Weekly Round-Up: If you wear it to play, don’t wear it to work

pink polish for work– The Girls in the Beauty Department round up the best pink nail polishes. [Glamour] We totally want the one The Daily Obsession recommended, though (pictured). (Available at Nordstrom.)

– Eeek! How did we miss this? “Clothing” arguments for a new legal dress code. We luuuurve the rule that “if you wear it to play, don’t wear it to work.” [ForbesLife Executive Woman] Oh, and speaking of lady lawyers, the Observer, well, observes that the Litigatrix has eaten Ally McBeal for breakfast. [NY Observer]

– Oooh, ten bags under $1000. [BagSnob]

– On the off chance you’re working in Second Life, Counterfeit Chic has some fashion advice for your avatar. [Counterfeit Chic]

– Long days in front of computers make our necks hurt. But hey — at least we have some government-approved exercises to feel better. [MedicineNet]

– Here’s an interesting site: They focus on Top 15 lists. One we like: Top 15 Podium Tactics From Public Speaking Pros.” [Top 15s]

Weekend Roundup

ask a working woman survey– Ask a Working Woman Survey: Indeed! You’ll learn all sorts of stuff. Such as, nobody likes pantyhose. But seriously, go take the survey! [Feminist Law Professors]

– WaPo thinks Vogue’s shoots of lady politicians is a window into how these women would like to be perceived. [WaPo]

– Uh oh: Barack has now been caught calling women “sweetie” twice. [Chicago Trib, bastard.logic]

– Wired tells us how to hack our brains to get smarter, including which drugs to take. [Wired] Oh, and Real Age advises us to drink lots of tea. [Real Age]

– Information overload? Part of the game is knowing when to give up. [NYT: Shifting Careers]

Weekly Round-Up

– The ChicagoTrib looks at the prevalence of sleep problems in today’s society. If you’re having trouble sleeping, we recommend working out in the morning, not drinking caffeine after 3 PM, and avoiding thoughts about work/career issues before bedtime.

– Oldie but still relevant: WSJ’s The Juggle has lots of good links to old articles about how neglecting your appearance may negatively affect your career.

Oprah Magazine and Jezebel explore one of the primary dangers of the office bathroom: the Tinkler.

– WowOwow has lots of excerpts from Cokie Roberts’ new book on the First Ladies.

– NYT has an article about how, for a mere $156,000, you can buy a share to an apartment in Paris for one month a year. We don’t think this is such a bad idea, but then again, we also can’t imagine being able to get away from the office for a full month, so we’re thinking of this more as a 1/22nd share in a Paris apartment.

– The secret to succeeding in the law for women lawyers is, apparently, a deep love of practicing law. [Ms. J.D., New York magazine: Women Leaders in the Law. ]

– Drool, drool, drool: The World’s Most Dazzling Royal Jewels. We’ve bought right-hand rings and diamond earrings before, but these are stunning. [Forbes]

– Totally unrelated to business or fashion, but if you are as big of a Buffy fan as we are then enjoy: interview with Joss Whedon about his new project, starring Eliza Dushku. [LA Times]

10 Things You Should Know about a Business Lunch

business lunch 2016 Update: We stand by the advice below, but you can also check out our most recent discussion on dining etiquette for business lunches.

No, we’re neither Debrett’s nor Emily Post, but we know a thing or two about conducting ourselves properly at a business lunch… we’ve also seen some truly bad manners. Thus, whether you’ve been to a million business lunches or you’re just starting out, 10 Things You Should Know:

1. As soon as everyone at the table is seated, that napkin goes in your lap. If you need to get up at some point, the napkin should be folded and placed on your chair. (Not the table — no one likes to look at a dirty napkin.) At the very end of the meal, when everyone is finished eating, you should fold you napkin and put it beneath your plate, to the left. This holds true even if you’re eating at a diner with paper napkins.

2. Your water glass is to your right. Your bread dish is to your left. If you get confused, put your hands in your lap and touch the index finger of your left hand to your left thumb, and do the same with your right — your left hand should form a “b” (for BREAD) and your right hand should form a “d” (for DRINK). We’ve also heard to think “BMW”: bread, middle, water.

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Weekly 360 Review

Brookstone  travel alarm clock– HungryGirl rounds up the great brain foods — perfect for when we’re tired after a long day of blogging AND working our day job.

– Brookstone has a great travel alarm clock that doubles as a digital picture frame; it holds up to 50 shots and costs $39. Perfect for the consultants among us who have to travel for long periods of time. (Hat tip: Best Buys Daily.)

– WSJ has an interesting interview with Nilofer Merchant, who worked her way from Administrative Assistant to CEO of her own company by age 40. Her key to success: “‘[F]ailing fast’ and ‘failing often’ and always getting right back up again.”

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