Weekend Open Thread

ASOS Neon Pink Double Strap WatchSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

OK, I’m kind of obsessed with neon pink at the moment.  Is it because I had a really, really awesome sweatshirt that said “Washington, DC” in alternating shades of neon pink, yellow and green, which I unwittingly wore to my surprise 16th birthday party?  Hey, who knows.  I do like this neon pink double-strapped watch from ASOS, though — was $35, now marked to $28.  ASOS Neon Pink Double Strap Watch

P.S. In tech news, hooray for the Sprint 4G network — there for me when Time Warner Internet is a complete and utter failure. Grumble.

Weekly News Update

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– Minor announcement: I’m speaking in Seattle next month at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt! If you’re in Seattle, you can RSVP here, or check out more details on the Corporette Facebook page or my new “Hire Kat to Speak” page. :D
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Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: City Stretch Peplum Sleeveless Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

City Stretch Peplum Sleeveless TopOne of my guilty pleasures (at least in seasons past) has been The Real Housewives of New York — so of course I clicked when Refinery 29 had a tour of Countess LuAnn’s apartment. I had to rub my eyes when one of the photos credited a white peplum top as being from New York & Company — amidst all of her other designer duds the credit just seemed out of place! It is a cute — and affordable — top, though, so I had to share. It was $39.95, but take an extra 30% off everything with promo code 3011. City Stretch Peplum Sleeveless Top

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Coffee Break – Cheree Colorblock Pump

Kate Spade New York Cheree Colorblock PumpWe had the Rothko-inspired skirt the other day, now for the Mondrian-inspired shoes… I love the fun colorblocking on these shoes, as well as the patent leather accents. This is the kind of shoe I would wear with a black skirt and black blouse, and then pick up one of the colors in another accessory (necklace, brooch, bracelet). The shoes are $325, which gets you really close to getting the a $50 Neiman Marcus giftcard and (today only) lots of bonus points — through April 1, spend at least $350 on shoes or handbags and get a $50 giftcard with code NMGC. Kate Spade New York Cheree Colorblock Pump

(They’re also available at Zappos and Bloomingdale’s.)


N.B. Peep toes are not appropriate for every office — know your office!

The Chatty Boss

Blah blah blah, originaally uploaded to Flickr by theunquietlibrarian.How do you get any work done when your boss is a Chatty Kathy? Reader K is having some trouble adjusting to her new boss’s management style…

I have recently switched jobs in the legal profession and am having trouble adjusting to the management “style” of my new boss. My previous supervisor was a hands off type of person, to whom I spoke only sparingly when necessary.

My new supervisor is the total opposite. He is very chatty about everything under the sun and if I am not careful he will consume half of my time (literally) during a given work day to chit chat, mostly about non-work related topics. I end up zoning in an out of listening and am afraid I will soon start pulling my hair out due to the unproductive nature of our interactions!

I pride myself on being very productive and am having trouble adjusting. What advice might you have for my situation?

Wow — great question. I particularly see this management style more in smaller offices where everyone is friendlier just because they’re working in close quarters — but it can happen in big offices, as well. Especially when you’re the newbie, you don’t want to be unfriendly — but you also want to finish your work and get out of there at a reasonable hour. We’ve talked before about how to discourage chatty coworkers, but we haven’t really talked about how to deal with it when it’s your boss. (Pictured: Blah blah blah, originally uploaded to Flickr by theunquietlibrarian.)

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Thursday’s TPS Report: Geo Print Silk Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Trinity Geo Print Silk TopI love the colors on this silk blouse from Trinity — I think the pinks, corals, oranges, and navy can be great for spring or fall. I will say, though, that this can veer “weekend!” pretty quickly, and so I think that for the office, it needs to be worn with a structured piece, such as tucked into a high-waisted skirt or trousers with a pleat, or worn with a sharp-looking blazer. It’s $89 at Piperlime. Trinity Geo Print Silk Top

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