Traveling for Work: Our Top Tips

Our top tips on traveling for work, including how to fold a suit jacket, how to keep track of expenses, and more!Traveling — whether for work or pleasure — can be a harrowing experience. We thought we’d try to summarize some of our best tips that, we’ve found, make everything go a bit more smoothly, from planning, to packing, to enjoying the experience — including how to pack a suit jacket!

Illustrated packing list1. Draw what you plan to pack. If you’re anything like this author, in the days leading up to a trip you’ve got a zillion thoughts racing around your head for what to pack. I should bring that great dress! Oh, can’t forget my laptop cord! And yet, if you actually start packing a bag several days ahead of time, you have no idea what’s actually IN the bag when it comes time to close it up and head for the airport.  So I picked up this great tip from one of my best friends, who blogs at — she draws what she plans to pack. This solves so many problems — you can add to the drawing over several days. You can see how things work together and where you can reuse different items of clothing. And yet, when it comes time to physically packing the bag, you can do it in one fell swoop, so you know exACTly what’s going in there. Pictured:  This is one of our friend’s packing lists from a trip to Paris. They can be less fancy than this, though; one of my own I-have-no-artistic-ability illustrated lists is here (weirdly, also from a trip to Paris). [Read more…]

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Snap-Front Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Fendi Snap Front JacketWe are normally (really) not fans of orange, but something about this jacket looks so, so luxe to us.  The fabric looks unusual, and the detailing at the nipped waist — and the snaps on the front of the jacket — are all really interesting.  We’d wear it with a beige or white pencil skirt, perhaps, or maybe even a navy blue sheath dress.  It’s $2100 at Bergdorf Goodman in sizes 6-14.  Fendi Snap-Front Jacket


Weekend Open Thread

Ella Moss ‘Parasol’ TopSomething on your mind?  Chat about it here.

Our weekend recommendation:  Perhaps we’ve been inspired by all the footage we’ve seen from Coachella (including this hilarious video), but we are loving the hippie chic look, including this great top from Ella Moss.  It’s $98 at Nordstrom.  Ella Moss ‘Parasol’ Top

Weekly News Roundup

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exercises to do with your suit on– We are loving this NYT photo shoot inspired by a book from 1908 that came with a section, “50 Exercises to Do With Your Suit On.”  Awe. Some.
Styleite does a breakdown of Sarah Palin’s four favorite suit jackets.
YouLookFab has some great tips on how to wear belts.
– Watch out for those makeup testers at Sephora!  The LA Times has the scoop.  Meanwhile, for those of you who get frustrated at your manicure chipping, the NYT has a nice article on a new gel/polish hybrid that lasts for up to two weeks.
– You might also want to watch out for web coupons — the NYT warns that they tell stores way more about you than you realize.  Finally:  the Bucks Blog has tips on how to find a financial planner.

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Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Looped Trim Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Loft Looped Trim TopHappy Friday!  We just got this top from Ann Taylor Loft, and are liking it — it’s a wide scoop that doesn’t feel quite so wide because of the looped trim, and the cotton has a nice weight to it — not tissue thin, not too heavy.  It comes in a ton of colors, too — we also like the blue, pictured, but also look for it in light blue, pink, dark green, and black and white.  It’s $34.50, exclusively online at Ann Taylor Loft.  Looped Trim Top


Coffee Break: Kooba’s Piper Bag

Kooba Piper bagWe’re not sure if it’s an official sale or what, but Zappos seems to have a ton of totes on sale for 20% to 30% off. We’re liking this hip take on a briefcase/tote from Kooba, a brand we know and love well — the leather is particularly luscious and soft.  The berry color strikes us as a great neutral color, also, appropriate for both black and navy.  Was $499, now $350 at Kooba – Piper (Berry)

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