Open Thread: When Did You Set Up House?

When Did You Set Up House for Yourself? | CorporetteWhen did you first really set up house for yourself — buy dishes and nice furniture? Did you wait until you were married, or when you bought a house or apartment for yourself? When you turned 30? Are you still waiting? I don’t know why this has been on my mind lately, but I just thought it might be an interesting topic.

For my $.02, I had some basic (cheap) stuff — kitchen basics and furniture — from college onward, but it wasn’t until I was 29 or so that I started buying nice dishes and furniture for myself.  This was due to a lot of factors, I suppose:  when I was in my early 20s I was on a tight budget; I spent my middle 20s in law school; and I spent my late 20s working extremely long hours so I was never really home that much.  (I am also about as far as you can get from a domestic goddess like Martha Stewart.)  I do think another big reason is that I spent my 20s, for the most part, single, and didn’t want to “jinx” future happiness/”give up hope” by setting up house by myself. A few random memories around this topic: [Read more...]

Adventures in Online Eyeglass Purchases

How to Buy Eyeglasses Online | CorporetteReaders, have you bought eyeglasses online recently?  A number of new stores and services have come out, and since I personally needed some new eyeglasses, I thought I’d write a post summarizing my experiences.

After some cornea troubles a few years ago, I wear eyeglasses about 85% of the time — and I recently decided that I really, really needed some new eyeglasses.  See, I used to have a LOT: three metal eyeglasses (two that were super old, one through the LensCrafters thing in 2011), two plastic framed “stylish” glasses, and two prescription sunglasses.  Of the eyeglasses, my son basically destroyed three pairs (ah, toddlers — in his defense they were old anyway), one pair was only comfortable for wear in short spurts (my “going out glasses,” for when I was too lazy to put in my contacts), and the final pair — which have became my “everyday” glasses — somehow yank out a few strands of my hair every time I wear them.  Ow. (As for the sunglasses, I didn’t need any new ones, I just WANTED them. So sue me.) [Read more...]

The Best Lists To Keep (That Might Seem Obsessive But Are Actually Super Useful)

The Best Lists to Keep | CorporetteI am kind of an obsessive list-keeper and note-taker. Back when I had a Palm Pilot, it was filled with ‘em; now that I’m on Android I’m still happily using the program B-Folders to keep track of my myriad lists. Am I crazy? Sure. (All the best people are.) But I sometimes really marvel at how useful my odd little lists are, so I thought we’d discuss — are you guys fond of lists?  Have you found that certain “weird” lists you make are really helpful from an organizing/productivity standpoint, either for life or work?

For my own $.02, here are some of the weirder lists I keep that I’ve found to be ridiculously useful (and how I use ‘em): [Read more...]

Open Thread: Staycations

StaycationsWith the Fourth of July right around the corner (and a nice four-day weekend for most US readers), I’m sure a lot of people have travel plans.  For those of you who don’t, though, I thought we’d talk about staycations — what are your favorite things to do on staycations?

For my $.02, I’ve enjoyed a number of staycations through the years…

  • Museums.  For a long time, I used to take a regular museum staycation in the beginning of the year (usually either over the 3-day MLK weekend or the 3-day President’s Day weekend) — I would pick a few museums that I hadn’t been to in a while, or had great exhibits I hadn’t seen, and try to my tourist thing in NYC — and go to at least two a day.  I would normally be exhausted after the weekend, but I really did feel like I’d learned a lot (and felt like a tourist!). [Read more...]

Lean In: The Corporette Discussion

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean InLean In has been out for a few weeks now, and while I know readers have had a discussions here and there — as well as lots of discussion about the various articles about Lean In — I thought I’d add my own $.02 and give you guys a centralized place to discuss the book.

To begin with:  I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did.  I was surprised to find Sandberg really personable and funny, and I found myself nodding to a lot of what she said (if not saying YESYESYES, as you’ll see below).  I also appreciated the thorough research and facts in the book — the index notes section is almost fifty pages long.

On the flip side, there were still a few things that made my eyebrows shoot up, where I think she is being over-optimistic.  And these are incredibly difficult questions, so maybe we need someone to dream big… but some of it just doesn’t resonate with me.  For example: [Read more...]

So… What’s Your Birthday Routine?

So: Today is my birthday.  It’s always a reflective time for me, and I have my little routines — and I thought it might be fun to talk about how we all like to spend our birthdays.

Personally, every year on my birthday (or as close to it as I can swing it) I take a picture of myself without makeup — I’ve been doing it since I was in my mid-20s.  I like documenting my actual face and skin through the years, not hidden or modified by makeup. I like to go through the pictures as a slideshow, occasionally comparing different intervals (5 years apart — 10 years apart — etc).  This may sound kind of harsh but thus far I’ve been happy with the routine (and, I guess, the way I’ve been aging).

I also get to eat whatever I want for my birthday, diet be damned, and I usually go for something fairly juvenile and unhealthy, e.g. a Big Mac.  (For lunch today it’s going to be a salami and swiss cheese sandwich, and I’m really looking forward to it.) Tonight, my husband and son will take me out.  (I do like to celebrate the occasion with friends as well as just with my husband at a fancy restaurant, but I think I want it to be a tradition that the actual day-of is spent with just my husband and son somewhere chill.)

One of the traditions that is on hold for the moment is the midnight call — my parents and brother have always gotten on a conference line to call me at the stroke of midnight and sing Happy Birthday — but most nights the Griffin household is in bed long before that (see above re baby!).  (Although… last night I was up late finishing Gone Girl, which felt indulgent and luxurious since I I never get to read for fun anymore!)

Readers, do you have birthday routines?  What does your ideal birthday look like?  Does your office recognize birthdays (parties, cake, permission to leave at a reasonable hour, etc)? 

(Pictured: balloons, originally uploaded to Flickr by velkr0.)