How to Build a Work Wardrobe at… Lands’ End

How to Build a Work Wardrobe at Lands' End

Welcome to today’s installment in our ongoing series, How to Build a Work Wardrobe At ___, based around the idea that if you’re ordering from a new-to-you store online, it’s great to be able to consider all the bestsellers/classics/hits at once. Today, we’re looking at how to build a work wardrobe at Lands’ End — you can also check out how to build a work wardrobe at Talbots, Boden, and Nordstrom (and eventually view the entire series on how to build a work wardrobe).

Lands’ End has long been a reader favorite for affordable, washable sheath dresses, but there are a ton of other great things to buy there as well. If you’re on the hunt for a difficult size range, such as plus-size petites, Lands’ End is a great spot to look. Tons of things are machine washable, and they have a pretty fabulous return policy: Lands’ End will accept any item at any time for an exchange or refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Their tagline is “Guaranteed. Period.®.” You can also return online orders at your local Sears. They also, of course, sell clothes for men and kids, home items, and a ton of things that you can monogram or otherwise personalize, which are great for gift ideas.

UPDATE: The 40% off sitewide offer is still valid until 11:59 p.m. Central Time on 11/8. N.B.: Prices noted in this post do not include this discount. 

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Beauty Empties: Which Products Do You Actually Finish and Then Buy Again?

Beauty Empties: Which Products Do You Actually Finish Ladies, what beauty products do you use so often that you get “empties,” where you actually get to the bottom of the lipstick or jar, and what do you buy again and again? I tend to rotate among so many different products that I almost never get to the bottom of anything, let alone say “I definitely need THAT again, right this instant.” Still, even I have my regular items that I buy again and again, so I thought I’d round up my beauty empties. Hopefully everyone will share their own lists!

Update: There were so many great comments from readers on things they loved (that were new to me) we decided to put them into the post also, both for ease of browsing as well as easy linking when there’s a big sale afoot or you’re trying to make the most of a Triple Points day… :)

Skincare Products I’ve Bought Again and Again

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The Best Lightweight Jackets for the Office (Other than Trenchcoats)

The Best Women's Lightweight Jackets for the OfficeReader E has a timely question: Which are the best lightweight jackets that look professional (other than a trench coat)? What’s best to layer on top of blazers, sweaters, and more as the weather turns colder (finally!)?

Do you have any suggestions for lightweight jackets that look professional? My office is casual/business casual (lots of people dress casually but I try to step it up a notch). I have a quilted jacket from J.Crew and a lightweight trench, but I’d love to find something shorter than a trench that isn’t a blazer. Something I could put over my outfit for chilly mornings. I know the military jacket style is in, but that’s too casual and trendy for my style. Any help is appreciated!

Great question, E! I’m assuming by “military jacket” you mean the very popular olive anorak style like this or this, which can definitely be a bit casual if your style is more conservative. I love fall weather and coats, so I rounded up a few general options. Reader E already has one, but I will note that I think every woman should have a lightweight trench in her closet — it’s a classic piece, and many of the styles are sold with removable liners and hoods so you can adjust them as needed for the weather — and when we’ve talked in the past about what jackets to wear with skirts and dresses, a longer trench is usually what’s in my mind. (I’m a fan of the mid-thigh-length ones, but they also certainly make calf-length ones, if you prefer a longer, more dramatic look.)

I’d add that a nice big scarf is a great option to add on top of these, both as an additional, removable layer of warmth and possibly protection for your hair from wind/rain. Personally, I’m a fan of bigger wraps like the office pashminas we rounded up in our post on why to keep a wrap at the office — but that’s me!

Pictured at top: green / animal print / camel.

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How Long Do You Spend On Your Hair for Work?

Here’s a question I don’t think we’ve talked about before: How long do you spend on your hair for work? Did you choose your cut in order to spend less time on your hair? Do you prefer to spend a lot of time in one chunk (such as going to get a blowout once a week (or give yourself one) and then just brush-and-go your hair the rest of the week? Do you do your hair the same way every day, or do you have a “third-day hair” look (or, hey, a fourth- or fifth-day hair look)? There’s no right answer here, obviously — I’m just curious!

For my $.02, when I was younger I probably spent about 30–40 minutes a day on my wavyish hair — washing it daily, blowdrying it as well as possible. There were years where I spent time with a roundbrush and the blowdryer on a daily basis trying to flatten the coarser waves on the back of my head! (I even had a weird headband technique that I thought saved me time — I would take a hard plastic headband with teeth and, after blowdrying, wear it on top of my hair, around my neck, for about 15 minutes while I finished getting ready.) I definitely tried and discarded some hairstyles because they just required too much upkeep on my hair — for example, I loved the look of an asymmetrical bob but it only looked good if my hair was stick straight and freshly cut.

As I’ve gotten older the waves have become curls (I’m probably around 2C/3A for most of my head, with some annoying underlayers that are still more like 2A wavy) and my hair has gotten drier, so I wash it much less frequently, let it air dry at night, and am more likely to throw it up in a bun or other updo (or half-updo) for daily wear, with a commitment to getting a proper blowout when I’ve got any major meetings to attend. (I’ve always just popped in my local salon for a blowout, but I was blown away with how quickly the woman at Drybar did my hair — I swear she had it done in 30 minutes when it can sometimes take as long as 60–70 minutes elsewhere.) This week I’m going for another keratin appointment, which will ultimately reduce styling/drying time — but spending three hours on my hair at once seems like a huge time suck!

How about you guys: How much time do you spend on your hair for work? How much time you spend on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? What tips and tricks have you found to help you spend less time on your hair for work?

Psst: we’ve talked about how to make a blowout last for days, your favorite dry shampoo, easy office updos, and lots more about office hairstyles in general.

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The Best Dress Shirts for Women with Large Breasts

The Best Dress Shirts for Women with Large BreastsWhen you’ve got a big bust, shopping for blouses that actually fit and flatter can be pretty frustrating (see: “Why does fashion ignore big breasts?”), but there are some quality brands out there that specialize in dress shirts for women with large breasts. We last rounded up these busty blouse brands back in 2013, but the landscape has changed a bit, so we thought we’d do an update!

Pictured, clockwise: black / white / orange / white

In the past we’ve offered style tips for busty women and talked about how to dress professionally if you’re busty. We’ve discussed issues such as how to fix gaping blouses and whether a blazer must button to fit, as well as rounded up companies making bespoke dresses and blazers for the busty. Note also that Hourglassy is an invaluable resource if you aren’t already following along. (By the way, before you consider any of the brands below, make sure you’re wearing the correct size bra, which of course can affect how your tops fit.)

Here are some brands offering dress shirts for women with large breasts:

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Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights

Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights at the OfficeReader A wrote in with a great question that we haven’t talked about in a few years: What is the most comfortable workwear for late nights at the office? Here’s her question:

I’m starting my first biglaw job at a business formal law firm in NYC and would love to see a post about “comfortable” workwear, especially for late nights and weekends. For example, I bought the Betabrand dress yoga pants and am a big fan. I’m curious to hear about particular fabrics or brands known for being less constricting/more “cozy”. I would love to hear thoughts as to HOW casual is appropriate for late nights (e.g. can I change into leggings and a cardigan at 1am?)

Great question. We talked about working late and professional clothes before, what comfy clothes to keep at the office, and what to wear for a weekend in the office — but it’s been a while. Readers just had a great threadjack about super comfortable work clothes, as well, so let’s discuss.

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