Coffee Break: Calfskin Tassel Peep Toe Pump

Calfskin Tassel Peep Toe PumpBrooks Brothers has some killer sales on shoes and bags right now. For today’s coffee break I’m featuring these calfskin tassel peep toe pumps (available in “cognac” and navy), which seem like a great spring/summer/fall shoe. (Of course, peep toes are not appropriate at every office — know your office!) These are 50% off, along with this great quilted tote bag (in tan and black), this large tote in navy/white, and these suede peep toe T-straps in beige and black. The pictured shoes were $248, but are now marked to $124. Calfskin Tassel Peep Toe Pump



  1. Shopping my closet :

    Cute shoes! Not a fan of open toe during tights weather, but cute, cute, cute.

    I used to wear skirt suits where the jackets were buttoned (so lots of buttons up the front — you couldn’t really wear these unbuttoned as a skirt suit, largely b/c the skirts were very tight pencils). Now that’s not really my style, but I’ve been experimenting with wearing the jackets as blazers (even though they often come up higher, even if they have lapels) over dresses or with pants (so usually different color and fabric).

    Has anyone else done this? I want to wear more jackets v. cardigans now that it’s cooler and these jackets are wool and black (black tweed, black 120s wool, black with portrait collar, etc.).

    • I can’t picture what you are talking about. Could you post a link to the type of suit/jacket you are trying to restyle?

      • Shopping my closet :

        Nothing handy, but I have a feeling that I used to dress like Kyra Sedgewick’s character on The Closer. Maybe I was that cute?

    • hoola hoopa :

      I have one jacket like that. I didn’t buy the entire suit, so I only wear it as a separate with trousers and dresses. It’s common in business attire offices around here.

  2. Pretty shoes!

  3. I’m thinking about teaching legal research and writing in the evenings at a local (tier 3) law school. Does anyone on this board know about how much adjuncts are paid? I’m wondering if it’s worth the time spent on it. Thanks.

    • I’ve heard $5k for one semester, 2-credit course.

      • This sound’s like a pretty good way to make an extra $5,000 per semester, but I think I do NOT have enough time to spend on being a ADJUNCT PROFESSEOR. I think I would rather do a FULL PROFESSEORESHIP b/c I could then be abel to have my dad parade around the country club telling everyone that NOT onley was I a partner at a NYC firm, but now am a full professeor of law. My onley problem is that I do NOT know where I am goeing to be–if I get MARRIED and live in Westchester, I do NOT want to have to comute all the way to NYC to teach, nor do I want to have to teach in Brooklen or Long Island. Mabye Pace in Westchester would be OK.

        Does any one know how much a FULL PROFESSEOR can make? $200-250K?

        On the other hand, if I get married and Live on Long Island, mabye it would NOT be so bad to teach on LONG ISLAND or even in Brooklyn, so I have MORE OPTION’s. In either event, I could even teach at NYU, but NOT at Columbia unless I drove, but I do NOT want to drive into the City to teach. FOOEY! I think my best bet is to think about Saint Jon or Brooklyn Law or NYU, takeing the train, or, like the manageing partner says, live in the HAMTONS and teach at Tooro Law, which is out there some where. I just do NOT want to waste alot of time prepareing for class. I figure that as a litiegieator, I could go over trial strategy and other thing’s that I NEVER was taught in law school. YAY!!!!!!!

    • Former Adjunct :

      When I was an adjunct at a local tier-2 school, pay was about $1500/ semester hour I believe. Was it worth the time? Absolutely. It was a great experience. But if you are in it for the money, there are many many better ways to make extra cash.

    • I adjunct at a local tier 1 school. Pay is $5k per semester. Totally not worth it from a time/money perspective, but totally worth it from a prestige perspective, and I expect that some of these students may be future clients as well since it’s an industry-focused class.

    • Former Adjunct :

      The amounts noted are right, in my experience.

      Keep in mind that legal research and writing is the most time intensive class you can teach because of all the time grading and all the hands on time with students going over their work one-by-one. Also, because there is so much professor feedback during the semester, instructor evaluations are typically much lower/worse for adjuncts who teach writing than for those who teach doctrinal classes.

      I have taught both research and writing and doctrinal classes and have preferred the doctrinal classes.

