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  • SheFinds features the best beauty products as chosen by Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) and Women’s Health (on the list: NARS blush, at left).
  • Kelly of Alterations Needed advises you to try “fashion bookends” when putting together an outfit — “support the outfit at the top and bottom with the same color,” she says.
  • The Muse reports on a new study that shows that going above and beyond at work doesn’t really benefit you any more than simply doing what you’ve promised.
  • Road Warriorette answers a reader’s question about colleagues traveling together but not actually sitting together.
  • The Greedy Associates blog responds to a recent piece in Slate by saying you CAN do anything with a law degree, with the caveat that you should only go to law school if you want to be a lawyer.
  • PopSugar Smart Living lists eight possible reasons you’re not getting hired.
  • Forbes reports that although only 3 to 4% of active venture capitalists are women and 7% of venture capital funding goes to female-led businesses, there are some signs of progress.
  • The Planet Money blog at NPR looks how Americans move in and out of various income brackets, including the much talked about 1%.
  • The Upshot at the New York Times shares some historical data about marriage in the U.S.; for example, in 1964, the median marrying age was 20.5 for women and 23.4 for men.

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  1. Monday says:

    The article from The Muse confirms the impression I’ve gotten from working over the years. Going “above and beyond” doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere, but being 100% reliable is critical and, surprising to me, actually kind of rare in the working world. I’ve often been complimented for meeting long-established deadlines and consistently showing up on time.

  2. The bookends tip is something I’ve followed for years, particularly for working black shoes into an outfit. I’ve got a couple black statement necklaces and black patterned scarves. Whenever I’ve got a top and bottom that I love together, but no shoes that work, I go to my black bookends.

    This is the only way to wear black shoes with a navy outfit, IMHO.

  3. MakeupVent says:

    Makeup problem – I use foundation powder and every time I talk on phone, I see its film on the buttons or on the phone screen and to be honest it’s really annoying – do any of you have this problem? When I try to wipe the screen/buttons, the color doesn’t go away so I have to wipe it with a damp cloth. Is there a solution? I have super oily skin so that’s probably the culprit here. Can liquid foundation and a dab of translucent powder make things better?

    • I have had this problem with some products and I have very dry skin. I found a layer of powder to solve things (I like Bourjois Healthy Mix for a coloured powder and the Soap and Glory translucent ones)

  4. Ashley says:

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