Coffee Break – Universal Phone Wallet

 Brahmin Universal Phone WalletI featured something similar from Cole Haan a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d bring this lovely red cell phone wallet to your attention today — can you think of a single woman on your gift-giving list who wouldn’t benefit from something like this? If she’s working, it’s the perfect I’m-just-grabbing-lunch-quickly wallet (she can even keep her lunchspot “frequent eater” punchcards in there) — and if she’s a mom, student, or someone else normally burdened with a HUGE bag, who wouldn’t love just being able to grab your wallet and your phone and go? This one is $65 at Nordstrom — love that lipstick red. Brahmin Universal Phone Wallet

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  1. Whiny complaint ahoy: I’m supposed to be flying home for Christmas today, but there’s a blizzard in Chicago, so I may not get home. I dont want to spend all my vacation days waiting in an airport, or flying cross country to spend all of one day with my family!!

    • Very legitimate complaint! I’m supposed to fly there tomorrow and am just keeping all my appendages crossed that I make it.

      Good luck!

    • Sitting in an airport sucks, no doubt. Last year I spent an entire day stuck in the Memphis airport waiting for my flight to DC. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:30 a.m. and it left at 3:30 pm. I missed an entire day with my family and arrived exhausted.

      So sympathy, lots of sympathy.

      • Well, it got canceled while I headed to the airport…and the best they could rebook me on was leaving tomorrow night, spending the night in Houston, and getting home at 430pm Saturday. I told my mom she better be glad I didn’t just cancel!!

    • manomanon :

      I feel you! I just had to give up a half day of work and my car to catch what will probably be the last boat until Christmas day… but at least I can get there early not late

      Good luck!!!

  2. Is there supposed to be a space between a single apostrophe and a quotation mark? Such as:

    “And then b23 was like, I’m pretty sure all these people are doing it wrong.’ “

  3. Mini rant :

    Ugh. I hate being told that I can’t do work that is both interesting and substantive because I MIGHT need to sit around in the office so that I can do work that a paralegal should do (I’m a third year), especially when I haven’t been working on that particular matter. I cannot wait until I can stop working with these awful people.

  4. Shopping help request:

    A woman in the village where I teach has asked me to bring her back a warm skirt from America. She wants a dark color, longish, fairly fitted skirt in a thick winter material. She told me her waist measurement is 52 cm…I have no idea what size that means. She’s pretty round in the middle (apple-shaped, I think it’s called). She’s around 60 years old.

    I’d really appreciate suggestions! I have no idea where to start.

  5. Hey Bay Area ‘R3tt3s,

    Anyone going to be in town through the end of the month? I have no specific holiday plans, so I would love to plan some fun times. Any interest in a meetup to do something fun, that can be completely non-holiday related?

    Or even in a 2 person meetup with me? I feel a baking spree coming on, but I can’t eat all the product myself, so I have some open positions. These positions have only one requirement: eating baked goods and chatting with me over tea/cocoa/hot toddies.

    Anyway, respond on here. I’ll probably also send an email around in case anyone misses this post. Happy Eating Yummy Winter Goodies!

  6. SoCalAtty :

    I love this, especially the red! I just need the new iPhone 5 to put in it! (My iPhone 4 is on its last legs I think)

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Dude. It is the conspiracy. Did it stop working after the 5 came out? I refuse to give in, dropped calls and texts not sent/received be damned.

      • SoCalAtty :

        I think it started when I dropped it in the toilet :) The problems started right after the 4S, actually, so I agree with your conspiracy theory!

        If I drop another call my phone might go flying out the window. Can I just get a phone that, hey, works as a PHONE first and all the other stuff second? So frustrating.

  7. emcsquared :

    Random thought – I am excited that tomorrow is the 21st and days will start to get longer soon. I’m tired of walking to and from work in the dark every day.

    Also – does anyone know if there is a “happy light” that you can wear while you’re walking? I walk my dog in the deepest, darkest part of the early morning, and it would be a perfect 30 minutes to have a little sun lamp with me.

  8. Help! My mentee bought me a Christmas gift! What should I get for her?

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