      • Former Adjunct – are you required to go over work with students closely – you can’t just write some notes in the margins? Also, can I ask you to expand on your point about instructor evaluations? Wouldn’t students give better evaluations to a teacher who spent 1 on 1 time with you? I can’t relate to this situation as my own legal research and writing class was taught by 3Ls. Did the research and writing classes enable you to switch to teaching doctrinal classes later on?

        • wildkitten :

          You are required to go over work with students closely if you want them to learn how to become good legal writers.

        • Former Adjunct :

          Mine was, too (with oversight from a tenured faculty member).

          Turns out, no, students will not give higher/better evals to an adjunct who spends more time with them because the more time and more feedback almost by definition will mean that students are hearing less-than-brilliant news only from the writing adjunct. All other feedback in other classes comes after the semester is over, based on a single final exam. So writing instructors often bear the brunt of student frustration.

          I did teach the writing class first. And then, when I wanted to teach the doctrinal class, I met with the associate dean (the dean in charge of class assignments/schedule) and told him that I would also like to teach X. The next time they offered X, they called me. I did that for several years.

        • In my experience, everyone hates their writing professor because they think they can write well and the professor must be a moron.
          I used to be a TA in college and law school, and grading 30 papers takes a long time. Even if you only meet with a few students one on one, it’s time consuming. I agree that this isn’t something you do for the money.

          • Former Adjunct and AIMS – thanks a lot for your feedback. I appreciate your insights and had no idea that people disliked their writing professors. Am reconsidering this because I thought it would be kind of an easy way to make money but clearly I had no clue!

        • Boston 2L :

          I think this depends on the school. At my school, the LRW adjuncts spend the time in class each week (though a decent number are cancelled), giving assignments, and grading assignments (with edits in the margins or redlined, depending on the adjunct). Some are good and answer emails with help as well or are available if students need. However, students go over their drafts and get substantive help from the student (2L and 3L) writing advisors. The adjuncts don’t actually meet with the students other than once a semester.

          I think most people at my school love their adjunct LRW instructors.

          I’m sure it is still more time than the money is worth, but I think it depends on the school as to the specifics of the program. I’ve heard about entirely different structures at other law schools from friends (and transfers).

          • Wildkitten :

            We loved ours too. They spent a lot of time with us and really cared about our success. We had to review with the 2/3Ls first, but then the prof, and it was really valuable.

        • I interviewed for a position as a full time writing and legal research professor at an admitted Tier 3 school, and they frankly warned me that students could be difficult b/c of the exact reasons everyone here has mentioned. Law students are not accustomed to not being the best in the class from college, and this may be their first time ever to receive less than glowing feedback. This law school, however, fully recognized this and did not ding writing instructors/professors for that kind of negative student evals.

    • Guest Lecturer? :

      Has anyone done a guest lecture in a law school class? I don’t want to teach a whole semester, but I could fill a class in the subject area up. I do a lot of CLEs, but would like to try at a law school. I have some schools a few hours in either direction — just call up a professor?

  4. Baconpancakes :

    Super cute shoes, but still out of my price range for a non-staple shoe.

  5. Woohoo after 8months in my my first ‘real’ job, I was delegated some actual work and responsability in preperation for some super important meetings my team must prepare for (as opposed to just helping others with research)! This must sound like a total non-achievement for most of you but given the importance of these meetings, I’m just happy my boss trusts me not to fail miserably.

    ..and the reason I’m announcing this here is because my best and only true friend in my city (moved for the job) is going through a terrible work situation in that she hates her job and can’t break into her field and I feel like I can’t share this with her :( she’s always been supportive but I don’t want her to feel worse about her situation. I’m hoping you ladies can help me with some ideas about how to cheer someone up when there’s nothing much you can do to help. I’m not very good with dealing with feelings and so find it tough to act in a way that doesn’t gloss over her feelings but also doesn’t allow her to wallow

    • Develop your friendship – do activities together that naturally lead to different kinds of conversation (such as exercising/volunteering together instead of just eating/drinking, which is just the perfect scenario to talk about depressing things). And let her know that you’re always there for her to talk to.

    • Go you, responsibility gainer! ;)

      And yay you being sensitive to your friend.

