Coffee Break: Kooba Jordan Leather Tote

iconBloomingdale’s has a great “buy more, save more” sale going on right now — take 20% off if you spend more than $250, take 30% off if you spend more than $500.  These sales are great times to strike if you happen to have your eye on pricey handbag or tote — one item in your shopping bag gets you over the limit, and the rest of your order reaps the benefit of the same discount.  Today we’re liking this taupe tote from Kooba — it’s marked at $575, but comes down to $402.50 with the 30% off discount.   Kooba Jordan Leather Tote

Coffee Break: Sumdex Laptop Sleeve Aircube Netbook Sleeve

eBags is having an inventory reduction sale, including a ton of great laptop sleeves — which, for our $.02, is the best way to carry a laptop. Just get a laptop sleeve that fits your computer, and then toss the protected laptop into your already fashionable tote bag, and voila — no need for a bulky, ugly computer bag. We like these fun ones from Sumdex (marked to $19.99 with free shipping), but the eBags sale has your basic black or blue sleeves as well — markdowns up to 70% off with free shipping. Sumdex Laptop Sleeve Aircube Netbook Sleeve 8.9 10.2 Blue

Coffee Break: L. Erickson Ponytail Holder

6With summer nearing, many women will be looking for ways to put back their hair in ways that are neat and cool — and intentional.  For us, the difference between “I didn’t have time to wash my hair today” and “I thought I’d wear my hair in a pony today” is all about the pretty ponytail holder.  We have this in red, and have always thought it looked great against dark hair — not too little-girl, not too fancy.  They’re $15 each at FranceLuxe.  L. Erickson Ponytail Holder

(As commenters have noted, they’re also available from Amazon— with free shipping.)

Coffee Break: Harveys Seatbelt Bag

Harveys Seatbelt Bag - Lola Satchel (Black) - Bags and LuggageToday we’re liking this lovely Lola bag from Harveys. It’s made from seatbelts (yes, really) so you know it’s durable, but we like the slight ruffled component to it. We wish the bag were a bit bigger — for anyone taking home piles of paperwork this weekend, you won’t be able to fit too much in there — but for a few folders or a laptop it’ll work just fiiiine. It’s $234 at  Harveys Seatbelt Bag – Lola Satchel (Black) – Bags and Luggage

Coffee Break: Simon Sebbag Triple Strand Bib Necklace

5We’re big fans of a simple strand of pearls — but there’s something to be said about a colorful bib necklace like this gorgeous one from Simon Sebbag.  For almost any outfit that you’d add a set of pearls to, this kind of necklace can make a fashion-forward statement, become a signature piece of yours, and add a lovely dose of color to your face.  (For some reason, with regard to turquoise, we always remember something that Sarah Michelle Gellar said years ago on the red carpet, perhaps while wearing this:  I figured, hey, I’m young, so I should wear the color while I can.  We have no opinion on whether turquoise looks bad on older women, but we were intrigued by the quote.)  This necklace is $375 at Nordstrom.    Simon Sebbag Triple Strand Bib Necklace

Coffee Break: Naturalizer – Beacon

Naturalizer - Beacon (Oxford Brown Leather/Shiny) - FootwearWe got an e-mail from reader C, raving about this “Beacon” shoe:

The heel is higher than it looks and oh-so-so-comfortable. I bought these to be able to commute in dress pants and heels (my comfy commuting flats only work with skirts b/c all my trousers are tailored to heel-length). From the subway stop, I have to walk 3 avenue blocks and 3 street blocks (in NY) to my internship at a not-for-profit law office and these are amaaaazing.

We agree — these are great shoes for pants, either for commuting shoes or just regular running-around-the-office shoes. The brown is on sale today ($69), while the black are at the regular price of $78.  (Reader C also noted that she had gotten them for $51 at Nordstrom, but there doesn’t seem to be a link online.)  Naturalizer – Beacon (Oxford Brown Leather/Shiny)

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