Happy Cyber Monday! 25 Sales (And Kat’s Top 6)

Happy Cyber Monday, ladies!  As I saw on one of the sites I visited (but no longer remember which one): even your boss is shopping today. (Discuss: true or not?) There are lots of great deals to be had — which are you guys on the hunt for?

  • 6pm – Cyber Monday Savings! Get 10% Off with Coupon Code: 6PMAF1202131071. Ends 12/2.  (Also: Cole Haan up to 75% off!)
  • Ann Taylor – Take 50% off everything with code SHOP50.
  • Anne Klein – 40% off the entire site.
  • ASOS – Get 30% off everything with code GIMMEMORE; valid until 5 AM EST Wednesday 12/4. (Valid on US orders only. Max spend of $889. Exclusions apply.)
  • Bloomingdale’s – Today only take 25% off a great selection of regular and sale price items for a total savings of 45-60% off Bloomingdales.com.  (Loyallists get Triple Points!)
  • Boden – 30% off everything (excluding beach shop) plus 50% off “our festive favourites.” Ends at midnight!
  • Brooks Brothers – 10% off sitewide with free shipping.
  • Chadwicks – 35% off, no minimum, plus free shipping with code CH46971.
  • DKNY – 25% off sitewide, today only.
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics – Cyber Monday spectacular; 50% off everything!
  • Express – 40% off every single item in-store and online and free shipping.
  • J.Crew – 30% off your purchase with code MONDAY, plus free shipping on all orders.
  • Jones New York – 50% off everything, plus free shipping.
  • Kate Spade New York – One day only: enjoy 30% off the entire site with code CYBR30; ends 12/2 at 11:59 PM PT.
  • Last Call – 40% off everything at LastCall.com.
  • The Limited – Score new arrivals online only today; get 50% off full-price items and free shipping on all orders with code JINGLE.
  • Loehmann’s – 40% off everything online. Use promo code CYB40 at checkout, some exclusions apply. Valid through 12/3 at 2:59 am EST.
  • LOFT – 50% off everything with code CYBER50.
  • Lord & Taylor – Get 25% Off Limited Exclusions with promo code: CYBER.
  • Madewell – Last Day: 25% off your entire purchase with code FEAST25.
  • Max Studio – Cyber Monday Sale! Get 25% Off the Entire Store + Free Shipping + Free Returns!  Use Coupon Code MAXCM13.
  • Nordstrom – Cyber Monday only deals (and 1700+ items marked 50% off!)
  • Saks – Take an extra 40% off your purchase, no code needed.
  • ShopBop – Last day for the BIGEVENT sale, get 15-25% off sitewide!
  • Tory Burch – Holiday sale event — up to 30% off with code HOLIDAY (plus free shipping/returns on all US orders).


  1. I’m looking for good luggage deals. Any recommendations? Specifically Tumi/Briggs & Riley

  2. Garnet Hill also has 25% off full-priced items and free shipping.

  3. FYI I just bought a round trip ticket on Delta for 180, they appear to be having some sort of unadvertised sale! It was in and out of Dulles.

  4. Lady Harriet :

    Shoebuy.com has 30% off everything today. Combined with 17% back from Ebates, you can get a pretty good deal.

  5. Bag Purge :

    I seem to have a bunch of bags that I don’t use any more. Do you have any rules of thumb re keep v. donate? Like a Coach leather bucket bag — it’s not in pristine condition. But it’s auseable bag for weekend stuff (can hold a wallet, phone, and a few other items). Nice bags that are out of everyday rotation just to save on wear and tear? Fancy party bags (it seems like as many as one has, it’s never the right one for the next event)? Bags that might be good for while traveling (lightweight, back-friendly, a bit orthopedic/casual for normal life)? I feel like I can’t justify any more bag purchases while my closet has plenty of good bags in it that are gathering dust. I have <10 bags, but a teeny closet and not a lot of storage space.

    • Get rid of them or sell them on eBay, but don’t expect a ton of money unless they’re brand names and fairly current styles. I am pretty ruthless (though not perfect) about giving away bags to clothing drives etc, even though I know they get sold for the same 3 cents per pound as raggy clothing (so giving them away is hardly better than throwing them away). If you’re not going to use them, keeping them around out of guilt is not doing anything for you. You can sometimes give away the fancy party bags to a teen or preteen if you have such a person in your life.

      • Some thrift shops have ebay sites for nicer/designer items that get donated. I’d also see if there are clothing collection charity organizations that might need accessories, like the ones that collect prom dresses or business attire.

