Sponsored Post: Winter Getaways, with Sunglass Hut

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sunglass Hut, in collaboration with Style Coalition.

I firmly believe that a glamorous, gorgeous pair of sunglasses is an absolute necessity — in addition to protecting your eyes, a great pair elevates every outfit, making even the schlubbiest looks a bit more put together. Sunglass Hut asked me to dream about which winter getaway destination I would want to visit, and which outfits I’d want to bring with me, if I were taking this gorgeous pair of sunglasses with me:  the Kristina glasses, by Coach.  They’re available in a number of colors — gold, grey, silver, blue, white, but I love me a pair of red sunglasses — they just bring so much life to your face. [Read more…]

Sponsored Post: Go Desk to Dinner with Ann Taylor

With Thanksgiving out of the way, it is officially holiday party season — which means that it’s time to perfect your desk-to-dinner shuffle, if you haven’t already. For me, separates have always been the way to go — that way you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe before you go out after work, and you only need to carry one or two additional pieces with you to the office.  Maybe it’s just me, but separates always feel more “true” to me — more like a “dressed up, sparkly version of me” and less like “Kat’s pretending to be a glamorous jet-setting party-goer!” [Read more…]

Sponsored Post: Quincy Apparel’s Tailored Looks (And a Much Smarter Sizing System)

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Quincy Apparel, stylish work pieces with a smart approach to sizing.

“What if there were clothes that were boardroom-appropriate but still allowed the young, on-the-go professional woman to feel as stylish and authentic at work as she did in her downtime? And, what if those clothes actually fit well and didn’t break the bank?” Those were the questions that led two Harvard Business School graduates, Alex Nelson and Christina Wallace, to launch their own line, Quincy Apparel. The online-only brand (which offers free shipping and free returns) gives everyone a quiz to find your perfect size* — and offers a second size for free when you order from them. [Read more…]

Sponsored Post: Ann Taylor’s New Wear-To-Work Boutique

This is a sponsored post from Ann Taylor’s new Wear-To-Work boutique — one stop shopping for wear-to-work styles.

Ann Taylor has long been a personal favorite of mine. When I started working, it was a bit aspirational — I remember saving up to buy my first pair of nice black trousers there, then having them hemmed four times because I was eager to have them look just so. In the heyday of my Wall Street legal career, Ann Taylor became the basis of my wardrobe — the majority of my favorite suits were from Ann Taylor, and I used to love to go to the store at the South Street Seaport when I had the rare leisurely lunch hour. Even now — as a new mother and self-employed blogger, rediscovering my style in a vastly different environment than the one I was in 5 years ago, I’ve found that Ann Taylor still speaks to me — the simple lines, the good quality, the chic, classic style.

So I’m thrilled about Ann Taylor’s new Wear-To-Work boutique (accessible from the “Lookbook” section of the front page). From that one page, you can browse suits, look through great work-appropriate dresses, and find wardrobe workhorses like skirts and cardigans — it really is one stop shopping. [Read more…]

Sponsored Post: Back to School with Macy’s

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Macy’s and Style Coalition. Pictured: My son Jack and me dressed in clothes from Macy’s. On me: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Ansford Three-Button Wool Blazer, Jones New York Collection houndstooth dress (no longer available online), Charter Club necklace (no longer available online). On Jack: Levi’s Baby Overalls and Carter’s Baby Bodysuit.)

For a long while now, “back to school” to me has meant OCI week — interviews! Interview suits! Interview etiquette, from lunch etiquette and thank-you notes! — for all the law students, MBA students, and even college students doing on campus interviews. But now that I’m a mother I’m starting to notice the collective deep sigh of relief that seems evident on the mommy blogs I read (and even among my Facebook friends) for mothers as their kids go back to school, because a return to routine can be a great thing, even if it means everyone’s a bit busier. (Or then there’s this, being shared by multiple single friends on FB…) I’m starting to remember all that excitement I felt as a child to go back to school — to buy new clothes, to pick out the outfit for your first day of school, to pick out new school supplies, to review your schedule and wonder what great stuff lies in wait throughout the school year.

[Read more…]

Sponsored Post: My Night Out with Lucky Brand

(This is a sponsored post from Lucky Brand and Style Coalition/Elle.  Pictured: me holding my favorite, the ridiculously soft Sophia bootcut.)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but: at one point in my life, I considered myself a denim expert. See, my first summer in New York I interned at a fashion magazine, Sportswear International, which at the time was primarily a trade magazine — and that summer they were producing the very first CD-ROM and Encyclopedia of Denim. Which meant that, as an intern, I got to learn a lot about denim. I learned about the history of it — it comes from Nimes, France (hence, “de Nimes”), and was used primarily as a sailcloth until cowboys started wearing it in the 1800s. I learned about the business side of it, and wrote profiles of all the big denim companies. I learned about the fashion side of it — which washes and cuts were popular, how it was different, and more. I even remember writing an article comparing denim advertisements in different countries. There’s a quote, “You should know something about everything, and everything about something,” and for a long time denim was my “everything.”

So I was super excited when, on July 10, Lucky Brand and ELLE hosted an Exclusive Denim Fitting Party at their NYC showroom. [Read more…]