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Poll Results: Jeans Are Often Appropriate… But Perhaps Not To Brunch

what to wear to brunch with your bossWe stirred up quite a bit of controversy last week when one of our readers asked us what to wear to Sunday brunch at her partner’s house.  We suggested trouser jeans and a blazer, raising eyebrows and bringing forth vehement disagreement from some of our readers, who insisted that trouser jeans were not appropriate for brunch with the partner.*

We then decided to poll everyone to see when, exactly, jeans were appropriateAs always, the poll is still open, but from the initial results, readers think jeans are appropriate if…:

  • You’re invited to a barbecue at the boss’s house – 79%
  • You’re in the office on the weekend, working directly with the boss – 72%  (We actually gave specific suggestions for this situation a while ago — that post is here)
  • You’re invited to an outing where activities might take place (boating, golfing) – 66%
  • You’re traveling for an extended period of time with the boss, and meeting at a non-office space (hotel, restaurant) – 52%

Only 5% said that jeans were never appropriate if you’d be near the boss, and only 1% said that jeans were never appropriate, period.  (Funnily enough, we’ve been to barbecues at the boss’s place where tents were set up and there was a lobster bake on — if it’s that kind of barbecue we’d actually recommend wearing trousers or a dress (assuming it’s all work people).

* We have been procrastinating writing this post all day because we do not like admitting this, but:  Fine.  You were right, and we were wrong.  Hmmn, that’s not quite as gracious-sounding as we’d planned.  In all seriousness, this is one of the reasons we started the blog — to flesh out the confines of what is and is not appropriate for young, intelligent women in traditionalist professions — and we’re so glad to see Corporette turn into a forum for that.

Pictured: 7 For All Mankind® High Rise Flare Trouser Jeans, $189 at Nordstrom

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Suit of the Week: J.Crew Classic Herringbone

We love, love, love the ruffled/ruched V-neck collar on this J.Crew suit, as well as the hidden singular button closure.  Available in bright papaya (pictured) and “heather carbon” (a dark gray/black).  The jacket is $188, and the skirt is $118.

red tweed jcrew skirt suit

Poll: When does a messy office cross the line?

My messy office, originally uploaded to Flickr by pettishoo.This week’s poll is about an office space — if it’s your own, and you have a door that shuts and blocks it from view entirely, how clean do you keep it?  (We’ll also assume, for the purpose of this poll, that you don’t have frequent clients or superiors coming to your office.)  We have friends who keep their desks bare of all paper except the immediate project they’re working on — and we have friends who have files and boxes and loose papers and half-read magazines from the commute and pens and other things lying about on the desk and the floor, as well as spare shoes, spare clothes they keep at the office (suit jackets, more comfortable pants), and various food stuffs.  Then there are the people who have the truly messy offices — the “wall of paper” offices, where you wonder how they were able to stack the files so high without the pile falling over.  All this brings us to our question today: When does messy cross the line into unprofessional?  Is it worse for women, who are more prone to keeping personal items (shoes, jackets, low-fat food items, etc) in their office?


What’s the messiest your office has been — and what did you do about it?  Has anyone brought in professional organizers or bought office furniture to hide the mess?  What’s the messiest office you’ve ever seen (and whose was it — a superior’s? junior? college professor?)

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Ten Things About… Dressing Professionally if You’re Busty

2017 Update: We’ve updated links below, but you can also check out our latest workwear style tips for busty women

What are your best tips for dressing professionally if you’re busty, ladies?

A lot of times for our TPS reports, people will note that they couldn’t get away with that, as they’re too well-endowed to wear a certain dress.  It’s one of the sad facts of clothes that most “professional” outfits seem to be intended for women shaped more like Jackie rather than Marilyn (or Betty rather than Joan, in today’s parlance).  But well-endowed women have to dress professionally also!  Below, some tips… Please chime in and let us know if you have any others.

1. Know your bra size. If the girls are multiplying throughout the day (and your bra is giving you the dreaded quadra-boob effect) then your cup size is too small.  Alternatively, if your straps are digging into your shoulders, your band size is probably too big.  Take our advice — go and get fitted at a reputable place like Nordstrom’s.  (The absolute best place to get fitted, in our experience?  Department stores in London —  they have the best range of sizes and the most knowledgeable fitters.)  You may find that you’re a 30F instead of a 34D. [Read more…]

Poll Results: Not many will admit to napping, even though it’s good for you!

Wow — in what was one of our most unpopular polls ever, we asked last week whether people nap at the office and whether they have a system to it.  The poll is still open, but the initial results were split pretty much in thirds:

– 32% said that yes, you had napped at the office more than once

– 30% denied ever napping

– 38% said they’d only napped once and weren’t proud of it.

As various articles report, napping for just 20 minutes can increase your productivity by clearing your mind’s clutter, as well as improving memory, stamina, and motor skills.  One article even weighs the different benefits of naps lasting anywhere from 2 seconds to 90 minutes.  Some companies are even installing “sleep pods” to help their workers recharge:


Some articles to consider, if you’re not currently napping:

Photo credit:  Cat nap, originally uploaded to Flickr by Mr. Miyagi. Note that there’s actually a difference between a cat nap (which one does on a lazy Sunday) and a power nap (which one might do at your office).

Poll: Patterned tights for professional women?

are-patterned-tights-ok-for-workInspired by last week’s Wolford sale at Rue La La, we thought we’d ask — do you wear patterned tights in cold weather?  There are a ton of options out there.  Our rule of thumb has always been to stick with the kinds of patterns men wear on shirts — pinstriped, windowpane, et cetera.  What are your thoughts?



Photo credit: legs eleven, originally uploaded to Flickr by tractorpirate.

[Read more…]

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