What Is the Best “Professional” Haircut?

professional-hairHere’s a question we haven’t talked about in a while: what is the best professional haircut for women? I can remember, years ago, that Angela Merkel’s short, almost mannish cut was THE cut to have. Not just for women of a certain age, but for a lot of women who were coming up the ranks. But I wonder: what do you think of as the most “professional” haircut? If it were right for your hair, which CEO, anchor person, or world leader would you be taking pictures of to your salon, saying “if you want to be taken seriously, you have to have serious hair.”  (Bonus points for any reader who can find me a video link to Working Girl where she says that — in the meantime, here’s the trailer.)

So who do you look to today for the best professional hair?  Sheryl Sandberg?  Marissa Mayer?  What changes to your own hair have you made to make it more “professional”?  Or do you think we’ve reached an age where “whatever works for you” IS the best professional haircut?

Beauty Wednesday: What Do You Keep Trying?

Japonesque Lash Placement KitI thought today we would talk about the beauty and hair things that we want to like and adopt into our repertoire — but that, despite multiple tries, you still don’t quite “get”.  Weird question, I know, but for me I can list a few things that are in this category:

– False eyelashes — I think I’ve gotten them to stick approximately ONCE — for a random friend’s party sometime in 2001.  I feel like they’re so much more popular than they used to be (at least, I can’t think of a single show I watch on television where the actresses aren’t all wearing them, even for the “natural” faces) that I want to keep trying them, at least for nights on the town.  Still: every time I get them out they end up not sticking or not sticking in a symmetrical way — and the glue inevitably screws up the rest of my eye makeup.  (My latest thought: that I need to try one of the new “false eyelash applicator” things, such as Japonesque Lash Placement Kit, available at Beauty.com for $12 — any thoughts, ladies?) [Read more…]

Coffee Break – The Tops and Tails Set

butter LONDON  The Tops and Tails Set I briefly mentioned that I was looking at this base coat and quickdry topcoat duo from Butter London back when Beauty.com had their big sale a few weeks ago — I got it, and I highly recommend. Not only does the basecoat go on nice and smooth, and the top coat dry super quickly, but it has kept my pedicure looking great for like 3 weeks now. Amazing. I justified the splurge because the set has Butter London’s “3 Free” guarantee — no formaldehyde, no toulene, and no DBP — which, even though I’m not 100% sure what those are, fits nicely with my new motto to try to decrease the chemicals in Casa Griffin as well as in our bodies. This would be a great gift for the girlfriend/sister/coworker/daughter/niece who always does her nails (or, ahem, for you). It’s $25 at Beauty.com. butter LONDON The Tops and Tails Set


Beauty Wednesday: Beauty.com 20% off Sale is On!

OK — I know we just talked about this, but since the Beauty.com Friends & Family sale is an official thing (now through 11/9), I thought we’d talk about some of our favorite picks.  (Apparently you have to click through a special link (like this one) to get the discount to work.)  In my cart:

tarte’s Maracuja Blush & Glow Brightening Luminizer and Cheek Tint (I think I’ll try in Moonlight)
Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25, Natural Mint and Shea Butter (one of the best lip balms with SPF, according to this EWG report)
butter LONDON The Tops and Tails Set (I need some new basics and may as well splurge on some good stuff)

Note that if you’re a Clarisonic fan, both Clarisonics as well as Clarisonic parts (from replacement heads to special cleansers) are part of the 20% off discount, as are other heavy hitters like the popular T3 styling wand.  They also have lots of tights, shaping products like Spanx, and other various dressing room must-haves like fashion tape and Gal Pal sponges (for when you get deodorant on your clothes).

For those of you who use Clarisonics — what are your thoughts?  (My beauty blogger friends who were affected by the hurricane seemed thrilled to return to their Clarisonics (and apartments).)  What is the best blowdryer, curling iron, or other major product that you guys use?

Beauty Wednesday: What’s On Your Wishlist?

A Rainbow of Eye Shadows, originally uploaded to Flickr by cybertoad.So: last year, around this time (before official Christmas season), there were some killer Friends & Family sales at most of the major beauty stores — Sephora, Beauty.com, even Ricky’s.  So I’ve been trying to get my wish list ready at the different places, and thought we could talk about it — what beauty items do you stock up when they’re on sale?  What new things have you wanted to try this season?  Where do you do you research? (Pictured.)

For me, the things I stock up on are:

Caudalie Lip Conditioner
Clinique Black Honey
Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream

I also highly recommend Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes (1 and 2), YSL’s Touche Eclat (my longer review here), bareMinerals Original Foundation, and Nars the Multiple.

[Read more…]

How Does Your Beauty Routine Change With the Seasons?

Chilly, originally uploaded to Flickr by CrowcombeAl.I’ve been unpacking some of my fall/winter clothes as the days get chillier, and I thought it might be interesting to talk about how our beauty routines change with the seasons, too.  For me, it’s a few things:

  • I give up on airdrying my hair, and as I use the blow dryer more I’m switching my hair products back to the “keep my hair straight and frizz free” side of the bathroom cabinet (such as this) and putting away my “enhance my curls” side of things.  (We’ll see how that goes this winter.  If, unlike me, you’d like to rock your curls all winter, check out this post on how to do be curly when it gets colder.)
  • I stop using bronzer (because it’s ok to be pale)!
  • I start using a more moisturizing face wash (I like St. Ives Olive Scrub, which I discovered while pregnant)

How about you guys? What changes about your beauty routine when the seasons change?

(Pictured: Chilly, originally uploaded to Flickr by CrowcombeAl.)