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Hi guys – I saw some of the reader complaints re: audio ads late yesterday; my apologies to everyone for the audio interruption.  The people who manage the ads on this site are all under strict instructions to never let audio ads in  (and, my goodness, certainly not ads for things like KY jelly, whether audio or not).  Sometimes ads slip past our filters (which makes me like the advertising companies even less, but that’s me).  In order to stop these ads I need two pieces of information:

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A New Mobile Theme

corporette-mobile-friendlyHi guys — I just thought I’d give everyone a heads-up that we are going live with a new mobile theme for the blog today. I’m still in discussions to do a design refresh in general for the blog, so this will hopefully be a temporary theme (and we’ll move to a nicer one in a bit). We’re still tweaking it, so stay tuned. One big thing to note: in order to view comments, you have to click the big pink button that says “View Comments” near the bottom of the post. We’re still working on making the different comment levels more apparent, and will be making other changes to the user experience as we go. Thank you for reading!



One more note: due to some tech troubles with WordPress, we’ve made some changes to commenting — we expect these changes to be temporary until the vulnerabilities are patched.

Top Posts of 2014 (By Page Views)

Corporette-2014-reviewEvery year I round up two kinds of “top posts” — MY favorite posts (that were the most fun to write, or I thought sparked an interesting discussion) — and then the ones that are the top posts according to Google Analytics.  I’ve already rounded up my favorites — these are the top posts of 2014 according to Google Analytics.


  1. What To Do About Your Work Email After You Quit
  2. Must a Blazer BUTTON To Fit?
  3. Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet
  4. Are 4″ Heels Too High for Interviewing?
  5. Which Undies Are Best for Avoiding VPL?
  6. Feeling Too Fat to Interview?*
  7. Professional Frump: What to Avoid
  8. Quick, Easy Hairstyles (from guest poster Lindsey Frederick)
  9. Professional Image, Outfit “Compliments,” and Confidence at Any Size (from guest poster Kathryn Rubino)
  10. How to Wear Heels (If You’re Used to Flats)

* I apologize (belatedly) to everyone who felt this title was incendiary — to me it’s a totally normal feeling to have to struggle through of feeling “too fat” to do something — that additional noise created in your head when you don’t feel “your best” for why you shouldn’t do something already challenging.  I usually try to keep the blog clear of my own body issues; my apologies for failing to do that in this case.  Obviously no one IS too fat to do anything, and of course not for interviewing.

Check out this page for our top posts of all time!

Kat’s Favorite Posts of 2014

Corporette-2014-reviewI always do a roundup of which posts were my most-viewed ones for the year — but I thought I’d start our review posts this year with some of MY favorites.  Some of them were fun to write — some of them sparked a great discussion — and some of them were just something that I thought was important we talk about.  Ladies, which were your favorite posts?  Any I’m forgetting?

Here were my favorites of 2013, as well as my favorites of 2012 and 2010.

Tech Problems

I know we’re having tech problems but I’m lacking information — is it mobile only? Can you identify which ad (or which ad spot)? Anyone who can send me screenshots and more information will win my undying affection. (I know of two potentially separate problems: and a redirection to some app/game…. please fill me in if there are others.) Thank you all for your patience!

Coffee Break: Moonlace Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf

DVF Moonlace Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf | CorporetteYes, yes, I love a good blue detail — but I also like the mixture of prints on this scarf. What fun! Five different patterns mix and mingle, making this a lightweight statement piece that packs a lot of punch. I’d wear it with a very simple, neutral outfit otherwise, such as a black scoopneck tee and black trousers. The scarf is $178 at Diane von Furstenberg Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf

Here’s a lower-priced scarf with multiple patterns.

Psst: We have a beta version of the collapsible comment thread feature working (as requested by readers in our redesign thread). Please let us know what you think! And big thanks to our tech guru extraordinaire, Rustan, for getting it done so quickly!

Just a few other housekeeping notes — I’ve quietly added some more links to the sidebar that hopefully will improve site navigation for folks:

  • (near the top) links to recent TPS reports, coffee breaks, sales, Suit of the Week, the Hunt, Tales from the Wallet, and our general career advice and fashion advice categories
  • (in the middle) a widget that tells you what posts are popular this month — we’re working to make a number of improvements and tweaks already, but for the moment I think it’s helpful
  • (near the bottom) links to ask a reader Q, submit a tech problem, suggest a site improvement, or otherwise contact us
  • (near the bottom) an RSS feed of what’s been published on CorporetteMoms lately
  • Finally — I know we’re still having problems with our RSS feed (grrrrrrrrrrr rrrrr  rrrrrrrrrrr) but for the moment we have a “Follow us on Feedly” button that takes you to the correct feed since I know that’s been problematic for a lot of people.

Rustan (our tech guy) is working on improving search functionality (and about a zillion other things I’ve thrown his way lately).