Coffee Break: ‘Eliza – Bedford’ Nylon Satchel

MZ Wallace 'Eliza - Bedford' Nylon Satchel | CorporetteI must say, I was worried for a while that MZ Wallace was phasing out its super popular, highly rated, reader-beloved nylon line, in favor of its new quilted pieces (such as here or here). Happily, they still seem to be in stock, and just as highly rated as ever at Nordstrom. These nylon bags are lightweight, durable, and great for summer because they don’t add a lot of bulk, particularly if you’re walking for your commute. The pictured bag is $385. MZ Wallace ‘Eliza – Bedford’ Nylon Satchel


Coffee Break: Crystal Quartz Huggie Earrings

Rebecca Taylor Crystal Quartz Huggie Earring | CorporetteOooh: I have not really focused on Melissa Joy Manning jewelry before, although I’ve certainly heard her name — but now I’m obsessed. She has a ton of delicate, delicate hoops and huggies, my favorite for work. (My theory: it’s really uncomfortable to talk on a phone with a post earring, and bigger earrings run the risk of being inappropriate for work. If you have a conference call you can plan to take your earring off, but then you run the risk of losing your earring…) Anyhoo: these lovely recycled-metal and crystal “hug hoop earrings” look modern and delicate, perfect for work. They’re $150 at (Pro tip: They often have steep sales with additional discounts offered only to their email list, so if you like Rebecca Taylor or these earrings, consider signing up.) Rebecca Taylor Crystal Quartz Huggie Earrings


Coffee Break: Aubrey Pumps

Soft Style AubreyI found this lovely, almost retro pump while doing our most recent roundup of low heels for work — I still think it’s so, so pretty. I love the ribbon-like detail on the vamp, as well as the low height (2″).  I’m not usually a fan of light blue shoes (I had a teal pair of shoes once that got worn rarely), but these look gorgeous.  (They’re also in black.)  They’re $59 at Zappos, and — fun fun — they come in sizes 5.5-12, and in four widths.  Nice. Soft Style Aubrey

Know your office — peep toe pumps aren’t appropriate everywhere! Looking for more comfortable heels? Check out our guide.


Coffee Break: Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat LeafI get a lot of pitches that go in one ear and out the other, but for some reason this jewelry/wearable tech hybrid caught my attention.  Like a Fitbit, it tracks your steps, but it also helps you moderate your breathing (before an important presentation, for example), tracks your sleep, your fertility cycle, and gives you alarms for things like waking up and standing up.  And it looks pretty as a necklace, a bracelet, a clip, or more.  Nothing new here, but it’s nice to see so many things for women in one device — and it’s only $119.  Commenters on the morning thread were talking about the Misfit trackerladies, which are your favorites?  Bellabeat Leaf


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Coffee Break: Stellato Flat

M.Gemi Stellato Flat | CorporetteWe featured these pointed-toe loafers a while ago — which seem sleek and cool and a nice update — and now I see that one of M.Gemi’s new styles is very similar, but at a much lower price point. They’re available in hot pink, light blue, white, and black, and come in at $198 — nice. M.Gemi Stellato Flat

Here are flats with an even lower price tag, these come in wide sizes, and these are available in both narrow and wide sizes.


Coffee Break: ‘Cora’ Tote

Jordana Paige Cora Tote | CorporetteNew company Jordana Paige caught my eye a while back because I know folks are always on the lookout for quality vegan bags; here the bags are made from “vegan faux crosshatch leather.”  The company was nice enough to send a bag to me, and I liked the material, the shape, and all of the smart little details — the front pocket detaches to be a wristlet; the interior has a divided pocket, the bag has feet, etc. The dark green is a really nice neutral, but it’s also available in gray, a brownish rose, and lavender.  The bag is $159. Jordana Paige ‘Cora’ Tote