Coffee Break: Taylor Laptop Bag

LeSportsac Taylor Laptop Bag | CorporetteI really like the few LeSportsac bags that I have — and if I were looking for a laptop bag, I would check this one out. I like the striped version, pictured, as well as the matte black bag — they do have a few other versions. The bag is $112 at Zappos. (Note that if you prefer more of a briefcase style for your laptop bag, the brand has several highly rated versions for 13″ and 15″ laptops.) LeSportsac Taylor Laptop Bag

Coffee Break: Portrait Pump

Seychelles Portrait Pump | CorporetteI mentioned these briefly in the strappy heels roundup last week, but I thought they deserved a highlight of their own. Look how purty! I think all of the iterations here are great — of course I love the purple on purple, but there’s a lovely teal version, as well as silver and black. I like the slightly pointed almond toe, as well as the 3.25″ heel. Love. (For tights weather, either try it with a tightly woven nude-for-you fishnet (know your office!!) or navy tights. The shoe is $110 at Zappos. Seychelles Portrait Pumps

Coffee Break: The Collector’s Box

Bonlook's The Collector's Box | CorporetteIf you’re like me (and having fun with ordering inexpensive eyeglasses online), this box seems like a clever, lovely way to store them (and, ha, much better than my tactic of throwing them all in a drawer).  I think it would look lovely sitting on a dresser or vanity, or even sitting out of the way on your desk at work.  It’s $39 at BonLook.  The Collector’s Box

Coffee Break: Rocco Heat-Sensitive Color-Changing Satchel Duffel Bag

Alexander Wang Rocco Heat-Sensitive Color-Changing Satchel Duffel Bag | CorporetteYou know, I always did like mood rings. So when I saw this much (much) more expensive version — in a bag that has serious staying power — in one of my favorite colors anyway — well. Now I’m tempted. The duffel bag is $1,150 at Neiman Marcus. Alexander Wang Rocco Heat-Sensitive Color-Changing Stud-Bottom Satchel Duffel Bag

Coffee Break: Ruffle Wrap

Nordstrom Ruffle Wrap | CorporetteA wool wrap is great for weather like this where you’re not quite sure how many layers you’re going to need — especially if you’re going out in the evening when temperatures may dip drastically. I like the ruffle on this one and the fact that it’s 100% wool — it’s going to be much more substantial than a poly blend like the ones you buy on the street. It’s available in black, gray, and a dark and light beige, all for $98. Nordstrom Ruffle Wrap

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Coffee Break: Penelope Flat

Footzyfolds Penelope Flat | CorporetteWe’ve covered foldable flats a few times in the past, so I don’t write about them often, but I definitely use the few pairs I have pretty frequently — I even took some with me to my cousin’s wedding a few months ago as a back-up option. I love the little mesh details and fun colors on these Penelope flats. They’re available in sizes 6-11, for $54.95, at Nordstrom. Footzyfolds Penelope Flat