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Sponsored Post: The Soft Trench and Flashion Sales — from Gap

Soft Trench from GapGap is introducing a new exciting kind of sale on March 5:  the Flashion sale.  This is great news for you if you’ve been addicted to the “flash sample sale” craze that has been sweeping the Internet for a few years now — except with this campaign, there will be one must-have item of the season on sale, for one day only, in stores, at a special price.

The first must-have item for the first Flashion sale? This great Soft Trench from Gap, available in both gray (pictured) and black.  Normally $89.95, it will be marked to $50, in stores, for one day only — March 5.  The belted trench is always a classic, and I think this one would look particularly great as a light spring jacket with a pencil skirt on the bottom, or a pair of fitted pair of trousers — and it feels like it would instantly make a “working on the weekend” outfit of skinny jeans, flats, and a t-shirt that much more professional.  Readers, how would you wear it?

This post is sponsored by Gap, but written by your regular blogger, Kat Griffin.

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Sponsored Post from Freshpair: Avoiding the VPL

Blue Freshpair Static BannerThis post is sponsored by Freshpair, but written by your regular blogger, Kat Griffin.

Comfortable underwear that doesn’t show “visible panty lines” (or VPLs) can be difficult to find — and trial and error can be a problem.  Still, I think that any working woman does need both of those factors — first, comfort (there are few things more distracting than a pair of uncomfortable underwear) and second, invisibility beneath clothes (because yes, some of your colleagues will notice your panty line, and really, do YOU want that guy down the hall to know whether you’re wearing a bikini, thong or boyshorts?).

Readers, which are your favorite brands and types of underwear (both for comfort and lack of VPL)?  Some of my favorites are after the jump…

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Fashion Week Fun With My Windows Phone!

Samsung FocusA huge thank you to Windows Phone for giving me a Samsung Focus to play with during Fashion Week! I loved being able to Tweet, take pictures (and send them to Twitter), and check my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and horoscope while waiting in line after line at the shows. To be honest, those few things kept me busy enough that I didn’t play much in the app store, but I have heard great things about the FitTracker App, as well as Bitbop (for TV), and Flux (for RSS feeds). I’ll miss the huge touch screen and how much fun it was to navigate around the phone. Don’t forget that you can still enter to win a Windows Phone! You have until February 28th to enter.

I’m going to try to put my thoughts about Fashion Week into a more concise form over the weekend — so many thoughts whirling around my head!

Full disclosure:  Windows Phone is a sponsor of Corporette.

Announcing… Windows Phone, Corporette’s New Sponsor!

Windows Phone vs TreoI am super excited to be partnering with Windows Phone!  They were good enough to give five bloggers a new phone for Fashion Week — and I’m one of them!  I met with the crew last night to play with my new Samsung Focus.  It looks like it’s going to be a great way to keep up with e-mail, blogging, and snapping pictures (hello, 5.1 megapixel camera) during Fashion Week (and wow, is going to be an improvement over my current phone, a Treo.  Yes, I’m a dinosaur on the phone market — that’s what I get for being loyal to Sprint!!)  (Pictured:  my new Windows Phone next to my ginormous Treo. Photo sadly not taken with my Windows Phone, hence the blurriness.)

This will actually be my first time ever at Fashion Week, so I’m also excited to covering the shows for you guys.  If you’re not already, please follow Corporette on Twitter to keep up with the fun — there will be pictures, tweets, and more.

I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy the fun, though — I’ll also be giving away a Windows Phone to one lucky Corporette reader as well! More details here, and I’ll have more info in the days to come as well.

The other bloggers taking part in the Windows Phone fun are the ladies behind Gala Darling, What I Wore, The Curvy Fashionista, and FashionPulseDaily — so I’m really flattered to be included in the mix!

Full disclosure:  Windows Phone is a sponsor of Corporette.

Sponsored Post: Thomas Laine’s Statement-Making Jewelry

This post is sponsored by Thomas Laine, but written by your usual friendly blogger, Kat Griffin.

I met the entrepreneur behind Thomas Laine — a woman named Eimear Thomas — a few months ago at a networking event, shortly before the jewelry site launched. I was interested, but it wasn’t until I attended a December trunk show that my interest really piqued. Looking through Eimear’s well-curated jewelry, I was struck by how interesting the pieces were, and how each one made a bit of a different statement. I’m excited to work with her on this post! (Oh, and do note that they offer free shipping (in really lux packaging) for the moment if you sign up for the newsletter.) [Read more…]

Sponsored Post: Gemstone Jewelry from Gemvara

Gemvara Autumn Palace ringThis post is sponsored by Gemvara, but written by Kat Griffin.

Jewelry plays a huge part in most women’s working wardrobes — pieces can add color, personality, and sometimes even a dose of class. I tend to believe that jewelry should come in two varieties for the office — a) the best gemstones and the best metals that you can afford, or b) statement jewelry that may be real/fake/even plastic. I was blown away by the huge selection that Gemvara has — for example, my birthday gemstone (garnet) is next to impossible to find anything but the most basic pieces in — yet Gemvara had over 17,000 garnet earrings, rings, and necklaces, and each piece is customizable in terms of gemstone, metal, and even earring backing — it’s very cool.

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