Foley + Corinna Giveaway!

MID CITY TOTE IN WAXY TUMBLE NATURAL GRAIN LEATHERFoley + Corinna has generously offered to give away the fabulous Mid-City Tote bag to a Corporette reader — all you have to do is sign up for their email list before next Tuesday at noon to enter!  The winner gets to choose whether their bag is teal (pictured at left), sand, verde, taupe, or ruby (pictured below)!

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Heidi dress in Prince of Wales wool

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Heidi dress in Prince of Wales woolJ.Crew is doing a number of interesting things with ruffles and pleating and puckering — and while sometimes they look just a bit too messy for the office, this dress, I think, just looks artsy and cool.  I like the two colors of gray, as well as the ruffle that peeks out from the waist.  I’d try it with a burgundy or purple cardigan.  It’s $198 at Heidi dress in Prince of Wales wool

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Workwear Hall of Fame: Plush Fleece Tights

plush fleece tights reviewSuddenly, it has turned bitterly cold in New York, making me regret losing my favorite black cable-knit tights a few years ago.  I’ve recently heard of these fleece-lined tights from Plush, though, and am intrigued — but finding them is a bit of a challenge.  I can’t wait to try them, though!  They’re generally $35 at: Amazon, ShopBop, Bare Necessities, and Revolve — and note that they often come in thigh high, footless, and maternity versions.

2017 Update: Fleece tights have been so popular with the commenters that they’re pretty much an inside joke at this point — and the Plush brand of fleece tights are still around and going strong, so we’re adding them to our Workwear Hall of Fame — you can find them at a ton of places, including Amazon and the other places listed above. Note that you can often find fleece tights in much less expensive versions at the drugstore or at a department store like Nordstrom, but quality may vary. You may also want to check out our general roundup of the best tights for work.

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The Best Briefcase for Women

Tumi Villa Nivelle Business CaseA few weeks ago, an interesting subject popped up in comments — the briefcase. One commenter advised the readers that in her big city, “not a single woman lawyer I know under the age of 50 carries a purse.”  This led to a small debate between briefcase-carrying women and non-briefcase carrying women.

To my eyes, though, here in NYC it’s rare to see a briefcase. Most women I know carry a large purse (a hobo or some other shoulder bag), and then supplement that with a tote bag when it’s really necessary (sometimes filled with a laptop in a sleeve — never a computer bag).  Those frequently carrying files may switch to a tote/purse combo — but even then it seems like something I saw a lot more of a few years ago, before flash drives, remote log-ins, and other convenient telecommuting tools were invented.  I’ve even written about what your tote bag says about you. [Read more…]

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Ralph Lauren Sweater

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Limited-Edition Ralph Lauren for OprahThis sweater may look familiar to you — it was one of Oprah’s favorite things.  I’m not normally an Oprah watcher, but I did TiVo her “final favorite thing” episode a few weeks ago — and apparently this particular cashmere sweater has made her list enough times that Ralph Lauren created a limited-edition color just for Oprah.  I like the stand collar, the V neck, the cable knit, and of course the cashmere — it’s $498 at Neiman Marcus.  Limited-Edition Ralph Lauren for Oprah

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Weekend Open Thread

BLANK NYC Skinny Corduroy PantsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

For some reason, skinny corduroy pants seem like new to me — and I’m loving this reasonably priced pair at Bloomingdale’s. They look comfy, opaque, and (dare I say it?) even slimming — nice. They’re $78 at (which is currently having its “Buy More, Save More” promotion — 20% off if you spend $250+, 30% when you spend $500+ — always a great deal if you’re looking for a new bag). BLANK NYC Skinny Corduroy Pants


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