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*N.B. Before March 2010, Kat was still anonymous — please excuse the royal “we” in the older posts! :)

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  1. Outfit help please (I am very fashion challenged). I am traveling with a group of friends to Mexico on Saturday. For the plane ride I was thinking of wearing:

    royal blue maxi dress with thin gold belt, white cardigan, white beaded flip flops, gold earrings. I thought that a bright yellow necklace with gold accents would look good with royal blue….but then I have no other yellow to tie it into. Does this sound like a train wreck?

    I’m always cold on the plane so I want to wear something beachy but not so beachy that I’m cold. Suggestions welcome.

  2. I think you will look much better than I ever do! I like yellow, white, and blue together. I don’t see a problem here. In fact, if you add more yellow, I think that will go too far and become overkill.

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