Coffee Break: Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50

Sunscreen Spray: Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 At a recent conference I spoke to a Supergoop! representative about this new product, which promises to fix a number of problems for working women. It’s a refresher with sunscreen that is also a setting spray for your makeup; Vogue included it in its roundup of several similar products last spring. Here’s the rep’s pitch: For working women, even if you sit all day in front of the computer, UV rays can still reach you through glass windows — and so after you eat your lunch and refresh your makeup, you should also spritz this mist to re-up your sunscreen protection. I always find scent a HUGE component of any kind of spray product, and I’m happy to report the rosemary/mint smell is lovely. Light, refreshing — the perfect sort of thing to recenter yourself for a productive afternoon. The spray is $28 for 3.4 oz. (or $12 for 1 oz.) at Sephora. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50


Coffee Break: ‘Marles’ Multicolor Woven Coat

Colorful Coat: Roksanda 'Marles' Multicolor Woven CoatI was perusing Nordstrom’s “emerging designer” section, which is definitely aimed at the sort of woman who prefers color, texture, and novelty over, you know, function, form, and, well, whatever else one could do with money rather than spending it on very expensive, odd clothes — but this multicolored coat appealed to me. I even like how the arms are oddly long (although, let’s be honest, I’d probably have them hemmed, and I’d also probably belt the jacket). It’s definitely a bit of a splurge (ahem): It’s $3735 at Nordstrom, lucky sizes only. Roksanda ‘Marles’ Multicolor Woven Coat

Tough act to follow — but a few interesting multicolored coats are here, here, here, and here.

In other news: you have to see this suit.


Coffee Break: ‘Izzie’ Square Leather Strap Watch

Colorful Watch: Tory Burch 'Izzie' Square Leather Strap WatchI know readers were just discussing someone’s first good watch purchase, and this probably won’t fill that “basic watch you wear everywhere” kind of need. But it sure is a pretty and fun watch, isn’t it? I first noticed the more minimal style of the ivory/gold version, but this green/gold one is gorgeous. It’s $395 at Nordstrom. Tory Burch ‘Izzie’ Square Leather Strap Watch


Coffee Break: Individual 10 Tights

"Nude for You" Pantyhose: Wolford Individual 10 TightsI just saw a thing in O magazine about how Wolford just introduced nude tights in ten shades, which is great. They’re winning rave reviews over at Zappos, aside from a few reviewers who seem confused by the fact that Wolford named them tights. At 10 denier, though, they’re definitely more in line with sheer, very light hose — contrast that with the 100 denier of these opaque Wolford tights, or the 110 denier of everyone’s favorite Commando tights, and you can see the difference. The pictured Wolford hose are $50. Ladies, what is your favorite brand and color of “nude for you” hose? Wolford Individual 10 Tights

Psst 1: we just updated our Guide to Pantyhose.

Psst 2: We have tentatively decided to try a new sidebar feature called “recent threadjacks of interest” (currently live at the bottom of the sidebar). This isn’t mean to be exhaustive by any means, nor is it an endorsement of the comments therein — it just seemed like a fun way to highlight some of the great discussions going on.  (Yes, it took 8 years of great discussions on this blog for this to occur to me.)


Coffee Break: Pebble Patent Shopper

white patent leather toteNordstrom notes that white bags are trending right now — so here’s a fun question: do you own white bags? How do you keep them clean?  Do you wear your white bags for work, or save them for the weekend? The only white bag I’ve ever had and wore regularly was a Treesje satchel that was white patent leather. (I think it was the Asher Zip; Nordstrom Rack still has a few non-white bags on sale today.) The fact that it was patent leather was a huge deal, because it meant regular dirt/dust/wear stains bounced off the bag, and while it occasionally did get scuffs, you could wipe off the scuffs pretty easily. But Nordstrom doesn’t have a single white patent leather bag in their roundup — so I’m linking to this lovely white patent shopper from Dooney & Bourke, available over at Zappos for $198. I particularly like the feet on the bag, as well as the fact that the handles are beige, so they’ll show dirt/cracks less. The bag also comes in black, mint, and oyster, all with beige handles. Dooney & Bourke Pebble Patent Shopper

On the more affordable side, this $25 bag at Amazon is similar and has 45 positive reviews.


Coffee Break: 35.630 Wedge

Wedge Heels: Gabor 35.630 Wedge I haven’t noticed the brand Gabor before, but they have a bunch of really highly rated shoes (including some nice flats that we missed during our roundup of the most comfortable ballet flats)! Pictured, this simple wedge in gray and black looks great for work, or even as a commuting shoe. There are only three reviews, but they’re all raving about the comfort of the shoes. They’re $189 at Zappos; Nordstrom has them in an additional color, navyGabor 35.630 Wedge

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