  6. Finance question :

    My firm does a small match for 401K contributions, but I’ve been putting off enrolling because I’m a) looking for a new job, and b) trying to focus on maxing out my Vanguard ROTH IRA this year. For clarification, I’m a paralegal, not a lawyer. Am I making a mistake by losing out on the match if I really am hoping that I’ll have a new job ASAP? I just don’t really want to establish an account that I might contribute to for a short while and then have to deal with rolling over or whatever…

    • Anonymous :

      Ive always viewed company “match” money as being money left on the table. I’d open and contribute just enough to get the match while still putting your main focus on your ROTH IRA. The roll over isn’t as difficult as it used to be, no reason not to do it.

    • Math Chick :

      Take the match. Since there aren’t that many pay periods left in 2013, you may be cutting it close for how much you can put in this year.

      Rollovers are a piece of cake and you usually aren’t under any time pressure to do it.

      The match is like a 100% rate of return on the portion matched — a ROTH can’t beat that (plus, you can put in 2013 $ in early 2014).

    • How long does it take for the company contribution to vest? If it vests immediately or in a very short term, it’s silly to forgo the free money. Rolling it over is easy, and you can even leave it if it’s performing well.

    • Anne Shirley :

      You’re effectively deciding that free money isn’t worth your time. So, yes, in my book it’s silly to miss out on that to avoid the rollover hassle.

    • Middle Coast :

      Free money! Do you leave dollars lying on the ground as you walk by?

      Rolling over funds is merely signing a bunch of forms which transfer money from the old to the new- there really isn’t much too it.

      • Middle Coast :

        Also, you never know how long you’ll actually be at a place. I took a job with every intention of leaving it within a year, I’m still here eons later.

    • Finance question :

      OK, you ladies are right. I definitely am being silly (although I will add that I’ve also been focusing on building up a proper emergency fund and have done well on that front). One question, though – what exactly does it mean for a contribution to “vest?” I’ve read about it before, but I feel like my understanding is shaky at best. Does it refer to when the company’s contribution is actually used to purchase the stocks/shares/whatever rather than just sitting in the default money market account?

      Thank you!!!

      • Math Chick :

        You’ll have to look at the plan documents to see what the rules are.

        Vest = it’s yours if you leave the job (invested or not)

      • Anonymous :

        Vesting refers to when the money becomes yours, versus staying in the Company’s hands. You’re usually vested for whatever you contribute, but there may be a vesting schedule for the money the Company will match. . . for instance, you get 20% one year later, 20% two years out, etc.

        • Finance question :

          That’s really helpful (and shows just how wrong I was)! If the money isn’t vested immediately and I do have all intentions of finding a new job within 3-6 months, would it make more sense to just continue contributing to the Roth IRA instead?

          Once again ladies, thank you!!

          • Anon in NYC :

            Realistically, it makes more sense to invest in your firm’s 401k. You don’t know if you’re going to leave in 3-6 months. You should check with your HR/benefits person though and find out the vesting schedule, and whether there are any fees that you would have to pay if you rolled over your 401k to an IRA if you left your firm (I’m assuming not). It’s really easy to roll things over from a 401k to an IRA, btw.

        • I would still contribute to the 401K for two reasons: 1) You may still be at the job after the match has vested, which means you just got free money; 2) It never hurts to diversify your retirement savings between traditional and ROTH investment vehicles. Worst-case scenario is that you just have money in both accounts. Best-case scenario is that you get free money from your current employer.

  7. Jewelry Challenge :

    Ladies, I’m in love with the Tiffany’s Cobblestone necklace. Problem? I don’t want to drop 13k on a necklace. Sigh. It’s so pretty. Can anyone come up with something similar/cheaper or where I could get something similar made?

  8. Lady Harriet :

    Despite owning 15+ jackets and two full suits, I somehow don’t have a blazer conservative enough for a Skype interview I have coming up. Both my suits are pinstriped (light grey wool pants suit and medium brown cotton skirt suit.) All my conservatively-cut blazers are fun colors, and all my black jackets are fun cuts. I guess a shopping trip may be in order… This is what comes of loving color and having a business-casual job. Please tell me I’m not the only one silly enough to be in this situation!

    • Why isn’t a pinstriped suit formal enough for a Skype interview? It seems appropriate to me.

    • Given that it’s Skype, do you think they’d really be able to tell your black jacket was a fun cut?

      • Lady Harriet :

        I have a velvet tux jacket, a high-necked military-esque jacket, and a thigh-length grey/black jacket. I’ll try out the last one and see if it looks okay. Thanks!

