Polls: Handling Workouts Near the Office

workouts-near-workOK! We have no real idea what the answer might be here, so we’re particularly curious to see what people think about this week’s question, inspired by one of the commenters on Above The Law:


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Corporette 101: Rip Your Clothes


Sometimes, women new to suits don’t realize that when you purchase it off the rack, there are a number of things that are sewn up for display purposes that should not be sewn up once you wear them. Namely, pockets on jackets and pants, slits in skirts, and vents on jackets.

  • Slits and vents will be sewn shut with a tiny “X” marking the spot — you should cut that off gently and remove all the thread.
  • Pockets are your choice* — you don’t have to rip them open, but it probably isn’t a bad idea if you have a building card pass to carry or want to take your debit card for a lunch run. Again, take some scissors and rip them open and remove all offending thread. (Although, in a pinch, just ripping it open with your bare hands will do.)

If you aren’t sure whether or not there’s actually a pocket in there, look on the inside of your jacket or pants — you’ll see the pocket pouch. [Read more…]

Weekend Round-up

– The first female nominated four-star general gives leadership tips. [Washington Independent]

– Nice article profiling Bonnie Fuller, one of the power women of today. Good quote: “Ms. Fuller is known for her hellacious hours, indifferent people skills and an approach to deadline matters that is more akin to ritual sacrifice than publishing protocol.” (And for continuing to edit while in labor.) [NYT]

– The four parts to an effective thank-you note — and just in time for interview season. [The Simple Dollar via Lifehacker]

– Obama’s got lady troubles. Watch out, sweetie. [WaPo]

– A review of some products designed for the inner klutz: Miss Oops. [The Daily Obsession]

– Yes, we’re trying to kick our Diet Coke addiction also. Here are some tips to help. [Lifehacker]

Above: Photo by Roadsidepictures, courtesy of Flickr.

360 Review: Ellen Parsons

In the 360 Review, Corporette examines a “professional woman”s” attire and critiques it from all perspectives: underling, boss, friend.

ellen parsons fashion(1)We must admit, we stopped watching FX’s series Damages after a particularly preposterous deposition scene. However, we were impressed with Aussie actress Rose Byrne’s portrayal of Ellen Parsons, the naive young lawyer who finds herself playing with wolves. Her style reflects some of her naivete: She seems to think that having absolutely no personality will make her seem professional. Accordingly, most of her choices are either black suits with beige blouses, or occasionally a white shirt with a black blouse. It’s 100% professional — the most daring thing she does is wearing dangly pearl earrings — but given that her brutal boss, played by Glenn Close, dons them in half of her scenes it could be another example of Parsons towing the line. [Read more…]

Monday’s TPS: LV Epi Leather Alma bag in Grenade

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Happy Monday!  Not so happy?  Perhaps you feel like you’ve been kicked in the head already?  Yeah, us too.  But, good news!  This is a four day work-week!  Woo hoo!  Still, you’re going to need sustenance to make it through the week, and we suggest this little ditty, to your right.  Louis Vuitton bags have long been classic; the Alma bag is particularly favored among business women.  Made of durable and luxurious Epi leather; it’s large enough to fit all your technology, a large paperback, a huge sunglasses case, and more. This season they have two limited edition colors, Grenade (at right) and a darker purple, Cassis.  We’re sure both would be surprisingly versatile — after all, what can’t you wear purple with?   Available at Eluxury.com for $1,240. Louis Vuitton – Epi Leather Alma – Grenade.

Weekly Roundup

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Geox Women's Stefany Ballerina Flat
– The Chicago Tribune asks, why must comfortable shoes be so ugly? We like the story of the woman who thought about changing into flip flops to cross the street. [Chicago Trib] At left: We’ve heard great things about these shoes being comfortable, and we can vouch that they are not ugly. Geox Women’s Stefany Ballerina Flat, $109 at Endless

– Happy days: an article about the misogyny women on Wall Street face. [WSJ]

– We’re not sure a makeup trick has ever “changed our lives,” but these women disagree. [GirlsInTheBeautyDepartment]

– Breaking:  Dark under-eye circles could be a sign that you’ve been working too much OR, it turns out, of iron deficiency.  Take a cue from Pop-Eye the Sailorman: Eat your spinach! (Or steak!) [HungryGirl]

– The 9 best-selling cars for women drivers. [LAT]

– Tips on how to save money and not get killed with baggage fees. [SmartMoney]

– The 7 Must-Read Stock Blogs. [TheMotley Fool]

– Hmmn, this may be a new thing to add to our LeechBlock: Polyvore, an online site where you can mix and match outfits. [Fashionista]

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