. People don’t give Houston’s foodie scene enough credit.

      And yes, Houston is pretty casual. You can go to any of the above places wearing jeans and a fun top.

      • Awesome! Thanks so much. We will have a car. I want to check out this Montrose area, the restaurants sound interesting and I love tricky c*cktails. I wouldn’t mind seeing NASA – my BF actually does some work with NASA and has been to the facility in Houston. I think he might be going there for a meeting in April or May, maybe I will see if I can tag along.

        Will be printing out this rec!

        • It would also be fun to drive around River Oaks if you have some free time. It’s gorgeous and really close to Montrose.

        • Long time Houstonian here too!

          If you check out NASA, they have a pricier, behind the scenes tour which is worth it if you have tht ime. You get to see the pool that they train in and even some places that show up in the movies…but the real place, not the sets.

          Otto’s is traditional Houston BBQ.
          I like Kiran’s restaurant for Indian food.

          You might look at the Houston section of the monthly magazine called “Texas Monthly” as many standards and new ones are listed and reviewed.
          I think Houston was ranked as having one of the highest number of restaurants per capita for most cities in the US.

          You’re a corporette, so if you need/want to do some high-end shopping, the Galleria is the place to go for all the big names. Nearby is Uptown Park which also has some boutiques and a great one for lingerie called Top Drawer.

          If you are going around in the Montrose area, you might want to check out the DeMenil collection and Rothko chapel on the U of St. Thomas campus…stunning modern art.

          I believe the King Tut traveling show is still at our museums too.

          They are talking rain F/Sat so be sure to bring something for that. We’re not complaining after a long, hot drought summer.

          Welcome to H-town!!!

          • I’m a cheap a@@ corporette (fed-erette?) but the BF is always complaining about my lingerie, so perhaps I will point him to the nice lingerie shop!

            I made a mental note to myself this morning – bring umbrella. Been checking the Houston weather.

      • Yay for Houston! It’s my hometown. It has the best restaurants ever.
        Also, the Menil Collection! The Rothko Chapel! They are really awesome art museums (and quite close to Montrose).
        NASA is quite a long drive from Houston proper, but it’s very fun. If you do drive out there, stop for seafood in Kemah or Galveston! Gulf coast’s finest.

      • And now I wish I was staying longer. May really have to consider if I can tag along when the BF goes to Houston for work!

        Thanks for all the info!

    • Houston is pretty laid back for dining and a big Foodie town. You’d be fine in jeans and a top. Some of my faves- Haven (full disclosure, I know one of the chefs), Brenner’s, T’Afia, Coppa, Stella Sola (food is amazing and the drinks are really creative), Shade, Breakfast Klub for breakfast. Crave has the best cupcakes in town.

      I like Discovery Green, walking around Rice University, the Heights area (19th Street). If you are a foodie, go to Central Market or the Farmer’s Market. There’s a King Tut exhibition at the Museum that’s pretty fantastic. If it’s a nice day, just grab some drinks and sit outside-Mollina’s margaritas are good.

      Have fun. And, welcome.

      • Discovery Green and Rice are really wonderful, you’re right. I second Crave having the best cupcakes, but I say not just in town – anywhere. The strawberry cupcake is to. freaking. die. for.

        Also, Breakfast Klub is awesome – great recommendation! It’s a family-owned, wings-and-waffles kind of place. The line getts really long by about 10:00, so try to get there earlier than that if possible. Brennan’s is also really great New Orleans-style food (same branch of the Brennans family as Commander’s Palace in NOLA).

        • So thrilled that Brennan’s is back. How did I forget that?

          Isn’t Crave cupcakes in Uptown Park where the lingerie place (Top Drawer) is located?

          Central Market is a great idea…it’s in the River Oaks area if you’re driving around looking at lovely mansions…great shopping center there too. Love all the foodie stuff available there. Just learned about Biscoff spread after finding the cookies at the place on the SF pier…so yes, Central Market for foodies! My friends in other towns are jealous from the care packages I send them.

    • Barrister in the Bayou :

      Taco Cabana and Shipley’s Donuts for Kolache (sp?) and donuts of course! Both places are kind of silly, but in a delicious way.

      I loved the shopping in Houston. By far the best thing I purchased while there was a pair of bad-a$$ cowboy boots at Cavenders.

      • Oh yeah, I always hit up Shipley or Kolache Factory for kolaches when I go home. 50 billion calories each, but oh so worth it. Try the jalepeno cheese sausage ones!

        • fly a-way :

          I once helped out travelers order kolaches from the Shipley’s shop at IAH airport. It was so cute as they couldn’t pronounce it and didn’t know what it was. A must really!

          BYW, this is the last weekend for Mardi Gras celebrations in Galveston, before Ash Wednesday. So it could be that there is alot of traffic heading south of Houston on I-45 (which is perennially under construction) out that way, especially on the weekend.

          Just wanted to give the raveler a heads-up. If you’re coming again in the spring and will be around NASAm might be a better time to do that and Galveston as well.

          Wishing you and the wedding party clear skies (fingers crossed) and a wonderful day/night/ceremony/celebration.


  16. Anonsensical :

    Thanks to everyone on the weekend thread who helped me justify spending more than I was comfortable with on a hair cut. I went to the stylist of my choice, got a great cut, and will not feel guilty about going back again!

  17. This is so off-topic – I apologize! I’m in the market for a nice big rectangular dining room table. I’m looking for something more interesting and modern than you might find at a big furniture store (out here we have Jordan’s, but it’s the equivalent of Ashley or Levitz, etc). I’ve been looking at Room & Board, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Design Within Reach. Any other recommendations for equivalent stores that I should look at?

  18. anon for this :

    One of my staff came in this morning wearing jeans, a pinky-red satin blouse, and a silvery beaded sheer bolero. What in the world made her think that was appropriate work wear? I mean, she’s not out in front of the public much (if at all today) but seriously?

  19. Complete threadjack: We talk about books here a lot, and we talk about dating a lot, so I had to share this: Basically, it a speed-dating event, but you have to bring a book that represents you in some way for your potential dates. I just think that’s facinating – what book would you bring?

    (FWIW, I can’t think of any single book that I would want to “represent me” entirely. Thank god that I am not in any way interested in dating. :) I still thought it was interesting, though.)

  20. What do we think of the new JCrew Fall 2012 collection? I’m loving certain pieces, but the styling………

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