    • Boston 2L :

      You can probably get a cheap, classic cut black blazer at TJMaxx or a similar store. I’ve found some good ones there, so I’m confident that you can find one (for probably ~$10) that will look appropriate for the skype interview – and be good to wear other times as well!

    • hoola hoopa :

      For holiday festive, I’d wear gold or red shoes/top. You could also do an ivory top underneith and go with gold or red shoes and jewelry. I’d go weather appropriate with shoes, but assuming it’s not a conservative environment I think you can wear open or closed toe.

    • Any metallic (I’m partial to gold gold gold of course) would help make this outfit more festive. Jewelry: simple earrings, delicate chain, superfabulous headband and a blingin’ cocktail ring.

    • I’d keep the cardigan mostly closed and either wear a fun color shoe or a red silky cami under the sweater. Since the sweater already makes a pop, keep the jewelry simple. If you push the sleeves up, a few simple bangles would be nice.

      • Thanks for all the great hints! I’m leaning toward ivory silky cami, wearing sweater mostly closed, pushing up sleeves so I can do a heavy gold bangle, simple rest of jewelry and a pop of cranberry suede shoes. You ‘rettes are the best!!!!

  9. Engagement ring cost :

    Do you know how much your engagement ring cost and if so, are you willing to share? I’m just curious – Corporette has a big mix of women and I’m interested to see the spectrum.

  10. Baconpancakes :

    Stupid cookies bringing up the stupid anthro ad in every stupid work-related website I look at today means I want ALL OF THE SHOES

  11. Just need to vent a bit…Civil litigation can be usch a drag….I spent a good part of saturday and yestreday working on a TRO (to be heard Thursday) for something that really should have been resolved out of court…and I was 90% certain it would be, but I had to prepare the TRO any-f****-way.

    And of course we settled the issue today. The time I spent preparing the TRO was time I should have spent on other motions and now I am tired and annoyed (but strangely also self-satisfied because if all goes as planned *knock-on-wood* I just achieved a pretty good deal for my client) and I don’t feel like it but I don’t have a choice.

    • I mean, I don’t have a choice about doing this other work now. Even though I already “won one” today, and I want to go home and play with my new iphone.

    • Rawrs for you, I hate doing things when I’m 99% sure it will not be used. I am also feeling venty because I have no idea when I can take comp days for the 6 day, 55 hour week I worked last week. Rawr!!

      • And of course the other attorney waits until after I FILE it and my poor little non-profit pays $$$ to get it rush delivered, then agrees to what I am asking when the rest of the facts haven’t changed much and she knew I was going to file it because I told her I would do so days ago if we hadn’t reached an agreement by Monday afternoon.

        Zora, if you were in SE MA we could go out for a glass of wine and a gripe-fest; honestly at this point I think that’s what it would take to recharge me into being ready to do this other work. Raising a virtual glass/bottle of water right now though!

        • Bleah!!! that is so obnoxious

          I would totally have a grip-fest with you!! ;o) But yes, here’s a virtual CLINK .. maybe that will help me rally so I can actually get some work done, too. ;oP

          • Um.. “gripe” fest obviously, not “grip” fest. wow, clearly i am a total disaster today!

  12. Denim rant :

    I am so, so fed up with how all jeans crease across the back of the thigh now. :( Every. Single. Pair. That I have tried on in the past year has done this. Doesn’t matter what size, cut, brand. It’s not a matter of being too small – it even happens when they’re so big I can pull them on without unzipping them. It happens with brands and cuts and sizes I’ve worn in previous seasons with no problem. I think it’s the new trend in fabric. All of them are softer than my softest flannel PJs and the &^@%!# stretchy fabric just takes the path of least resistance across the backs of my legs, right through the soft, squishy middle part of my upper thighs.

    If anyone has a solution to this, I would be grateful because I desperately need new jeans and have been unable to bring myself to buy any. I took an informal survey today by looking at the thighs of every woman I saw on the street at lunch, and they all have the creases. Do I just have to accept them? Or should I only wear leggings from now on? I have tried 100% cotton raw denim jeans recent and, while the fabric rocks, the available women’s cuts are awful on me. I am at a total loss.

    • I had this issue, it has to do with the cut. Most are cut for models who are true bones, and any one with any amount of saddle bags in the thighs will cause the jeans to crease, even where the fit is loose.

