Open Thread: What’s YOUR Favorite Lingerie for Office Looks?

Here’s something we haven’t talked about in far too long: what’s your favorite lingerie for office looks? Which are your favorite bras, panties, slips, and other unmentionables to wear with work outfits? What’s your go-to lingerie for work? How much does your office lingerie differ from your weekend lingerie? (And, does anyone organize them as neatly as this lingerie drawer organizer, pictured, available at Amazon for $13?)

For my $.02, these are general guidelines for the best lingerie for office looks:

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Holiday Sales! Fourth of July Workwear Sale Roundup

Happy long weekend — I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the 3d of July off as well as the 4th! If you’re not, I thought I’d throw up a quick sales roundup post to a) let everyone know what sales are afoot, and b) give you a fresh open thread for those of you stuck in the office or otherwise hanging out near a computer today. My favorite sales are in bold. 

Pictured: Flickr / pagedooley (colors modified a bit). 

  • 6PM – Featured brands today include Coach and Clarks.
  • Ann Taylor – 50% off everything with code JUSTBEACHY.
  • Anthropologie – Take an extra 30% off sale items!
  • Boden – Summer sale! Up to 60% off.  (Check out our roundup of how to build a work wardrobe at Boden!)
  • Brooks Brothers – Summer clearance, with online exclusive up to 70% off.
  • Club Monaco – Up to 60% off when you take an additional 30% off sale styles.
  • Express – 50% off select women’s and men’s styles.
  • J.Crew – 30% off your purchase + extra 50% off sale styles with code HOORAY.
  • J.Crew Factory – 50% off everything, PLUS extra 50% off clearance.
  • Lands’ End – 30% off regularly priced styles. Sale section up to 60% off!
  • Last Call – Up to 70% off everything, PLUS an extra 10% off on top of sale with code JULY4.
  • Loft – Extra 60% off all sale styles. Select full-price styles starting at $6.
  • Neiman Marcus – The biggest sale of the season; up to 70% off regular prices.
  • Nordstrom – The big Anniversary sale is coming up (where they mark down fall merchandise for a limited time), but don’t let that dissuade you from checking out the clearance sale going on now — there are 9000+ items marked down from spring and summer. Check out our roundup of how to build a work wardrobe at Nordstrom — lots of those items are on sale right now.
  • Reiss – Sale! Up to 50% off.
  • Talbots – Red Hanger semi-annual sale — extra 50% off two+ markdowns, extra 40% off one markdown.
  • Zappos – End of season sandal sale!

Readers, have you found any great sales this weekend? Any favorite recent purchases in general? Are you at work today or just chilling out?

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Cold Shoulder Tops… and the Office

Can you wear cold shoulder tops to the office? Workwear fashion blog Corporette weighs in.Can you wear cold shoulder tops to the office? Reader L wrote in wondering whether cold shoulder tops are work-appropriate… Here’s her question:

Cold shoulder tops seem to be everywhere. Are they ever appropriate in the work setting? I’ve seen some that would look acceptable as a sleeveless tank or cardigan (for more casual environments), but there’s something about the “cold shoulder” that feels more risque.

Interesting question, Reader L! We got into this a bit in our chat about the trends we won’t wear to work, but as always trends get muted and change the longer they go on, so it seems like it’s deserving of a fuller discussion. I will note that a number of stores (sigh) include such styles in the “wear it to work” section. I’m curious to hear what readers say.

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Weekend Wednesday: How to Wear Shorts as an Adult

We got this question a while ago from Reader E, and I thought it’s an interesting one for the hive: what’s your best advice for how to wear shorts as an adult?  To the readers who wear shorts: do you feel like a certain style of short fits your weekend style? Do you have any favorite brands, or lengths? Here’s Reader E’s question.

I would love to see a segment on wearing shorts as a 30+ something female. Not to work of course, but in the summer, when its hot and only shorts will do, how do I still look presentable, chic and like a capable adult?

