Adventures in Online Eyeglass Purchases

How to Buy Eyeglasses Online | CorporetteReaders, have you bought eyeglasses online recently?  A number of new stores and services have come out, and since I personally needed some new eyeglasses, I thought I’d write a post summarizing my experiences.

After some cornea troubles a few years ago, I wear eyeglasses about 85% of the time — and I recently decided that I really, really needed some new eyeglasses.  See, I used to have a LOT: three metal eyeglasses (two that were super old, one through the LensCrafters thing in 2011), two plastic framed “stylish” glasses, and two prescription sunglasses.  Of the eyeglasses, my son basically destroyed three pairs (ah, toddlers — in his defense they were old anyway), one pair was only comfortable for wear in short spurts (my “going out glasses,” for when I was too lazy to put in my contacts), and the final pair — which have became my “everyday” glasses — somehow yank out a few strands of my hair every time I wear them.  Ow. (As for the sunglasses, I didn’t need any new ones, I just WANTED them. So sue me.) [Read more…]

Coffee Break – FreshPocket Insulated Man’s Lunchbox

A while ago, the good folks at Koko were kind enough to send me some of their lunch bags. They have a number of very fashionable bags that look like satchels or totes, but inside they’re insulated. My favorite thing they sent me, though, was this square little lunch box, which they apparently market as a “man’s” lunchbox. I think it’s great, and that the uniform, flat size makes it much easier to pack in a larger tote. This baby is $14.99 at Amazon. Koko FreshPocket Insulated Man’s Lunchbox


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Open Thread: What’s Your Favorite Pen?

best-pensWhen I was a kid, I loooooved going back to school shopping. New pens! New folders! All that crisp, white, lined paper… It seemed like everything had possibility and promise. (Yes, I was a dork.) These days, I still love getting new supplies, but it seems like too many of them let me down — I’ve literally thrown about 5 different brands of pens across the room because they work inconsistently, or stop working. And a good pen is really important.  To be clear, all I want is something that I can pick up from my pencil cup or my desk, and use it for something simple like signing my name or writing a brief note, WITHOUT having to scribble somewhere else to make sure the ink is flowing.  Is that really too much to ask?  (Let’s not even get into something more arduous, like taking notes for an extended period or writing a letter… sigh.)

So I thought we’d have an open thread: what is your favorite pen? (Pictured: Ball point pens by Caran d’Ache, available at Plastica for $23 — they also seem to be available at Amazon for a bit cheaper, though. Hat tip to Daily Candy.) [Read more…]

Coffee Break – Goody Spin Pins

Goody Spin PinsTwo separate readers have written in to recommend the Goody Spin Pins for professional hair, and I’ve noticed a lot of commenters mentioning them as well, so I thought I’d mention these again for a Coffee Break.  Reader S noted:

They are the only way I have ever been able to put my long hair into a secure professional bun. The traditional pack comes with two long pins, but they also sell a pack with three short pins that I add into areas that don’t feel so secure. It’s professional hair for dummies. And by dummies, I mean busy women who want to look great but don’t always have the time to spend on getting there. Family and getting an hour in in the office before court take precedence sometimes…

Meanwhile, reader K noted:

It’s fantastic.  I’ve never been able to do a bun in my hair before I found this product.  I especially love it for the office, because a) it looks professional (this is especially important as I am the youngest employee in the office, and one of only a few female attorneys)  b) takes only a few minutes to do; and c) means I don’t have to blow dry and straighten my hair every day.

I have some of the spin pins, but must admit I haven’t spent too much time attempting to use them — clearly I need to start!  Readers who are fans, what are your best tips?  The spin pins are available in a number of different colors at Amazon for around $8, as well as at your local drugstore.  Goody Spin Pins


Coffee Break – Lo & Sons Travel Tote

Lo & Sons T.T.The other week I was lucky enough to receive two bags from Lo & Sons for review — both the travel tote (“T.T.”) and their overnight/gym bag (the “O.G.”).  I must say, I was really impressed with the design of these bags.  Love the lightweight nylon that they’re made of, as well as the leather straps — but the number of pockets and the intelligence with which they’re laid out is something else.   The T.T. bag, for example, has a laptop pocket, pockets for your technology, outside pockets that are subdivided, a nice long keyfob, and even a sleeve designed to let you attach the tote to your rolling bag — and I loved that it had a bright purple lining, which I think makes it so much easier when I’m digging in my bag. The overnight bag has a similar zippered sleeve (which can be used to attach to a rolling bag or just be used as an outside pocket), as well as a really big outside pocket that is the perfect size for a pair of shoes.  Both are simple and black, too — something my husband will probably appreciate when I inevitably make him carry my bag.  The T.T. is $260, and the O.G. is $295, both available at the Lo & Sons website.


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Review: CitySlips Ballet Flats

1I had been curious about CitySlips (“foldable ballet flats for the well-heeled gal on the go!”) for a while, but never seemed to cross paths with them, so I was grateful when the nice ladies over at CitySlips sent me a gold pair to review.

I’ve still only worn them a few times, but they are impressive little things, I must say, and quite comfortable to wear around. They have stayed on my feet without flopping around (an amazing feat in and of itself) and they have surprisingly substantial foot support for something that folds in two. You’ll definitely feel cracks in the concrete and whatnot below you, but it isn’t a “bad” feeling so much as it is a “huh, that’s different” feeling.

So here’s the question that I always wondered about when I saw them advertised: will they replace my comfortable Reef flip flops that I’ve walked miles in, both to and from the office but also on the tail end of countless parties and dinners out? The ones with arch support? Well — the answer turns out to be both yes and no: sometimes they’ll replace my Reefs (handily) and other times I’ll still probably stick to my Reefs. Here’s how I’ll break it down…

City Slips for

  • keeping in a desk drawer or your bag for a day when you’re wearing higher-than-comfortable heels and need to run a quick 20-minute errand outside your office — they look more professional (and hide a bad/nonexistent pedicure).
  • nights out on the town — I am finally liberated from my huge purses that I used to carry to hold my Reefs!
  • any time I have a carefully-assembled outfit (the CitySlips are far more attractive)!

but I’ll keep my Reefs for

  • when I want to be able to walk miles
  • for weekend wear, probably
  • for an EXPECTED commute, not a “just in case” kind of thing — if only because I would want to keep my CitySlips pristine for professional wear!

They’re $24.95 at Amazon or (available in black, gold, and silver).

Readers, have you bought CitySlips or other commuting products?  What are your impressions?