Calling All Tuckers…

how-to-keep-shirt-tuckedAre you a tucker?  If so, this reader has a question for you on how you keep your shirts tucked neatly…

Do you know of any device that will help a woman keep her shirt neatly tucked in? I envision something along the lines of suspender types of things that might function something like the shirt bodysuits they sell at Victoria’s Secret. For example, they could be made of a stretchy fabric and could clip (or be sewn?) onto the front and back of the shirt on each side, and would run between the legs along the bikini line. Am I just crazy? I’ve done some internet searching, but all I can find is some horrible military things that clip from the bottom of one’s shirt to the top of one’s socks. Not exactly useful if a woman is wearing a skirt. Has anyone had a tailor install such things on shirts to keep them in place? Any other good tricks?

We must admit, this is a fascinating question. We’re not much of a bodysuits for worktucker, but obviously there are some women out there who swear by it. (We’re a little curious as to whether there will be any “it’s a little embarrassing but it works” tricks, like tucking shirttails into underpants — come forward, ladies, you’re in a safe place.) The most we can say is that we continually see bodysuits from retailers, such as the Wolford turtleneck pictured above (Colorado String Bodysuit, available at for $245) and of course the button-front bodysuits they sell at Victoria’s Secret (pictured at right, Essential bodysuit in solids, available for $32.50). Readers, what are your tips and tricks for keeping shirts and blouses neatly tucked? Are there any “rules” you have for when a shirt should absolutely be tucked (e.g., do shirttails matter)? To be honest, we’ve just gone by the gut here — if it looked good with pants untucked, we wore it like that. For our $.02, we can think of very few examples when a shaped shirt cannot be worn untucked.


  1. Remember that if you’re tucking, and your pants (or skirt, I guess) have belt loops, PLEASE wear a classy belt. There’s nothing worse than lonely-looking belt loops.

  2. Many times, leaving a shirt untucked over pants adds bulk to the silhouette. Tucking creates a smooth, refined, polished look, whereas untucking adds to an overall sloppy appearance. Add some flyaways and smudged mascara and you’ll look like you just returned from a roll in the hay.

    I swear by VS’ bodysuits. Just purchased the black silk satin and I am loving it.

    If not wearing a bodysuit, I tuck the shirt into my spanx – most of my pencil/other skirts are high-waisted, so this is a viable solution for me.

  3. I love tucking shirts in – I think that it smoothes out your whole look. If I’m wearing a skirt with tights in the winter, I tuck the shirt into the tights. It stays put all day. If I am wearing pants or am not wearing tights, I usually wear Spanx shorts underneath my skirts/pants and tuck the shirt into those. It makes everything smoother and keeps the shirt in place all day. Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for the advice, I purchased some at spanx tucked in and it worked great. My sister said CNN
    is a spanx free zone so I don’t think this will
    work for the ladies over there.

  5. I used to be a tucker but after spending a few years at home with children, I started to leave everything untucked. I got a slight gut, which is another reason but also I have to admit that I prefer not to tuck any shirt in, even with shirttails because they completely hide your waist. If the rest of you is well groomed, then I see no reason why wearing your shirttails out over jeans makes you look sloppy. It is so much more comfortable and you don’t have to spend every half hour checking to see if your shirt is tucked in. If I have to go somewhere special, then of course I tuck, but I don’t like it.

  6. best way to stay tucked is to do no work! Some years ago I was in a department store where the women wore a uniform of skirt and blouse. One lady couldn`t keep her blouse in even when she wasn`t stretching. It must have been due to a slack waistband and short blouse. Her day in work must have been so uncomfortable but, being a bloke, I enjoyed the glimpse of bare midriff.

  7. I ‘m a huge tucker. I think it just looks better than leaving it untucked. I also think it makes people look sexier especially women because you can see there body shape and also they look more put together and mature.

    Professionally tucking in a shirt is the difference between finding a job and standing in the unemployment line. It makes you look more responsible in the eyes of an employer.

    will say this though sweaters look rediculous tucked in and should be left untucked regardless of the circumstances.

    • I forgot to add that I just use a belt and don’t tuck into underwear because it looks embarrasing. Someone in an earlier post had a great idea to tuck shirt on the outside of underwear than from the bottom up the inside of underwear to keep it in.

  8. I wear a 00P/XXSP, but I have an even tinier waist, so finding clothes in my size is very difficult at a reasonable price. Sometimes I end up buying tops in XSP or even XS regular and need some sort of way to bring the waist in and sometimes bring up the hem, so it doesn’t look ridiculous. I don’t want to have every shirt I buy overhauled at the tailor or spend the time to do it myself. I like the look of tucking into pencil skirts, so I cut the clips off of a full coverage stretchy lace garter with a stick waist band and tuck into that. Since my skirts still have a little room, I fold over the top of the garter so it holds better between the skirt and my blouse. It’s not fool proof, but if the garter slides up even a little, then I can shove it back down and it will stay for a few hours. I saw something called the Sticky Belt that I would like to try.

  9. The Shurt Clip, Adjustable Tailoring Device is a quick, easy solution designed to help keep your shirt tucked in and looking great all day!

    See how it works at

  10. Sandra Stewart :

    I square dance and hate when the blouses come up out of the matching skirts. I am going to take a blouse to the tailor and see if they can sew something spandex on the bottom with crotch snaps.

  11. Try using a Shurt Clip. It’s simple, comfortable, and invisible.

  12. Dian Little :

    Their is a product called Shirt Lock that is great i wear it every day

  13. I just wear a silk camisole under my button down shirts at work. Keeps the shirt from riding up:-)
    Hands over head makes the shirt go up and gravity and lack of friction makes it go back down again.

    Oh, and well fitting pants are important.

  14. I bought a Victorias Secret shape wear undergarment. They are like very tight spandex shorts. kind of like Spanx but shorter. I tuck my shirts in with them and it works well.

  15. I wonder if double-sided fashion tape would be effective? I’ve used it in the past for keeping necklines and straps in place, so why not shirt hems? I imagine that it could be helpful whether you taped the shirt directly to your skin, or even to the inside of your waistband. I’ll have to experiment with it.

  16. Try It is a children’s catalog, but they have mitten clips as well as a back belt clip that work for keeping my shirts tucked it. I ordered both for my children’s needs but have used them myself as well as given them to girlfriends. Hope that helps.

  17. Anonymous :

    There is something called the hidden tailor used by military and law enforcement. It’s an inner belt, worn inside your pants, to keep your shirt in place.

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