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- The Budget Babe has a great guide to help you decide which necklaces to wear with which necklines.
- Hourglassy ponders what basics full-busted women should have to start work.
- Capitol Hill Style shows you how to wear a campaign tee differently for a fundraiser versus doorbelling.
- Evil HR Lady posts at CBS’s Money Watch about how online job searches worsen the job crisis.  Meanwhile, Ask a Manger wonders if it’s ever appropriate to reach out to a hiring manager — before applying to a job.
- The WSJ suggests some ways to destress from the office.  Meanwhile, readers are talking about this essay in the NYT about letting your career passion follow you.
- The Careerist gives three cheers for women who curse like sailors.  (It reminds me of this SomeECards that I saw on Pinterest.)
- Savvy Sugar rounds up productivity hacks from a start-up founder.
- Finally: NPR tells you how to avoid getting ripped off at the ATM.

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