      So my only recommendation is to do a lot of squats or walk 5 miles a day on top of your regular exercise. That is the best way to minimize the saddle bags that nearly all of us get because we are sitting on our butts all day working!

    • No advice, but I hate this so much as well!

      • Denim rant :

        That makes me feel better. At least I know I am not alone! :)

        • Buy men’s jeans. That’s what I do, because I’m not a pear shape so it’s a b*&ch to find women’s jeans that fit anyway, and mens jeans still come made heavy like JEANS.

  13. SoCalAtty :

    Hi there hive!

    I have the first appointment of 2 for my big dental veneer process. The insurance is picking up and my HSA is covering the rest, so we’re doing them all at once – it is the 6 front top teeth. Appointment 1 is prep, and then I get the temporary ones, and the final version goes on December 16. They swear that even the temps will look better than what I have now, and the finals will be amazing.

    I’m sure they will be, but I’m nervous! The most exiting dental work I’ve ever had done were minor fillings. They aren’t having to do very much prep work on any teeth except the front 2, which have to be crowns because we found microcracks and there isn’t enough enamel to bond a veneer to. Guess I’m just looking for some hand holding…but has anyone had veneers/crowns done before? Am I worried for no reason? (The dentist is amazing and has books and books of before/after, and I am close friends with his dental assistant)

    • My front 6 top teeth are veneers. I love them. I originally had them put on my freshman year of college and replaced them in 2012 after nearly 20 years. My current set are so much more natural looking between the dentist’s skill, the dental lab’s skill and advances in technology and material. You will be totally fine. The temporary will be annoying – my dentist made a flipper (like the kids in Toddlers & Tiaras wear during competition) and just cemented that on. I was super careful with the temporary piece because I had a couple of work presentations. The procedure itself is not bad – especially since you said there isn’t much prep work. My dentist has TVs and headphones so the time flew by. It was not painful – I felt more sore the next day but really more from having my mouth open for so long and not from the dental work itself.

      Once the veneers were put on the only things I don’t eat are super crusty bread and apples (unless I cut them up).

      Good luck!!

  14. Insurance coverage TJ – My husband and I have decided to start TTC; however, my employer just did open enrollment and although I’ve enrolled, I don’t yet know what the coverage plan will be. My question is — do employers have to offer prenatal/maternity insurance coverage when they offer a health insurance plan? I’m excited about TTC, but terrified that the coverage my employer selects will not cover the pregnancy. All info is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • In order to be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, prenatal/maternity and newborn coverage must be included.

      • Coverage can be super limited though, and many tests (including ultrasounds) may not be covered. When your pregnancy’s over, your doctor will submit all of the bills to your insurance company (for visits; lab tests will be billed as they are incurred), so if you switch docs or miscarry, you’ll get a bill sooner than you might otherwise expect. Also, since you won’t get bills during your pregnancy, don’t assume everything is covered. Make sure you talk with your insurance co once you’re pregnant and make sure your doc doesnt order tests without your knowledge. (Says the pregnant lady who got a bill for a $2,000 genetic screen that she didnt know her doc ordered.) I don’t mean to scare you — you have plenty of time to figure it out and your insurance will cover doctor/midwife visits! Delivery is expensive (from what I hear), so you’ll definitely want to consider costs when thinking about TTC, but it’s doable! Good luck & congrats!

        • Oh!! One last thing! The ACA requires all insurance to cover a br3ast pump, so you’ll get that for free. Just order it theough your insurance co.

    • Anonymous :

      Get short term disability too assuming you can still sign up. And yes, maternity coverage is one of the big inclusions in th ACA.

    • Second all of this but question how you don’t know what the coverage will be. Your employer should have provided you with plan documentation that explains coverage.

      • Thanks all! Anon – essentially, my husband’s open enrollment has already occurred. My company has a “pre-enrollment,” which they use to shop around for a policy. They will then announce the policy and technically we can waive coverage at that point, but I won’t have any other option since my husband’s enrollment will be closed by then. Thanks again.

        • amelia earhart :

          But you would essentially be losing coverage, which would be a qualifying event, so you should be able to get on your husband’s plan.

  15. Merabella :

    I’m so excited, my friend got hired to work in my office. I want to make her a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift basket, I’m thinking a coffee mug and some treats, any ideas?

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