How To: Polished Hair for a Busy Woman

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We were sort of, well, busy in grade school when all the girls were learning how to do pretty up-dos — clubs and lessons galore. (As were most of our friends!) However, on the off chance you have 5 minutes free in the morning and would like to go for a more polished look, this is a great how-to video from PurseBuzz. We like that she goes from long wet hair to a sleek up-do in 7 minutes flat. (We’d skip the headband.)

Nancy Pelosi and the “Maternal” Style

nancy pelosiJezebel has a piece today on Nancy Pelosi’s style, inspired by a recent article in The New Republic. They also link to a 2006 WaPo article about Nancy Pelosi’s style. All the pieces talk about her maternal style — the Tahitian pearls, the Armani suits, and how integral they are to her success.

We’ve posted a few fun quotes below…

Photo at left by Rob Goodspeed, courtesy of Flickr.

  • “Nancy Pelosi . . . is presently loathed by the Clinton campaign, some supporters of which charge — oh for fuck’s sake — that she wants to maintain her status as the “senior skirt” in Washington. But there’s the thing: Nancy Pelosi wears skirts. She schmoozes and flirts and has a feminine-maternal touch, and she always looks great!” – Jezebel
  • “[I]n the context of Washington, Pelosi cuts a distinctive figure. She gives the impression that she cares about the way she looks, but gives no indication that she obsesses about it. Such pride is an admirable quality and one that most parents attempt to instill in their children, admonishing them to sit up straight, polish their shoes, or smooth their hair for the class picture.” – WaPo
  • “This look–in fact, the whole maternal role–is key to Pelosi’s political identity. Pelosi may be tough, even feminist, but not in the in-your-face ’70s way that Hillary Clinton is often associated with. She has never downplayed her femininity and is known for her Armani suits, Tahitian pearls, and oh-so-girly chocolate habit.The pronounced femininity works because it is naturally who she is, but it is also savvy politics: Such self-marketing undermines GOP efforts to paint Pelosi as a left-wing extremist out of touch with mainstream values. The speaker makes frequent reference to her years as a stay-at-home mom, while staffers and colleagues are quick to attribute leadership tricks and personal ticks to her time in the domestic trenches. Following Pelosi’s swearing in as speaker, the media was awash in photos of her, gavel in hand, surrounded by her grandkids as well as the children of other members. She looked deceptively like your garden-variety grandma–albeit vastly better coiffed.” – TNR

The interesting thing to us is the fact that those style tools are difficult ones to co-opt if you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. That is the time your reputation begins to be built, that is the time you need to work the hardest to earn respect — and women are advised to emulate grandmotherly style. This is, of course, why we started the blog — we don’t necessarily have an answer to it, but we wanted to start a dialog. Let’s try a poll on this one…


Nancy Pelosi: Love Her Or Hate Her, There’s No “Ambiguity” About Her Sense Of Style [Jezebel]
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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Another Luxury Sample Sale Site!

sample sale reviewsIt seems like in a matter of weeks we have gone from total ignorance of the luxury sample sale sites on the Internet to complete overdose. These sites can be great for the woman who loves a sale but is constantly stuck in the office, so we thought we’d give you a round-up. Here’s the ones we know about, and our take on them — please comment and tell us what you think of them, also. (Full text after the jump.)

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New Yorkers: “Women at the Top” on CBS2

monthofwomen-300x225We don’t have HD TV yet, but apparently tomorrow night on CBS 2 there will be an hour-long special featuring “women who have found success in the areas of business, politics, finance and entertainment.” We’d be interested to watch it if we had it — if anyone sees it let us know how it goes.

Women at the Top Tomorrow Night [NewsByte2]
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Weekly Round-Up

nailtiques– Fashionista declares it so it must be so: Black nailpolish is dead. (If it were ever appropriate in an office anyway, which is debatable.) [Fashionista]

– Oh, good, we like to laugh: “Report: Women Increasingly Choosing Dead-End Careers Over Dead-End Relationships.” [The Onion]

– 5 mini-laptops worth lugging around. [Smart Money]

– In case you’re in need of some mini-speakers for your office computer: MUG recommends this pair by Klipsch.

– Wot? A useful Facebook application that lets you add your friend’s birthdays to your Google calendar? No way. [Lifehacker]

– NYT has an interesting take on the age-old conundrum: rent versus buy. We like the advice: If you can rent something for $2100 per month ($25,200 per year) or buy it for $400,000, the “ratio” is about 1:16 — you should never buy if the ratio is over 1:20. [NYT]

Friday’s TPS Report – Rosette Tee from Gap

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Gap Rosette TeeToday’s find is a great white tee with just a few embellishments — we’re always looking for something like this to wear under a navy or brown suit. (While you’re there, we also recommend this clean pencil skirt (on sale!) or this Dobby top— the top is a bit casual for the office, but we’d love to wear it with shorts or jeans on the weekend.)

(Also: we were interested to note that Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Old Navy have *finally* consolidated their shopping bags and shipping process — woo hoo!)

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