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A Corporette Survey (and a Giveaway!)

reader surveyHappy Wednesday, ladies! I’m always honored and humbled by this website and its fantastic community of bright women. As you know, from time to time I like to check in with you guys to see how we’re doing and whether we could be doing any better on content or other ways to serve the audience — and to that end, I’ve put together a little survey. (We haven’t had one since May 2013!) I always appreciate the time and thought it takes to answer these things, so I thought I’d do a little giveaway along with the survey — if you answer all of the questions and provide us with contact info, you will be entered for a chance to win one of two $250 Amazon gift cards! June 25 Update: the giveaway is closed! But you can still take the survey if you’d like to. 

Click here to take the survey!

Click here to take the survey!

Click here to take the survey!

(No, I have not been wasting any time on Perez Hilton lately, officer.) 

If you’re curious, the last survey results told us:

  • 35.7% of our readers are ages 28-32; the next largest grouping is 25.8% of you ages 23-27.
  • 35.4% of our readers spent $151-$300 on clothes last month (with 2.4% spending more than $1K)
  • 74.7% of our readers have no kids; and 51.3% of our readers are married or in a civil union.
  • 50.2% of our readers have a JD or are in the midst of attaining it.
  • 83.1% of our readers work full time; of those who work full time, 32.2% of them make over $100K.

* While I’d like to hear from ALL readers, please note that due to legal reasons, the giveaway is only open to U.S. readers, age 18 or older. The giveaway will end at 12:01 AM ET on June 24, 2016. There will only be two winners; they will be randomly selected by Kat and notified by email. (Email or other contact info is required to enter the giveaway; please note that we will only contact you if you win.) If the first winners do not respond within one week, a new winner or winners will be selected.

Admin Update: The place to enter your email address (and enter the giveaway) is the final question on the survey form (the last page that is titled “This is the End, My Friends”) — if you for some reason miss it or don’t get a chance to enter your email address, you can do either of these two things from the same computer you used to take the survey: a) email me using the Contact Form, or b) leave a comment on this post with your email address is the “email field” (not the body of the post).  (Tech background here: the survey grabs your IP address so you can’t take the survey 10 times (because you know you want to!); the commenting system and contact form also both grab your IP address as well, so I can link them.)

Pictured: balloons, originally uploaded to Flickr by Ilario Prospero.

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Music, Moods, Discovery, and More

music-moodsLadies, let’s have a rare discussion:  which music is your favorite? How important is music in your life — how do you find new music, and when is the primary time you listen to music? Do you like to listen to music while you work, or is it reserved for other times in your day? 

A while ago on a plane I found myself writing a long draft post for Corporette about music — specifically, my favorite songs over the years. It’s a pretty navel-gazing post, so I figured, hey, I’ll save it for my birthday, unless I really get desperate for a post idea.  Today IS January 28 — so you’ll find that list below.

To answer my own questions above, though — music has always been important in my life, particularly for my moods, either to lift me out of them or give me that “you’re not alone” feeling.  For example, I vividly remember being about 15 and having a huge fight with my parents, retreating to my room, and blasting Talking Head’s “Road to Nowhere” on repeat — because it just felt so good to hear David Byrne wail “baby it’s alllll riiiiiight.” For some reason Leonard Cohen’s song “Everybody Knows” was the soundtrack to my first semester of law school — on repeat, full volume in headphones. (Not dark at all, right?) I’ve also mentioned before on this blog about how during some unpleasant times at my law firm where I had to work with unpleasant personalities (yay for screamers!), I had Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right (But It’s Ok)” as my wake-up song — every day, for months.

In terms of new music, finding new music for me is challenging. I use the Shazam app a lot when we’re watching television, or else my brother passes along a lot of his music.  If I’m doing dinner prep I’ll use the Amazon Echo to put Pandora or one of my iTunes playlists on.  I’ve had to winnow down some of my playlists to stuff I feel comfortable with the kids hearing (I don’t exactly want to explain PJ Harvey’s “30” or Marianne Faithfull’s “Love in the Afternoon” to my eldest). That said, though, I’ve started listening to podcasts instead of music during walks or workouts with weights. So I kind of miss music, and would love to hear your ideas about how you incorporate it into your lives!  Anyway, some of my favorite songs (links either go to YouTube or Amazon):

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Top Ten Corporette Posts of 2015

accessories to wear to workHappy (early) New Year’s Eve, ladies!  May you all have a fun, safe evening!  For today’s year-end review, here are the top posts of 2015 according to Google Analytics. See our previous “top posts” here!

  1. How to Style Long Hair for Job Interview
  2. Pantyhose for Work
  3. How to Wear Black and Navy Together
  4. Wearing a Dress & Blazer — Instead of a Suit
  5. Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Work
  6. What to Wear to a Holiday Office Party
  7. Tips for Whitening Teeth and Nails
  8. How to Look Stylish and Professional at a Business Casual Office
  9. Easy Office Updos
  10. When Is It Time to Stop Wearing Tights?

Coffee Break: Strato Loafers

Mgemi-StratoDriving moccasins have been around for eons but are now trending, and these brand new suede ones from M.Gemi look great for commuting and casual days at the office. (As you may recall, M.Gemi introduces new shoes every Monday, and retires older styles as they sell out — they currently have a ton of great pumps and flats for the office, many of which we’ve mentioned before.) I’m loving the grape and royal colors (the red and blue ones pictured), as well as the fact that they’re designed to mold to your foot — and I also like that you can learn more about the Italian factories and craftsmanship behind each shoe. Lovely. The Strato loafers are $198, available in sizes 35-42. Strato Loafers

(L-all – This post is sponsored by M.Gemi; affiliate links were also used.)

Congratulations to the Lo & Sons Winner!

lo-sons-TTCongratulations to lucky #196, who won the Lo & Sons bag of her choice!  The commenter has been e-mailed.

To everyone else: don’t forget that they have a sick summer sale going on right now — the popular OG and OMGs are on sale for 20%, but one of my favorites in their line is the TT tote, which is a sleek N/S laptop bag and tote — love that travel sleeve (pictured!).  The TT tote is 25% off during the sale, bringing the price from $260 down to $195.  Nice!  Lo & Sons TT Laptop Bag

GIVEAWAY: Win a Lo & Sons Bag of Your Choice!

lo sons giveaway heatherI’m thrilled to bring you guys a giveaway today — one lucky reader will win a Lo & Sons bag of your choice.  I’ve written before about my love of Lo & Sons bags for working women (I even Instagrammed my own OG bag on one of my last trips), and so I’m excited about the new heather grey material for both OMG and the OG (pictured). It’s still lightweight and durable, but it has a subtle new texture and style; of course I love the happy blue lining.  If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s a family business started by Helen Lo and her two sons, Jan and Derek.  Each bag is the epitome of thoughtful design — pockets galore, a travel zipper/sleeve to help it stay put on a rolling bag, and more. (They have really fun videos on their site showing how much stuff the bags hold, too!)  The new heather OG is $295, but note that the original nylon designs are on sale right now for $236 (20% off) as part of the brand’s summer sale.

Update: The giveaway is now closed; thank you to everyone who entered!

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