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The Top Posts of 2013

 Top Posts of 2013

(according to Google Analytics 12-31-13)

  1. Business Casual for Women – Without Being Overdressed
  2. Is Ombre Hair Professional?
  3. The Best Button-Down Shirts For Women
  4. How Often Can You Repeat Your Outfits at Work?
  5. The Best Camisoles for Layering
  6. How to Look Professional in Flats – All the Time
  7. How to Wear Cropped Pants to Work
  8. What’s YOUR Annual Clothes Budget?
  9. The Best Simple Sheath Dresses
  10. When Do Girly Clothes Become Unprofessional?

I also thought I’d round up a few of my personal favorites, after the jump…

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The Top Posts of 2012…

Top Posts of 2012

(according to Google Analytics)
1. Do You Have to Wear Pantyhose in the Summer?
2. Tattoo Sleeves — in the Workplace
3. Sheer Blouses: Some Don’ts Should Stay Don’ts
4. The Best Graduation Gifts for Friends
5. Professional Watches for Women
6. How to Do Black Tie on a Budget
7. The Best Bags for Walking to Work
8. How to Build a Professional Wardrobe for $150 (from guest poster Cassie Boorn of Ask a PR Girl)
9. How to Dress Professionally with a “Bubble Butt”
10. Flared Pants, Hems, and Commutes (with The Corporette Guide to Hems)

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Seared Chevrons Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Seared Chevrons CardiganThe outfit here is a bit, um, casual/creative — but that sweater is amazing. I love the “seared chevrons” on this cardigan — it’s a bold and graphic look but also, I think, a fun twist on what I generally think of as a traditional pattern. I would wear the cardigan open over sheath dresses, and buttoned up under blazers and with trousers. (The turquoise color is shown here; there’s also a more subdued “blue motif” pattern as well.) Gorgeous. It’s $118 at Anthropologie. Seared Chevrons Cardigan

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The Quest for Comfortable Heels

The Quest for Comfortable Heels | Corporette2016 Update: Links have been updated below; please also check out our new and revised guide to comfortable heels or our latest roundup of stylish comfort heels for workAnd if you’re new here (welcome!), please consider subscribing to our email newsletter or checking out our Top Posts!

Today’s reader mail has to do with comfortable shoes…

I was wondering whether you had heard of Tsubo shoes. I recently posted on Facebook about my quest for comfortable heels, and instead of the usual “get the Cole Haan Nike Air pumps” suggestion, two people posted about Tsubos. I checked out the site, and the shoes really do appear to be very well made and at $100 to $150, a reasonable expenditure, even for me. Thought it might be worth a post. Many of your readers certainly must be walking to the courthouse regularly, and are probably looking for fashionable yet professional footwear that won’t cause them to limp by the end of the day.

Seriously, forget the Holy Grail — this is one of our lifelong quests. As one might expect from all the Mary Jane and other comfortable-type shoes we post (what? we wear ’em with pants) this author has problem feet — it’s incredibly difficult to get shoes that both feel and look great.  Not only does it seem like there are variances within each brand (e.g., some of our Cole Haans we love, others we want to throw across the room), but shoes that were favorites in previous seasons become hated things in newer ones (and never get better). Whine, whine — perhaps we just need a higher tolerance for pain.  (As for the blog, we can’t bring ourselves to recommend, sight unseen, shoes that we would never even order ourselves.  So again, ladies, send us your suggestions!)  In terms of pain, we actually read a book about feet a while ago that contained some helpful exercises, such as drawing the alphabet with a pointed toe, or spending a few minutes, barefoot, trying to pick up a pencil with your toes — but that doesn’t help with the comfort of shoes to begin with. [Read more…]

10 Things About … Interviewing

Interviewing Tips | Corporette

We realize interview week is over at some schools; for others they’re still to come. Still, callbacks will be going on well into September and October, so we thought we’d share some advice on interviewing.

Interview Prep…

1. Make sure your resume is up to date and without typos. We recommend putting the “date printed” on your resume — it can just be a field in your footer. This is especially helpful when you make changes to your resume, or if you interview with firms multiple years. [Read more…]

Reader Mailbag Part I: What To Wear on Interviews Generally

What to Wear To an Interview: Women Lawyers Edition

Ellen Parsons took interviewing seriously… so should you!

2016 Update: We still stand by the advice below, but you may also want to check out our frequently updated Guide to Interview Suits!

Wow, it’s the start of the interview season already for those of you still in law school. Good luck! Stay tuned; we’re going to (try) to do a lot about interview tips and a guide to women’s suits. Immediately, though, we have this question from a reader named Summer:

I am a 3L law student looking to buy a nice conservative suit for interviews. I am also a big fan of corporette! I have looked around malls and nothing seems to be nice enough. The only thing that I have found in my size online is Talbots. I also ran across the site www.mycustomclothing.com. Do you think this site is legitimate? Do you have any other recommendations?

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re not familiar with the site, but we wouldn’t recommend going with a custom suit for a big interview unless you already had a relationship with an amazing tailor. Our best advice with interviewing for conservative jobs is that the entire goal of your interview wardrobe should be to take the focus off your appearance and put the focus where it should be: on your mind, your accomplishments, and the way you carry yourself. You can show your personality, your taste, your quirky sense of humor — whatever! — later, after you’ve got the job. That said, we might suggest adhering to some simple guidelines when buying clothes for interviewing. [Read more…]