Wearing Fun Glasses at Work

fun glasses at workDo you wear “fun glasses” to the office, either as a hipster statement or geek chic? Would you consider a bright and wacky pair of glasses for work, or do you try to stick to brown, gray, or metal frames? Do you judge colleagues if they’re obviously wearing Warby Parkers or “cool kid” glasses? Some readers used to joke that thicker-framed, geek-chic frames were birth control glasses — do you still think of certain styles like that? Do you switch glasses up based on your mood and outfit (treating them as jewelry or an accessory), or do you have functional pairs, like “important meeting” glasses or “working alone at office at night” glasses?

We’ve talked about some of my favorite spots for buying glasses online — I’m still addicted; I just got my first pair of Warby Parkers and another two pairs from GlassesUSA — but we haven’t talked about the propriety of geek chic glasses at the office in years. So let’s discuss.

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‘Geek Chic’ Glasses and the Office

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsCan you wear hipster/geek chic eyeglasses to the office — especially if you’re young?

I’m hoping for your input on a quandary I’m having. I’m starting my first real job this summer so trying to build an adult wardrobe now. I am nearsighted and strongly prefer glasses to contacts for everyday wear. I love my (only) current pair; they’re big and plastic and perfect for me. But can I pull off “geek chic” in a professional (though not very conservative) environment, especially as a 21 year-old intern?

As a fellow glasses wearer, I’m curious to hear what the readers say here.  I think that ‘geek chic’ glasses can be great — I’ve even recommended them to a reader who was wondering how to to make her look edgier.  However, there is a sliding scale with these things.  The wackier the glasses are, the more that people will remember (and form opinions about you) based on your glasses, at least at first.  In other words: if a particular boss thinks you look like a bit odd/hipster/weird/[insert negative word here], you are probably not going to get a lot of work with that person.  You may say, “fine, I wouldn’t want to work with someone that stodgy anyway!,” and an outward statement about your personality can be a great way to whittle down who you work with.  (Glasses are in a different ballpark than heavily tattooed arms, but you may want to check out that discussion as well.)    That said… you don’t want to be so limited that only a few people in the office want to work with you — so if your office is filled with more “stodgy” types than not, you need to exercise caution.  (And just in terms of style, I personally prefer not to have a certain pair of glasses be my trademark, but that’s just my $.02.)  (Pictured above: I was sort of surprised to see Jenna Lyons wear what I would classify as geek-chic eyeglasses to an Oscars party, but if they become your trademark look then I suppose it’s weirder not to wear them.)

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Coffee Break – 3-Pocket Glasses Stand

Bushakan 3-Pocket Glasses StandIf you’re like me — and you have a few pairs of glasses floating around your home or workspace — I love these beautiful glass stands. Not only do they give your glasses a place to “live,” they also look gorgeous and classy. Prices range from $49-$225; the ash wood one pictured is $180 at Bushakan. 3-Pocket Glasses Stand


How to Edge Up a Conservative Look

how to be edgy.indexedHow can you “edge up” a conservative look (and still look professional)? Reader T wonders…

I’m in a creative field (aspiring commercial director) and recently came out of a personal branding seminar where I was given the suggestion to “edge up” my look, which I think is actually a good idea. I dress pretty polished (J. Crew, Theory) – any suggestions? I do tend towards bold shoes and bright handbags, but I think that’s not enough and need something visible from the waist up (i.e. during an interview or over coffee). I’m leaning towards always making sure I have one statement piece of jewelry – chunky ring or bib necklace – but would love to hear other suggestions, from the temporary (giving my hair a gray streak, painting one nail a different color) to the more permanent (a small tattoo on the wrist). Any suggestions for how to do this without spilling over into kooky art-teacher land?

My gut reaction here: gaaah, don’t get a tattoo! I actually think the statement piece of jewelry idea is a good one — this is one of the only times I would encourage someone to think “volume” in terms of accessories, but layered bracelets, rings, or necklaces can all have a big impact. There are lots of other ways to edge up your look in ways that are not permanent. Here are some ideas on ways to push your naturally-conservative style towards an edgier vibe: [Read more…]

How to Select Stylish Eyewear

How to choose the best glasses for your face is one of the trickiest questions in the book, so I asked style expert and You Look Fab blogger extraordinaire Angie Cox to weigh in on the issue…- Kat

Angie Cox of You Look FabAs a fashion stylist who has an aversion to contact lenses and wears glasses every day, I’m very passionate about this subject. If you wear specs regularly, they should be the best pair for your eyes and face that you can afford. People usually look at your face before they look at your outfit so your specs have the power to make an instantly fab or drab impression. Along with your hairstyle, your specs can make or break your look. So if you are spending time, energy and money on a great professional wardrobe, it is even more important that this crucial accessory is current and flattering.

Like clothing and footwear, specs have to fit, feel comfortable and look attractive. I have spent many, many hours seeking out killer specs for myself, friends, family members and clients. It is all about patience and experimentation, but over the years I’ve also developed a set of guidelines that might help you to find the perfect pair. [Read more…]

Glasses and the Corporate Headshot

Photographers, originally uploaded to Flickr by w warby.Reader J wonders whether she should remove her glasses for her corporate headshot…

I was looking over an old post about corporate photographs, and I have a question about whether or not to wear glasses in my upcoming firm photo. I’ll be a new associate at a law firm at the beginning of August. I am very young looking, and part of my professional attire (and personal style) is wearing glasses. I feel more comfortable in glasses and wear them every day anyway. I was wondering if you or your readers have advice on wearing glasses in professional pictures. I’ve always taken them for professional photos in the past to avoid a distracting glare. What do you think?

Great question. This is the kind of thing that you may want to ask the photographer about — can he Photoshop out a glare? What does he recommend? In general, though, I think that if your everyday look includes glasses, then you ought to include glasses in your firm photo. (In fact, your glasses may already have an anti-reflective coating on them — if you can check your receipt or call the store where you bought them, that might help you remember.) I would also caution against the dark circles undereye circles that glasses can cause sometimes — take a few test shots at home to see if they do create them, and then test to see whether concealer helps hide them.  (Pictured: Photographers, originally uploaded to Flickr by w warby.) [Read more…]