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  1. Help!
    Is it okay to wear ivory or off-white pantyhose with a brown suit in winter?

  2. HELP!
    I’m a 2L getting ready for a summer associate position this summer and I need help. The dress code at my firm is formal—so I’m guessing suits every day.

    Can you suggest affordable suits/combinations for the summer (such as 100 suits or so)?


  3. Daily reader here – love the site – thanks!! I have what may be a very odd question that I hope you and/or your readers could help with…Specifically, is there a “right” way to walk in heels?

    The reason I ask is that when I walk around the uncarpeted areas of the office, my heels make what seems to be a very loud clacking noise – and some other women do not seem to have this problem. Should I be walking more on the balls of my feet?


  4. I too love your blog. IMO your style choices are also spot on for women who simply prefer classic clothing – working or not. In my case, my work wardrobe after 30 years is pretty set. However, I’m currently in recession mode, i.e. my job has been misplaced. I find that my non-work clothes are just not suitable for walking around in the supermarket, given that in my community (high tech in Silicon Valley) I might meet someone there who would hire me. So I want to upgrade what would be my weekend wardrobe (if I were working). Can you help? I have my dilemma posted here. I thought you all might have some great ideas. I hope this doesn’t take you beyond the scope of your blog, but once we get to the executive ranks, I have found that networking etc. can extend the requirements and definition of “professional style”. Thanks in advance. LPC.

  5. Another 2L :

    I’m another soon-to-be summer associate in a New York law firm. Would love it if you could address dress codes given the current economic climate, and the boundaries of “formal wear” for women.
    Another 2L

  6. I love your blog. seriously – love it. I frequently check out things you recommend and love the websites. I have little time to shop and buy most of my suits online these days – so much easier with your recommendations (I am fashionally challenged!). thank you!

    I actually have a question for you. I am a mid-level law associate and my husband is a teaching physician at a local hospital. His boss is getting married in DC in April. It is the bride’s first marriage and it will be a huge event. The wedding is at 5 and then dinner and dancing at 6 at a country club.

    I have NO idea what to wear. Can I wear a black cocktail dress? I am so bad at these things and I want to make a good impression for my husband and look professional for my own benefit!

    this may seem like an elementary quesitons, but did I mention I am fashionally challeged?

    Thank you!

  7. oh. one more thing. I am barely thirty, but my husband is a good ten years older. I don’t want to look like a airhead, but I don’t want to look fourty either! ha ha. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. So, I’m a first year associate, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of “Damages” — or at least the fashion on it. I even find myself thinking, “Ahh, if only I could be like Ellen Parsons!” (minus the whole murdered fiance thing, of course). I think you guys should do a write-up about her character’s fashion choices! They are conservative, while at the same time pretty, and usually have a bit of personality or interesting details. My biggest office attire problem is figuring out how to look professional and like myself at the same time, and I think her character is a good role model for this!

  9. I want to second/ third all the 2L’s above asking for summer associate wear. I’m headed to a firm where the dress code isn’t quite formal. It didn’t seem like most of the women wore a suit everyday, but I don’t want to step on any toes, and the men were wearing suits and ties. How many suits does one need? 5? 10? 15? (I had at least 10 different work outfits in previous jobs, but 10 suits will be cost prohibitive at least at first). Do they all need to be black and navy or is a more causal grey or camel ok? How about ivory or dark green or burgundy? Patterned in some way? Linen? Seersucker? Skirts and/or pants?

    Then if I am wearing a suit, what on earth do I wear under it every day? The same collared shirt I wore to interviews (x10) or a sleeveless shell, or a short sleeve shell or sweater? Where can I get those? I’m sure some of this depends on location, weather, and office, but a starter list would be great!

    What should a summer associate wear to get the offer at the end of the summer in these “difficult economic times”?

    As a bonus challenge- I’m a size 18 in most lines, but don’t let that scare you too much. I’d love the advice even in sizes and stores I can’t do so I know what to look for!

  10. Hi C! Love your blog — I check it every day and frequently buy something that you suggest. My question is about blazers. It seems that a blazer/jacket really makes an outfit look more put together — you can go from the typical blouse/sweater with black/grey pants to something that looks a lot more professional. Do you have any suggestions about where to look for blazers that can go with lots of different outfits? Personally, I’m 5’9″ and usually need to lengthen my sleeves or order a tall/long size, but I’m open to suggestions for blazers in general.

  11. Thank you very much for this blog. You do not understand how helpful it is to someone with NO fashion sense a.k.a. me.

    I have one question…

    My boyfriend and I are in an argument over what is best to care on your arm for the financial industry. purse vs. briefcase vs. gear bag.

