Suit of the Week

iconiconFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

There are a ton of summery suits out there right now — we considered two separate white suits (which ultimately struck us as a little too reminiscent of a grandmother’s wartime “I’m getting married” suit) and a seersucker suit (which we may still post at some point).  Ultimately, we fell in love with this gorgeous set from Rebecca Taylor, although we do wish it were just a skirt instead of a dress, both to give it much more wearability as well as to lessen the drycleaning requirement.  Still:  the gray is flattering, the “blouse” is interesting, and the jacket — man, we love the ruffles and the ribbon trim on the jacket — the whole effect is detailed and interesting without being too girly: a tough feat when we’re talking ribbons and ruffles.  The jacket (Rebecca Taylor Ribbon Trim Jacket) is $395, and the dress (Rebecca Taylor ‘Work-to-Date’ Mock Two Piece Dress) is $375; both available at Nordstrom.



Beauty Wednesday: False Eyelashes

false eyelashes for workToday’s Beauty Wednesday was reader K’s request…

I have a question that might work for a Beauty Wednesday piece. Does anyone have experience with false eyelashes? I’m considering them because my lashes are tiny and sparse. I’m afraid to try them, though, because I’m not the most coordinated person, and putting glue near my eyes scares me a bit. Would love to hear about others’ experiences, including any recommendations for brands.

(Pictured:  False eyelashes, originally uploaded to Flickr by randompinkness.) We have always heard that the trick to wearing falsies in a low-key way (unlike our illustration) is to either use only the very small “individual” lashes, or to cut the bigger strips of lashes so you’re only applying about a quarter of an inch of them to the outside rim of your lashes.  In terms of brands, we have heard such great things about Duo glue that it’s the only one we’ve tested (Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone, $5.99 at, but we’ve experimented with lashes, buying both inexpensive and fancy ones (e.g., the $3.49 Ardell DuraLash Naturals Individual Lashes, Medium Blackfrom Drugstore and the $15 MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyelashes – Individual from Sephora), and we’ve even bought contraptions that are supposed to make applying the lashes easier.  Still: we’ve just never had the time or energy to invest in perfecting the skill, and our batting average isn’t great:  we’ve self-applied them about once (maaaaaybe twice) and attempted to apply them about 10 times.

So, readers — this question is largely for you.  How do you fare with false eyelashes?  Any tips?  And, a question for debate:  are false eyelashes ever a work-acceptable look, or are they automatically the stuff of nights out?


Wednesday’s TPS Report: Ruffled Silk Top

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The below content is about the 2010 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

iconNordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is on, including tons of great basics like Classiques Entier up to 40% off.  For today’s TPS, we’re liking this bright blouse by Marc by Marc Jacobs. We like this kind of top because it’s a much richer look than your basic tee, but without the fuss of a blouse — no buttons, no gaping, no tucking, etc. We’d wear it with a pair of gray or navy trousers, and perhaps a shoe in yet another color.  (And — if the hot pink color is too much (either for your coloring or your office), you can always mute it with a cardigan, blazer, or wrap in a neutral color.)  Was $198, now $117.   MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ruffled Silk Top


Coffee Break: Lacoste Women’s Belvoir 150 Flat

Lacoste Women's Belvoir 150 FlatReader Z wrote in to us about these lovely flats:  “I just got these in today, and they’re beautiful! I have the black – it’s subtle and work appropriate for people who can wear flats, and the quality is amazing. Can’t beat the price.”  Nice!  The purple/brown (pictured) strikes us as an interesting shoe to wear with brown/khaki/beige/caramel outfits, and has plenty of sizes left.  (The black, unfortunately, only has lucky sizes left.)  Both shoes are around $83 right now at Endless — on sale from their original price of $150.   Lacoste Women’s Belvoir 150 Flat,Dark Purple/Brown

How to Be a Great Worker

best worker tipsToday our friend W e-mailed us with a personal question:

So, my upcoming new job is seriously the first job I’ve ever had that I’m truly excited about. Obviously, I want to do well. I’ve never really cared about other jobs nor my performance in them. I realize this is totally cheesy and earnest, but any suggestions on some decent books in the “how to succeed” genre?

I dashed off a quick e-mail, recommending Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead… But Gutsy Girls Do: Nine Secrets Every Working Woman Must Know (which I read a zillion years ago and now looks like it’s out of print) as well as Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (seriously a great book),  promising to look for the post and thread where commenters listed a bunch of other good books, and reassuring W that she’ll be great.  (She will!)  Then I started thinking about it more, and with her permission thought I’d share her query here on the blog. (Pictured: grandmother’s report card, originally uploaded to Flickr by victoriabernal.) [Read more…]

Tuesday’s TPS Report: Faille Crocheted Edge Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

FAILLE CROCHETED EDGE JACKETMax Studio has a ton of cute jackets for 50% off, including this interesting black jacket.  We like the ladylike curve of the neckline, the puckered (and functional) pockets, and the fact that it’s made from silk and wool, and lined in silk.  This seems like one of those great blazers to keep at the office and throw on over everything.  Was $348, now $168, still available in sizes 2-12.   FAILLE CROCHETED EDGE JACKET


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