Very interesting question, E. Before I had kids, I mostly wore jersey or travel dresses in the summer for errands, brunch dates, shopping trips, and so forth. (Pro tip: look into Jockey Slipshorts to be comfortable beneath dresses!) I literally had one pair of shorts that I wore primarily for travel, like my trip to Sedona with friends (for Auntie M’s 30th birthday, actually). After kids, though, my shorts collection has expanded, just because it’s easier to crawl around on the floor, bend over, pick them up, and so forth.  Some thoughts:

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The Hunt for Budget-Friendly Interview Suits

budget friendly interview suits for womenSure, we all know what work wardrobe essentials professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have. Today: we’re hunting for budget-friendly interview suits for women!

Obviously, we cover a Suit of the Week every week, and we have our regularly updated Guide to Interview Suits as well as our recent overview of brands of suits for women for every budget— but we haven’t specifically looked for budget-friendly interview suits in a few years, so let’s round them up! (Here’s our last discussion on cheap interview suits, as well as our discussion of whether you can mix black separates to make a suit (noooooooo!).  In general, if you’re hunting for an interview suit, keep an eye out for options with a) suiting separates b) available in a solid, dark, neutral color, c) that fit your budget. By buying suiting separates you can get a better fit off the rack (such as by buying a size 10 pant and a size 12 blazer, and maybe even a petite skirt even if everything else is a regular size) — and you can make several outfits, particularly if there are two blazers, such as one that’s collarless and one that’s the traditional lapel+button. (If you have problems finding suits in your size range, check our Guide to Plus Size Suits, Tall Suits, Petite Suits, and Maternity Suits!) Readers, which are your favorite budget-friendly interview suits? 

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Which Beauty Treatments Save The Most Time For Busy Women?

beauty treatments to save timeTrying to get a minimal beauty routine and reduce the time you spend getting ready? Reader J wrote in with a great idea for an open thread, wondering which beauty treatments save time, and give you the biggest bang for your buck? I’m curious to hear what readers say about this.

Hi there! I have a suggestion for a discussion either here or on CorporetteMoms. I have a pretty minimal beauty and skincare routine, yet I feel like I spend a lot of time “getting ready”. I’m wondering how other readers have used professional services such as waxing, eyebrow tinting, permanent make-up, microblading, and other beauty treatments to save time. Which services are worth the cost and make a real difference in the reader’s daily routines. Thank you!

VERY interesting! I’ve written before about how much I love my laser hair removal and I would definitely recommend it, despite the pain and the expense — it’s been almost ten years since I had it done and I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. I would also definitely be on the weekly blowout train if I wanted something sleeker than my wavy/curly hair — I’d much rather spend 60 minutes getting my hair blown out to perfection and rocking the look for 3-5 days rather than fighting for 25-35 minutes on my own and getting a lousy look that didn’t last more than a day or two. (Here are my tips on how to make your blowout last for days!) I also just got a “healthy” keratin treatment on my hair, at the encouragement of a friend who loves her keratin treatments — my initial thought was that it took ten years off my hair (and it went from crazy dry frizzy to only slightly dry frizzy) but I’m waiting until this one wears off and I get my second treatment before I really weigh in. I was also intrigued to see readers discussing eyebrow tinting, specifically using Just For Men to tint eyebrows recently — I ordered some from Amazon and am going to give it a try! I’ve never tried Botox (although I’ve discussed Juvederm with my derm for my “marionette” lines, yay), but I know many MANY readers have given shoutouts to it.  Blue Collar Red Lipstick just did a mini-review of her microblading treatment, and I know Bee at HelloBee has shared that she got her eyebrows tattooed. I’ve been considering doing a Zoom teeth whitening treatment after another blogger I read had it done (I thought it was Wardrobe Oxygen but I can’t find the post now). (The NYT just had a similar article along these lines, about microblading, tattoos, and hair extensions.)

Ladies, what about you — which treatments and services have you considered or gotten in order to streamline your routine? What would you advise other busy professionals looking for beauty treatments to save time? Have you tried microblading, makeup tattoos, laser hair removal, and so forth?  

Picture via Stencil.

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