    Please keep in mind that I carry both a book and calculator in my purse.

    I saw your article on what is a good summer purse and I love it, but is a purse the best choice or should I go more for a briefcase?

    Thanks you so much!

  12. Recently I made the decision to move from a high-paying position to lower-paying but more personally satisfying career, which still requires professional, tasteful clothes. I’ll still be making a decent salary, but will not necessarily have $300 to drop on a pair of shoes or $400 on a suit. Problem is, the transition is coming just when my suit wardrobe could use a serious refresher– any ideas on less expensive suit basics, preferably well under $100 a piece?

  13. By the way, one issue I have is that I wear a small size (usually a 2) so sometimes department stores are not the easiest places to shop, especially in the lesser-expensive areas of the store.

  14. Stephanie :

    I am attending the annual banquet for Law Review and will be sitting with one of the firms I am clerking for this summer. The invitation says cocktail attire and I have a good feel for what that is. However, my question is whether or not that changes since this is a somewhat work related function. Should I avoid strapless? Should I avoid dresses that are too flouncy or feminine? I have several basic black dress options, but need to know which one to choose.

    Contrasting examples:

  15. I am in my second year at a firm in NYC and I have some orthopedic issues that prevent me from wearing high heels (or even the shortest of heel). Due to the same issue, I prefer shoes that offer as much ankle “support” as possible are ideal (if it were up to me, I’d wear sneakers all the time). I have a simple, comfortable pair of inexpensive black flats that I have worn every day at work for the past year, and I really need to fix this situation! I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t like heels, so it would be great if you could offer a few examples of comfortable flats that are appropriate for work (bonus points for budget options!). Thank you!

  16. Hello! Love the blog! Might want to let your readers know about an AMAZING sale going on at Banana Republic outlets. I walked into the BR outlet near me on Saturday and the sale was buy 3 or more items get 50% off everything. Plus if you spend more than $100 and sign up for their credit card you get an additional 25% off.

    I spent $250.00 and saved almost $400!

  17. Your blog is a life saver and I enjoy reading it.
    I am in the process of losing weight–60 pounds total, lost 20 so far. I find that my old clothes, while not horrible, are baggy and unflattering. I could really use suggestions for “transition-wear,” basic items that can tide me over until I get to the goal weight (and the task of finding a new look and new clothes for a new body). I also welcome suggestions for how to adapt old clothes–other than the Beverly Hillbillies cinching of pants with piece of rope.

  18. I really enjoy your blog and am happy to have found it!

    Question: I bought a suit online at jcrew 18 months ago. Since then, I have gained 10 pounds and I need to buy a larger size. I tried to have my pants taken out, but was told there wasn’t enough fabric. Is there any place I can go, other than ebay, to find matching bottoms to suits from past seasons?

  19. Hi guys. Back again. The last time I asked you a question your answer brought me so many good ideas I just have to try again. Now my issue is hair. My problem is that my hair is starting to verge on old lady hair. But I remember when I was younger really struggling with how to have hair I liked for weekends and still worked in the office. Any chance you guys would be willing to profile some good executive woman hair? For women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and, gasp, 50’s? And some product/technique reviews?

  20. As a final year law student about to start a graduate position, I love your blog and have found many of the posts extremely useful. I was wondering whether you could an article on office-appropriate perfume, with names of ones you would suggest?

  21. Could you do a post on make up for the office? I’m just about to graduate, and really don’t wear any make up at all unless I’m going to a reasonably fancy event. Will I stick out as weird at a firm without any? If I need some, what are the basics and the best way to wear them?

  22. I’m currently finishing my 1L year and have a question regarding interview outfits for 2L associate interviewing (my first interview day is August 7th!). I have a black pant suit, but am wondering what is appropriate for DC/NYC in August? Could I wear a shift & a cardigan? Always a suit? Is there any way to avoid wearing something beige?

  23. I love your blog! I used many of your posts last summer as a law clerk. I’ve been a for student so long that I’m clueless about work attire. Navigating female law firm attire was more difficult and stressful than my first year exams! Your blog helped me feel confident and focus on my work, instead of worrying about what I was wearing. Thanks!

    Here’s my question: I am supposed to submit a picture for the firm to put up on its website. I’m mortified. I hate having my photo taken. And it doesn’t help that there are blogs out there that devote serious time to making fun of lawyer photos. I’m thinking about having my portrait taken by a professional. Any advice? I’m thinking a black suit, light colored top, with pears.

  24. I mentioned you on the WSJ Juggle Blog today.
    Its a post directly relevant to this blog.

  25. Graduating3L :

    Could you do a post on suggested clothing to wear under a graduation gown? Obviously want something nice, professional, and also cool since the weather will be warm.

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