Sponsored: My Mom Clearly Needs a Ellipsis™ 7 from Verizon for Mother’s Day

Ellipsis7Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Verizon, but written by your usual friendly blogger Kat Griffin. Pictured: The Ellipsis™ 7 Tablet from Verizon (vzw.com/bestdeals), $49-$250 depending on contract (or free with any purchase of a smart phone).

What are you getting for your mother for Mother’s Day?  If you’re a mother yourself, what do you want — and how heavily are you leaving hints for your partner and/or kids? If you have siblings, do you make joint purchases for your mom — and how do you organize them?

I’ve written before about my amazing mother — but I haven’t shared a kind of amusing story about my brother and Mother’s Day.  See, years ago when I started working and finally had disposable income, I decided that both my mother and grandmother should get flowers on Mother’s Day (and all other holidays), if not also a gift.  Being the good Big Sis I am, even if I picked out and paid for everything, I always put my brother’s name on the card, and we both got credit.  But this bugged me:  I didn’t want to have to become go-to The Purchaser/Organizer.  I was wary, as a woman, of putting myself in that default role where, if I didn’t get Mother’s Day gifts, no one would do it.  [Read more…]

Sponsored: The Best #CareerChat Moments!

secret twitter partyDisclosure: This post and the chat are sponsored by Secret Deodorant (but written by your regular blogger Kat Griffin).

Thank you so much to everyone who turned out for the Twitter party #CareerChat yesterday — we had some great discussions with Secret’s Career Confidence Coach Nicole Williams.  Nicole gave us insightful advice on the topic of personal branding, how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed, what to wear to client dinners, how guys can show personality in a suit, whether perfume is ok at the office, and more. Additionally, four lucky participants won a Secret “#BeFearless in ’14 prize pack” — congratulations, ladies!

Some of my favorite discussions from the hour-long conversation are below…

Nicole had a great take on how NYFW differs from office style:

nyfw office style

I did not know that your LinkedIn profile is 11x more likely to be looked at if there’s a photo — perhaps we should revisit the post on corporate headshots? Readers, do you have a photo on your profile?  (For more career confidence advice and inspiration, visit Secret’s LinkedIn page: http://bit.ly/1fawdZQ.)  [Read more…]

Sponsored: #CareerChat Tomorrow With Kat and Career Expert Nicole Williams!

Join us for a #CareerChat with @Corporette and career expert Nicole Williams!As I mentioned in our news roundup, tomorrow is our first Twitter Party!  Sponsored by Secret Deodorant, career expert Nicole Williams and I will be sitting down and having a #CareerChat about how to #BeFearless in your career.  How does your personal appearance affect your career — and your confidence?  Come to us with your questions about workwear, personal branding, growing your skillsets, switching career paths, getting that promotion, or juggling work/life commitments.  Join us tomorrow from 12PM – 1PM Eastern for the #careerchat!

About the participants: [Read more…]

Sponsored: Winter Layering Fun with Adea

Adea_White_Turtlenck_Banner_250x250_10-22-13Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Adea, but written by your regular friendly blogger Kat Griffin.

We first talked about Adea, a company focused on luxurious layering pieces, back in May — some of the pieces they sent me have become favorites of mine (they really are super lux but easily washed, as I noted last time), so I’m excited to take a second look at Adea and some of their great layering pieces for fall.  As a bonus, they’ve just expanded the size selection for a lot of pieces up to size 3X, which is always great to hear (particularly since a number of readers who were happy with Adea products recommended going up a size (or two) to make the pieces more wearable by themselves, not layered.)

In addition to all of the tanks and camisoles we featured last time (great for under sheer blouses, to raise the neckline of sweaters, and more), these are some of my favorites: [Read more…]

Sponsored: OPEN Forum, Warby Parker, and the Cost of Goods (And a Giveaway!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by American Express’s OPEN Forum, but written by Kat Griffin.

We told you last week about the cool new video series from American Express’s OPEN Forum, “Inside Successful Small Businesses,” taking a look at some of the hardest lessons small businesses had to learn. Today, I thought we’d take a closer look at the video from the team behind Warby Parker — and as a bonus for Corporette readers, there’s a giveaway too — enter today to win a free pair of Warby Parker glasses! [Read more…]

Sponsored: Inside Successful Small Businesses, with American Express’s OPEN Forum

Sponsored: Inside Successful Small Businesses, with American Express's OPEN ForumDisclosure: This post is sponsored by American Express’s OPEN Forum, but written by Kat Griffin.

I feel like one of the most common paths for overachieving chicks is to leave bigger companies and eventually work for, run, or even found small businesses. American Express’s OPEN Forum recently reached out to a number of small business owners to ask them which important lessons they learned the hard way, and there are some great lessons for everyone in the short videos.  They’re shot in a documentary/interview style, and edited really well — it’s a great way to learn some quick lessons on your lunch break.  Some of my favorites from the series:

  • If Your Business Plan Isn’t Working, Change It (lesson learned by Angela Jia Kim, the founder of Savor Spa, screenshot pictured above) — I feel like all business owners face this!  You think your business will run one way, and in fact things start going in other ways when you’re actually up and running.  The key is being able to adapt.  I’ve written a bit about my blog business plan changed, and how different Corporette is from what I first imagined all those moons ago…
  • Find the Right Size (lesson learned by Robert Schwartz, president, Eneslow Foot Comfort Center) — This is true with every kind of business — I feel like we’ve seen a lot of very high profile failures lately because businesses got too big.
  • You Can’t Always Do It All (lesson learned by Jessica Banks, co-founder of RocksPaperRobot) — So true, and I’m still struggling with this myself — obviously I wear a lot of hats on this blog and I probably shouldn’t.  Whether it’s just delegating tasks to an assistant, or hiring new people, you can’t do it all.
  • Expand At Your Own Pace (lesson learned by Leo Kremer, owner, Dos Toros Taqueria) — Again, so true — you don’t want to be buried in work, or have so much work that you can’t do a good job on any of it.

Readers, what business lessons have you learned the hard way?  What do you wish you’d been told earlier?