Deal Alert: Brooks Brothers

Deal Alert - Clearance at Brooks Brothers! | CorporetteBrooks Brothers is having a major sale — prices are marked up to 70% off (through 12/16 only), and for the women’s stuff, if you buy two pieces you get the third free. Ha cha cha. There are so many good basics (pants and skirts, ladies, pants and skirts) as well as previous recs (such as this, this, or this) — here are a few favorites from the sale. (Hover over the picture for the details.) Happy shopping, ladies!  (Pictured at left: Boucle Fringe Jacket, was $548 now $164.40.)

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Oversized Four Button Coat - was $498, now $149 Solid Skirt - was $168 now $101 Black Fleece Knit Jacquard Classic Jacket - was $750 now $225 Wool Stretch Dress, was $398, now $119


  1. Wildkitten :

    Is this bag TOO big?

    • LateBloomer :

      I really like that bag! It’s a laptop bag – so I think it’s the right size for it’s purpose. Unless you have a tiny frame, I don’t think it would look too big.
      I just bought this one which is about the same size. I have a small budget, and bought it to take to interviews. Hopefully I don’t get judged for carrying a non-leather bag. It’s quite a bit flatter than in the pictures when there’s nothing in it as well, so hopefully it doesn’t look too big either.

  2. Yay! I love Brooks brothers! And Wildkitten yes that schlepper is way to big. You should get a LIT BAG if you need to have a big bag. I am staying in b/c of the weather and am watcheing STAR TREK! Why is it that I always wind up dateing these Klingeons? I want a captan kirk! FOOEY! Myrna came over and we are sharing some pino noir. It actualy is ok but I must not have to much b/c it winds up on my tuchus! FOOEY! Myrna may stay over b/c of the snow! Yay!!!

  3. I am 29 today!! Any advice for my last year in my 20’s???

    • Happy birthday! It goes fast – I’ll be 30 in February (eek!). From here, I doubt 29 and 30 feel all that different, so try not to stress about it being your last year in your 20s. (Easier said than done, I know).

    • There is an early-season episode (I have them on VCR tapes) where they talk about 20s v. 30s.

      Maybe it will be fun to watch, if only as a time capsule from when you were in your teens.

      Yai do I feel old (edit: experienced) right now.

  4. Sleeveless sheaths with bare legs :

    Ladies who are wearing sleeveless sheaths with bare legs right now: I has a Q for you! How are you not freezing? I am clad in tights and wool. I may be just in the mid-Atlantic, but it is cold to me. What tricks do you have that I need to know? Do some of us just have thinner blood? I feel like the small babies who cannot regulate their temperature (but am willing to learn new tricks to broaden my closet this time of year).

    • You mean (consulting weather map) where it is 55 to 60 degrees F? That’s downright balmy. Spring time in the upper Midwest – I could do bare legs into the 40s and 30s, though I would need sleeves of some sort.

      It’s just a matter of being acclimated to the weather – 40/50/60 degrees feels wonderful when you are coming off of 20 degrees. Feels a lot colder when you are coming from 80.

      • Sleeveless sheaths with bare legs :

        How is your humidity? We can have 50s, but the dampness is horrible. It is either raining, just rained, or about to rain. I could go about 20 degrees colder if it were dry and not windy. Like the winter of catalogs, where it is sunny and snowy and everyone smiles.

        • Winters are not humid. Ever. It can get so cold that it won’t snow (single digits or below zero, usually) – there just isn’t enough water vapor in the air. The colder the air, the less water vapor it will hold. But if it’s too cold to snow, that usually means the sun is shining – no cloud cover means cold. Static is horrible, your hair needs gobs of conditioner to survive. Might be windy, might not – totally depends.

        • It’s currently 27F where I am today, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about finding it cold outside. And the humidity out here on the East Coast does make it worse.

          As for your question, I wouldn’t do bare legs in this weather because I’d be cold walking around outdoors, but I find it very hot in my office and often remove my jacket in the afternoons, so I might look like I’m wearing a sleeveless sheath. I usually can’t relate to the threads where people complain about being cold all the time. :)

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