Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Cap Sleeve Tee

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Cap Sleeve TeeI was originally going recommend another top from The Limited, but then I started poking around the site and found this highly rated cap sleeve tee, available in 14(!) colors. Every comment talks about how comfortable it is, how soft, how versatile, how great it is under suits, and how the commenter has gone back to buy it in another three colors they love it so much. So I had to pass it along to you guys — particularly since The Limited is having a sitewide $25 off ever $50 you spend sale (with code JUST4U) that makes the$26.90 top basically two for one. Cap Sleeve Tee

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  1. a passion for fashion :

    Random PSA –

    I would just like to sing the praises of the Dr. Sholls inserts for high heels. They are awesome. They are clear, skinny, gel-ish inserts that stick to your shoe and are specificlaly made for heels 2 inches or higher. they provide extra cushion for the balls of your feet, and extra arch support as well. I bought them for a pair of shoes and love them some much i have started adding them to the rest of my shoes. I think they are about 10 bucks a pair. I know there are some store brands that are less expensive, but i have not tried those yet.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Interesting. I’m newly and very deeply in love with the SuperFeet insoles for high heels. They are about $20 at Nordie’s. I’ll have to give these Dr. Scholl’s ones a try as well. Thanks for the tip!

    • Last time I bought these, at least, the sticky stuff on the bottom left residue on my shoe soles… quite a bit. Not sure if they’ve fixed that, but be careful.

      • a passion for fashion :

        I think this is true, but i dont think you are really supposed to take them out of your shoe, except maybe to replace them. And I had the same experience as Lynnet — felt a little weird at first, but fantastic after that.

    • I just tried these for the first time about a week ago. They feel really weird at first, and I was worried that they would make the problem worse. But by the end of the day it didn’t feel like I’d even been in high heels at all. Then I wore the same shoes for the next two days, which I know from experience will normally make me want to cut off my feet at the ankle, and I had no pain, even during the afternoon on the third day. I’m a convert.

    • look for the Dr. Scholls on Ama-zon or at drug-store dot com, you can usually get them on sale, or even a discount on a pack of 3 or 4… if you want them in all your shoes, like I do, you can save a lot of moolah.

  2. PSA: yesterday’s Lord and Taylor dress is 25% off today with code ONEDAY. There is also an adorable seersucker dress in limited sizes.

  3. I have this shirt in fuschia and red and I like it for under suits. It’s very soft. The only cons are that it’s slightly too clingy for my taste, and it hasn’t worn that well- gotten pilly pretty quickly. I think that’s because it’s such a soft fabric. But it’s not a bad shirt for suits and comes in a lot of pretty colors.

    In other news, I bought my first ever purchase featured on this site! I bought the navy Tahari dress from yesterday and the matching jacket someone else posted. Thanks for the recs on sizing. I’ll let you all know if it works out!

    • tall anon :

      When you wear this shirt under suits, do you take your jacket off? I could see how it would look great with a jacket over it, but I would feel like I was just wearing a t-shirt and dress pants (middle school dressing up style) if I ever took the jacket off.

  4. hellskitchen :

    Ladies, any recommendations for good prenatal vitamins? My ob-gyn didn’t recommend any particular brand. I prefer ones without any animal products. Also, any particular vitamin D and iron supplements you’d recommend?

    • MustLoveCats :

      Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Multivitamin is what I took. It’s vegan and you only need 1 pill a day. I bought it on Amazon.

    • I’d love a lead to prenatal vitamins that don’t cause burping, as so many vitamins do for me.

      • BellyBar chewables! Haven’t missed a day in over a year and get no problems from them. Third trimester I needed more iron, and for that the liquid one from Whole Foods works (the pill one was a stomach nightmare).

    • Maddie Ross :

      I do the gummie ones, which were blessed by my OB. I’m not sure they contain the highest amounts of the different vitamins, but it contains 100% of everything but iron and they are very easy on my stomach. I couldn’t do the horse-pill ones and they made me sick to my stomach like I was pregnant (which I’m not).

      • Same here. I used the gummies (couldn’t tolerate anything else), and then added Slow-Fe for iron (I always got anemia during pregancy). Also take an additional folic acid supplement because the gummies do not have enough.

