Giveaway: Win a $50 Shopping Credit on Hoseanna!

I’ve blogged about Hoseanna before, but the site (and business) has undergone some major changes since then! To celebrate the new site and categories, Hoseanna is offering a special prize to Corporette readers — a $50 shopping credit on Hoseanna, good for all your ‘Monthly Musts’!

As a quick reminder (I’ll do a full site review next week), this is a cool new site for women that is premised on the idea that, while the shopping/browsing experience is fun, sometimes busy women just want things to be auto-shipped. Accordingly, you can sign up at Hoseanna to have hosiery, feminine products, health & beauty supplies, and even intimate supplies automatically delivered to your door on a regular basis.  The brands are all curated, and the prices are reasonable.

The Rules: Comment on this post (including your email address in the “email address field”), telling us ways you like to automate your life (whether it’s through shopping deliveries, bill payments, or other ways). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 31.  You must include your email in the email address field so you can be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.  Your information will be held in confidence by Corporette pursuant to The Corporette Privacy Policy, and you will only be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.

All right, readers — how do you simplify your life through automation?

Disclosure: Please note that Corporette charges advertisers a fee to promote and administer giveaways.

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  1. I hope I win!

  2. I have automatic monthly payments set up for a couple of charities I support. I think it must help them with their budgeting, it certainly helps my budget to give a little each month instead of dropping jumbo checks at weird intervals, and I don’t forget! Bonus: when you get your tax receipt at the end of the year, it’s a nice “surprise” to see how it all adds up :)

  3. I would love to automate clothes shopping- just give someone my size and the look I’m going for and have someone else fight the mall crowd!

  4. Krista M. :

    I use Door to Door organics to deliver fruits and veggies and often order my groceries online to have them delivered. Also have my public radio contributions on automatic monthly payments.

  5. I automate all of my banking/paycheck stuff. Paycheck goes in automatically and everything else, phone, gym membership, bills, goes out automatically. Makes life run so much smoother!

  6. I used to automate bill payments, but after getting married my husband un-automated them! Now he does them by hand. Ha!

  7. Yay – I love your giveaways! and Hoseanna’s autoshipping sounds like a great idea.

  8. Anonymous :

    I automate my bill payments that are the same each month!!

  9. BeBeLawyer :

    Does US Weekly count?

    Google reminders to pay the bills I can’t automate, everything else (including student loans) automated. Pre-pay the gym for better rate.

  10. Anon in NY :

    Newbie to automated purchases. Made my first automated toothbrush subscription/purchase this weekend. It will be a great reminder for me and my hubby of when it is time to change brushes!

  11. I get cereal and oatmeal automatically delivered to me using Amazon Subscribe & Save. I always have breakfast on hand!

  12. Automated student loan payments (and a monthly calendar reminder just to make sure I don’t forget all about them).

  13. I do all my bill-paying automatically, and I also have my dry cleaning delivered to and picked up from my house (does that count)? Now that I’m pregnant with my first, I am considering signing up for Amazon Mom, which auto-ships your diapers and other baby needs! I would love to try out Hoseanna too!

  14. Automatic payments for almost all bills is a given for most people these days. My automatic bills include cell phone, daycare, netflix, and student loans. Other home-related bills are automatic through my husband’s bank. I also do automatic delivery of diapers, wipes, baby food, toilet paper, and some toiletries through Amazon… this has seriously saved my life as a new mom.

  15. MissJackson :

    I automate everything. Everything. Even bills that vary from month-to-month, I pick an average $ and automate the payment (I go in and edit the payment to the real amount every month — but if for whatever reason I forget to do so, I feel pretty confident that the electric company is not going to cut off my sevice because I’m $20 short so long as the money keep flowing). My savings is automated. My investments are automated. All of my subscriptions are on auto renew (AAA, SiriusXM, auto insurance, etc).

    I’m intrigued by the idea of toothbrush auto delivery that Anon in NY! Now, if someone could just remind me when it’s time to change the sheets. Or somehow force me to make (and keep) timely hair cut appointments? Pretty much everything non-automatic in my life is a tragic mess.

    • I mark on the calendar in my bedroom when I change the sheets, otherwise I can never remember how long they’ve been on!

    • I’m also intrigued by the toothbrush delivery idea. (What service do you use Anon in NY?) As for hair appointments, my solution is booking an entire year’s worth of appointments at once (I don’t change style too much during that year so that I don’t have to change the frequency) and then treating the time as sacred. I will change it if I’m on vacation, but other than that I need a really good reason to do so. The other advantage of this system (at least with my hair dresser) is that it is the only way to get Saturday morning appointments (or, when that doesn’t work, late Friday evening).

      • Anon in NY :

        I used Amazon’s subscribe and save feature for my toothbrushes. They delivered within 2 days of my order!

  16. i love auto bill pay. it’s so handy.

  17. Annabelle :

    I’d love to have groceries auto-delivered but the grocery store we regularly shop at canceled their delivery program a few months ago.

  18. karenpadi :

    What don’t I automate? Everything that can be automated is automated.

    I wish I could automate work-wear basics: black shoes and black/grey pants.

  19. I live by my Outlook calendar. If it weren’t for those 15 min prior meeting reminders, I’d be late to everything.

  20. I automate nearly everything – love the ease and keeps me from accruing finance charges (by making sure everything gets paid on time).

  21. Yay! They ship to Canada for a flat fee! Is it too much to hope they cover duty as well?

    I can’t live without Outlook reminders or the Stickies application on my Mac. I have it set to open automatically when I log in so I cannot avoid my to-do lists.

    But by far the most important automation in my life is the automatic weekly mortgage payment that comes out of my bank account. I love not having to think about it, and I love that making weekly payments reduces my overall payment term. Yay.

  22. I automate all my mortgage, car payment, and college savings and daycare tuition payments for my kids – basically anything that’s the same amount every month.

  23. I am all about anything that would make my poor student life easier. I always seem to find myself looking for hosiery the day before I have a networking event.

  24. I auto-draft utility payments and TV. The new iphone reminders will likely be helpful to remember to do things that occur on a monthly basis too!

  25. I automate in every way possible – bills, everything. I used to have groceries delivered, and will probably do so again once I have the $$.

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