      • Anonymous :

        You could also look around for the places you give to that either sell by item, not by pound (that is how most by me do it and they sell bags for a decent amount) or other setups (like directly giving the items to people in need).

        • Obviously, it depends on how needy the person is, but how do you politely give a bag you no longer want (and may be somewhat worn) to someone in need? You really have to know the recipient to know if they will be thrilled, accepting, or insulted. Perhaps a classic Coach bag can be tidied up with polish and given to a needy job-hunter, but most people with any means at all would prefer a new bag, even if it’s a lesser known name.

          My hunch is that most of us think our used stuff is nicer/worth more than it actually is, and that less-well-off people would love to have it, but my experience tells me otherwise. My babysitter turned down an almost new Coach bag I offered for her granddaughter. The prices on eBay for that 2006 style are in the $30-$40 range, which is not worth my time to post, pack and ship.

          • At my previous large firm, we had accessory swaps around this time of year – female members of the firm brought jewellery, belts, scarves and bags to the office and we set it all up in a boardroom over lunch one day and swapped. Anything that wasn’t claimed was bundled up and shipped out to the Salvation Army the next day. It was lots of fun and everyone from secretaries to partners participated. I went to my first one as an articled student and used one of the bags I got at the swap for years afterwards. Just an idea for clearing out the closet when you have items that are not worth putting on eBay – there are probably other people around you that have exactly the same issue!

          • Wildkitten :

            I give mine to my teenage cousin.

    • Baconpancakes :

      Regarding the fancy party bags, I have a basic beaded one in silver, and a basic clutch in gold, and that pretty much covers me for every event. I’ve considered getting basic black silk and red silk ones as well, since I seem to have almost exclusively black and red party dresses.

  6. Couple decent bargains on the GMA site (link to follow)–the dogeared necklaces are cute stocking stuffers and the ora delphine bag is pretty. Anyone ever tried one of their bags?

  7. Blonde Lawyer :

    A weird thing just happened. I went to the Loehmann’s website and there were several items in my shopping cart. I have never been on that website before so it is not an abandoned shopping cart of mine. Could it mean someone else in my building was on that website shopping at the same time? I’m curious how the tech side of that works.

    • Miss Behaved :

      Sorry. No. I have no idea why, but it’s not the building.

      On the other hand, I’m trying to buy something at Nordstrom and it keeps telling me that my card is invalid, even though I called Nordstrom and confirmed my card. I want to get the ebates cash back so I don’t want to make the purchase over the phone.

      • Miss Behaved :

        And, of course, now the item I was trying to buy has sold out!

      • S in Chicago :

        I went to use my Banana Republic (Luxe for life) card at Athelta today and it kept telling me it was invalid. Turns out if you don’t use it in a really long time they can lower your credit limit to some ridiculous amount. So annoying. I just put a TON of purchases on my Visa and now won’t get any cash back or points. I had no idea they could lower you if you haven’t done anything wrong. (I rarely use credit cards and am always on time, have only gone up in income without incurring more debt since opening, etc.) To make the sting even worse, they tried to get me to open a brand new card until I pushed back on not giving up my grandfathered Luxe status or wanting to have my credit score affected by opening another card or having my credit queried.


        • Wildkitten :

          This happened to me at Target. My credit limit went from $2500 to $200 and I didn’t find out until I was checking out at Target with like $205 worth of stuff and got rejected. They had docked my credit like the day before and not informed me. So frustrating.

          • Wildkitten :

            It had apparently been 367 days since I had used my card last.

          • You think that’s crazy, they can also “deactivate” your bank accounts if you don’t use them often enough, which can result in a *really* scary moment.

            I had $2000 in a savings account. I didn’t do anything with it for about a year and a half. (Because, you know, I was SAVING it.) I went in to cash it out to make a purchase, and they “couldn’t find” my account. There was about 5 minutes of epic freakout before a manager came over and informed me that they had ‘deactivated’ my account for ‘lack of use’. I was like…with $2,000 in it? It was the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I don’t know if they can use the money differently if the account is considered “abandoned” or something? Or perhaps they can stop paying the piddling interest?
            But I was so baffled because it was a savings account…what did you want me to do with it, exactly? And like with the credit cards, I never got any kind of notice that they were doing this.

    • I think it’s a site issue. I just went there to test (also a first timer) and there were four things in mine as well.

  8. *Free* shipping and 40% discount at Talbots.

  9. The overhead fluorescent lights in my office are killing my eyes – so bright and harsh. Can anyone recommend a great lamp for reading? I have room for either a desk lamp or a floor lamp. Suggestions about types of light bulbs that are more soothing for the eyes would be welcome too. Thank you!

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