Suit of the Week: Liz Claiborne New York Diagonal Stripe Suit

Liz Claiborne New York Diagonal Stripe SuitWe’re intrigued by this suit from Isaac Mizrahi’s new collection for Liz Claiborne New York. As Liz Claiborne Chief Creative Officer Tim Gunn might have said: it’s a lot of look. Accordingly, we’d probably wear it as separates except for a few specific circumstances where we want to look extremely young and hip and in-your-face creative. (So: not to court or to depositions or most meetings where you’re the underling.) The diagonal stripe sleeveless dress is $89, and the matching cardigan (which is structured enough that we’re counting the whole outfit as a suit) is $119. Alas: The t-straps, which we love, aren’t available until March 10th.

Suit of the Week: Diane von Furstenberg Knit Suit

This week’s suit of the week is this lovely knit suit from DvF. We like the thick knit, as well as the nipped-in, structured look of both pieces. The neckline of the jacket, in particular, is interesting — we’ve never seen a combination of a scoop-neck, notched Nehru collar, let alone such a winning and different take on it. The jacket (Diane von Furstenberg ‘Travis’ Knit Jacket) is available for $365; the skirt (Diane von Furstenberg ‘Nanetta’ Knit Skirt) is available for $265, both from Nordstrom.

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Travis’ Knit Jacket DvF ‘Nanetta’ Knit Skirt

Suit of the Week: Brooks Brothers Widestripe Wool

Unintentionally, today is a Brooks Brothers kind of a day. We like this wool suit (super 110s) and its unusual wide stripe pattern — it’s distinctive yet traditional at the same time. The Widestripe Wool Three-Button Jacket is available for $398, the Widestripe Wool Skirt is $188, and there are two kinds of matching pants — the Widestripe Wool Catherine™ Trousers ($238) have a slimmer fit, a plain front, and a contoured waistband; meanwhile, the Widestripe Wool Trousers (also $238) have a wider fit (but also a plain front and contoured waistband).

brooks brothers skirt suit

Suit of the Week: Semantiks Mélange Suit

We really like this black and white combo suit from Semantiks, available at Nordstrom.  The piping on the jacket is interesting without being distracting, and the cut of the suit is feminine without being frou-frou.  The Semantiks Mélange Jacket is $138, and the Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Trousers are $88.   There’s a coordinating Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Pencil Skirt, also, priced at $68.

gray pantsuit with black piping

Suit of the Week: Ann Taylor Karlee Suit

What a gorgeous black navy skirt suit. When we refer to wearing a dress with a cropped jacket, this is almost exactly what we have in mind. We love the cut of the suit, the texture of the fabric, and especially the pockets — “raw edge pleated trim” is apparently code for “cool”. The jacket is $219, and the matching skirt is $109. (We will admit, we wish the skirt were a smidge longer.)

UPDATE:  As one reader informs us, the color is actually navy — not black.  Alas!  It is still a gorgeous suit, though.
skirt suit

Suit of the Week: Bebe Italian Topstitched Twill

Wow — there are some mighty colorful suits out there right now.  (For all the women who enjoy wearing suits on their resort vacation, perhaps?)  Anyway:  there seems to be a lack of fun, interesting suits, but this is one we haven’t seen before:  Italian topstitched twill suit, from Bebe.  We like the piping and fringe around the collar, and the ruffled pleating at the back of the jacket.  The jacket is $179, the wide-legged pants are $129, skirt is $109, and the bustier vest is $119.  (We’d suggest wearing a shirt beneath it unless you happen to work in a nightclub.)   Should you need them, matching short-shorts are also available for $89.

bustier suit

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