      • a passion for fashion :

        id did these too, as they were all i could stomach. i kept taking them while nursing, and am still taking them now, just because.

    • I have rather severe anemia, and have been taking Nu-Iron capsules for over a year. They are substantially more expensive than other similar iron supplements, but are far far easier on your stomach/digestion, if you know what I mean. =)

    • Cookies and Wine :

      My OB didn’t recommend one either but approved of me taking Nature’s Own Organics Perfect Prenatal. It’s a little expensive and you have to take 3 pills a day (I think you can take them all at once, but I space them out and just take one with each meal). They are whole foods based, rather than isolates like most OTC vitamins, so supposedly it is easier for your body to recognize and use the vitamins. They also have probiotics in them. They are also small and can be taken without any food. I also take a DHA supplement because the Perfect Prenatal doesn’t have that — my dr. said probably not necessary but didn’t have a problem with it if I wanted to add it.

    • hellskitchen :

      Thank you all! I am going to check these out. Appreciate the additional info on which ones don’t cause stomach upsets.

    • Migraine Sufferer :

      I take floradix for iron and as a multivitamin and “D drops” or gummies for vitamin D.

  5. River Song :

    New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Vitamins.

  6. Ladies, I am a lawyer who rarely dresses up for work. (Seriously I wear jeans just about everyday.) I obviously wear a suit when I go to court, but that is only a couple times a year and I have a few skirt suits for that purpose. However, I need a new pair of dress pants– like yesterday. I don’t want to spend more than probably $80 and I would like to get them from a store, not online. I am short, but curvy and wear a size 14. Any recs?

  7. So I purchased a bunch of shoes for an event from Nordstrom. Wore one pair and basically after getting out of the car I realized standing + these shoes = impossible. I sucked it up and wore them for part of the night. I’m wondering if its wrong to try to take them back to Nordstrom? I’d love to exchange them for a pair of more comfortable shoes, but I’m feeling guilty. Thoughts?

    • MissJackson :

      Nordstrom will not bat an eye if you take them back. I’ve had sales associates specifically tell me to wear shoes for a couple days and if they aren’t as comfortable as the sales associate says, bring them back. It’s incredible, but it’s true. On the plus side, I now buy nearly 100% of my shoes from Nordstrom, so they’ve won my loyalty with this policy.

    • :

      One of the reasons I love Nordstrom’s is because they will take back shoes that have been worn. I have very sensitive feet and most shoes hurt my feet to a point that I have permanent scars from 2-3 hours of wear. Nordstroms has always taken them back when this happened.

  8. SF Bay Associate :

    PSA – Brooks Brothers did second markdowns on clearance shoes. I picked up a pair of gray quilted ballet flats for $55, originally $200, marked down to $89 until this morning.

  9. Kat, I just want to say, you do such an incredible job of finding great pieces, AND finding bargains for us! If I had the resources, I’d buy a lot more of them ;o) but I still really appreciate it.

  10. Sorry to be nitpicking here…. $25 virtual dollars for every $50 spent actually makes it $25 off $75, or 33%. You are not getting two shirts for the price of one.

    Even if you only pay $25 for $50 you spend, you’d be spending $29.7 for two tees.

    • Anonymous Poser :

      Actually, what you say sounds right. So I tried putting two of those tees in my shopping cart and entering the discount code to see whether it would be applied to my $53ish order. It was. Shipping on top of that is $8, though. If I had the $, I’d go for it. I’ve been finding some nice things at The Limited, too, though I wish they would include some longer jackets in their collection.

  11. Anonymous :

    I just had a look and those tees seem to be sold out of all sizes except XL in all colors. Not very useful for most of us.

  12. I have this shirt in 2 colors, and it is indeed pretty great. Note, though, that it runs VERY small, and the fabric is pretty thin and clingy. You can’t see through it so much, but textures show. I always wear a cami under mine to avoid the undergarment outlines. Fantastic for suit layering, though, and the neckline is a nice, ladylike balance between “t-shirt” and “that’s a lot of skin.”

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