Coffee Break: Ruby Mini Hoop Earrings

Ileana Makri Ruby Mini Hoop Earrings | CorporetteI always love me a good huggy earring, and this mini hoop from Ileana Makri looks like it fits the bill. I like the hinge back with the super teeny hoop (10mm), and I think the ruby color would look gorgeous against most, if not all, skin tones. The earrings are $1,050 at Barneys (also available in green tsavorite). Ileana Makri Ruby Mini Hoop Earrings


Coffee Break: Madison Leather Small Phoebe Shoulder Bag

Coach Madison Leather Small Phoebe Shoulder Bag | CorporetteThis Coach bag is one of Zappos’ best sellers, and it’s easy to see why — it’s available in 12 bright colors and has none of the logo madness that Coach has been known for in recent years. The 52 glowing reviews speak of sumptuous leather and intelligent organization — lovely. The light pink ruby (pictured) is on sale for $286.40, as is a fun orange “mandarin” color; the rest are full price at $358. (6pm also has a beige snakeskin print on sale for $238, and Amazon has a zillion colors for $150-$528.) Nordstrom also has several colors (and another 53 glowing reviews). Coach Madison Leather Small Phoebe Shoulder Bag


Coffee Break: “Wicked” Head Wrap

Sweaty Bands | CorporetteThese highly-rated headbands are apparently perfect for a workout — I could see them being particularly great when you’re working out at a company gym or a gym near the office and actually care what you look like. They come in a zillion colors and are marked $15 (2 for $25). Sweaty Bands “Wicked” Head Wrap


Coffee Break: Herringbone Double-Breasted A-Line Coat

Tracy Reese Herringbone Double Breasted A-Line Coat | CorporetteA month or so ago I was in church (so it must have been Easter; I’m a bit of a Christmas Catholic) and saw a woman with a fabulous, interesting, distinctive coat. It had personality! It had style! It really made you think, wow, that’s an amazing coat, and she must be really cool to wear it. (The fact that she was a slightly harried mom to several small children only made this coat that much cooler.) Anyway, I’m now obsessed with finding something similar — and this herringbone, optical-print coat from Tracy Reese is a definite contender. It’s $648 at Nordstrom (available for preorder, sizes 0-10). Tracy Reese Herringbone Double-Breasted A-Line Coat


Coffee Break: Suede T-Strap Peep-Toes

Brooks Brothers Suede Peep Toe T-Strap | CorporetteI’ve been ogling these sophisticated light brown T-strap peep-toes from Brooks Brothers for a few weeks. I like the mixed leathers (suede and patent), the 3″ heel with .25″ platform, and the sale: the heel was $228, but is now $91. (Brooks Brothers is a reader favorite for comfortable heels, so their shoe sale might be worth checking out in general — lots of work-appropriate pieces and good prices.) The pictured T-straps also come in black. Brooks Brothers Suede Peep Toe T-Strap


Coffee Break: Brass Elephant Bowl

Jonathan Adler Elephant Bowl | CorporetteThis little friendly brass elephant strikes me as the perfect thing to give some personality to your office, as well as to help you keep some tiny things — paperclips, perhaps — organized. (Or, if you take your earring(s) off for long phone calls, you can always keep them here when you’re not wearing them.) I like the elephant the best, but the bowl is also available as a pig and a dachshund at $88 and $118, respectively. The elephant bowl is $88 at ShopBop. (Also adorable from Jonathan Adler: this set of canisters labeled SECRETS, WHITE LIES, and GLITTER, sold separately.) Jonathan Adler Elephant Bowl