Buying Multiples… from a Designer Collaboration

Buying Multiples... from a Designer Collaboration | Corporette Can you justify having multiples of the same kind of dress? Does the answer change if it’s from a “designer collaboration” (popularized by Target but seen at a lot of different budget-friendly stores)? Reader J wonders, particularly with respect to the recent Banana Republic/Issa collaboration:

I kind of went wild and bought a bunch of the “royal engagement” style Issa wrap dresses (royal blue, turquoise, deep purple, aubergine). As you know, these are classic looking dresses made of 100% silk … plus I love them. Can I justify having multiples of these dresses?

For those who don’t know, Issa is a fairly high end brand with dresses that normally retail for $400-$850 (sold at stores like ShopBop and Saks; The Outnet actually has a bunch on sale right now for $200+); they recently did a “collaboration” with Banana Republic where some of Issa’s designs, manufactured and sold by BR, retail for $50-$140. I have a few thoughts on this, but I’m curious to hear what the readers say…

1) If you buy something you like, that fits you well, buy multiples of it (or at least set up a price alert to stalk it when it goes on sale). I’ve done this with t-shirts, sweaters, blazers, pants, lingerie, shoes, even purses.  I’ve occasionally even bought the exact same color and size again because I liked it so much and wanted a spare.

2) That said, you want to be a bit careful with the ever popular “designer collaboration” – [Read more...]

The Best Commuting Shoes

The Best Commuting Shoes | CorporetteWhat are the best shoes for walking to work?  Reader J wonders…

Can you do a post on commuting shoes? I always change into my heels at work, and I need help finding a pair of comfortable (but cute) shoes to wear on the subway/walk to work. I’m curious what shoes other readers wear on their commute.

Great question, J!  We’ve talked about how some women commute in wedges, as well as taken polls on whether toning shoes are appropriate for a commute, but while I’ve mentioned “commuting shoes” a lot, I don’t think we’ve ever had a post devoted to my own perfect version of commuting shoes.  Here are the factors I’ve always looked for:

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The Rules about Dresses for a “Business Casual” Interviewing Event

The Rules about Dresses for a "Business Casual" Interviewing Event || CorporetteWhat are the rules for dresses in a business casual environment — and how do those vary if you’re interviewing, networking, or just working? Reader H wonders what to wear to a dinner reception/interview situation that has a business casual dress code.

I have a dinner reception to attend the night before a second/final round interview at a consulting firm, at one of their Midwest firms. Other attendants at the dinner will be employees from the firm including staff to partners, and also other candidates. The stipulated dress code is business casual. I have read your other posts on business lunches, and I understand you recommend trousers/pants. However, I almost always wear skirts or dresses. Could you give me some guidance in terms of what I can wear? Specifically, what kind of dresses or skirts would be appropriate? (e.g. sheath dress? pencil skirts?). Should I stick to solids, or are prints acceptable? What about colors? Should I keep it strictly neutral? As for tops, does it need to have collar? Are sleeves required? What about the sleeve length (is showing elbows ok?). Finally, should I wear a jacket, and if so, what type? Suit jacket? Slightly less formal? Is cardigan acceptable? Thanks for your help.

Wow — Reader H has a ton of questions here, so I’m going to bang out some answers, but (as always) I’m curious to hear what the readers say. A few things to note at the outset: obviously look at this dinner reception as an interview (or part of the interviewing process) since you’ll be evaluated in part based on the impression you make at this reception, and obviously the answer is going to differ a bit from region to region. That said, here are some quick and dirty answers from me… (Pictured: Theory – Betty Tailor Dress – was $295 now marked to $176.98 at Nordstrom (tons of sizes left in both indigo and charcoal).) [Read more...]

Transitioning From Business Casual to a Conservative Office

How to Transition From A Business Casual To a Conservative Office | CorporetteHow do you transition your wardrobe from business casual to business conservative? Reader J has a great question:

I recently received an offer to work in a firm that has a business dress code. I’ve been working for the last few years in a business casual environment, and I’m not sure how to adjust my wardrobe accordingly. Any suggestions for a few key pieces to give my wardrobe the extra oomph?

We’ve talked before about how to transition your wardrobe from a conservative office to a very business casual office, but we haven’t talked about the reverse. I’m curious to hear what readers say here… these are the individual pieces that feel the most “formal” to me (and accordingly, felt the least appropriate when I went from BigLaw to a casual nonprofit a few years ago).

- Classic pumps. Particularly: an almond or pointy toe, thin heels, at least 2-3″ high. (I’ve pictured the Stuart Weitzman Whoopsie shoe above (on sale at Zappos — was $350 now $199 in black and beige), but take a look at our most recent black pumps roundup to get ideas in other price points. The Guide to Comfortable Heels may also be of help here. [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Flair for Your Phones

The Best iPhone Cases | CorporetteDo you jazz up your iPhone or Android with a fashionable case, ringtones, and more?  Do you think there are pros and cons to doing so?  Reader M wonders what the best iPhone cases are, but I think there’s a broader question here.

I am planning on buying the new iPhone but don’t know what case to get. I thought a post on the best iPhone cases that are also fashionable would be timely. My current case for my iPhone was inexpensive and it shows. Not only is it falling apart but it essentially makes the flash feature unusable which means taking pictures with it is not an option most of the time. I don’t want to make the same mistake the next time around.

Interesting question.  We’ve talked about the best apps for phones before, but we’ve never talked about “flair,” which I’ll use in the same way the movie Office Space uses when referring to the buttons Jennifer Aniston’s character is supposed to wear to jazz up her waitressing uniform[Read more...]

How to Find Shoes for Your Weird Feet

How to Find Comfortable Heels | CorporetteA lot of women have problem feet in one way or another — wide feet, narrow heels, fallen arches, bunions, weak ankles, size 11, size 5, etc, etc, etc. I’ve gotten a few questions from readers and I thought it would be an interesting discussion — how DO you find comfortable heels and shoes?  We’ve talked about comfortable heels before (of course; it’s one of our top posts!) but not specifically about how to find comfortable shoes. (Pictured: Buzzfeed had a fun guide to shoe storage earlier this year…)

I have a few ideas, but I’m curious what resources the other readers may know about… [Read more...]