Coffee Break: Grosvenor Place Shoulder Bag

Knomo tote bags are always a favorite, and this one look fabulous as well. It’s nylon and water-resistant, the front pockets are RFID secure, and it can protect up to a 15″ laptop. I also love that it’s expandable so that you can make it as wide as you need — and I like the signature bright red lining. It just looks like a great bag. It’s $199 at Amazon and eligible for Prime and free returns. Knomo Grosvenor Place Shoulder Bag

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  1. Dress ID help!!! :

    Trying to ID a dress worn on an episode of teen m0m last December (yeah, yeah, I know). Image to follow. (In case a true ID can’t be made, I’m open to similar options… I am loving this dress because it looks flattering in the neckline and sleeve length and because a real bra can be worn under it and due to the ties covering the tummy area where I tend to hold my weight… making it a holy grail dress to me!)

    • Dress ID help!!! :

    • Dress ID help!!! :

      this link is the best photos of front/back I can find thanks so much!

    • BeenThatGuy :

      Check out Venus dot com. I think I have seen similar dresses there.

    • givemyregards :

      Oh man, I literally just saw this dress on an instagram ad yesterday, but I can’t remember what it was called. I will try to do some googling for you, but if you’re an instagram user perhaps it will show up on your sponsored posts at some point as well?

      • givemyregards :

        In the meantime, here’s a similar version in light pink:

        Also, I didn’t see this exact one but if you search “split hem wrap dress” at ASOS, a million options come up.

    • Google and Amazon for “maxi wrap dress with short sleeves” – a few options came up.

    • Not the same, but in the same style –
      The fabric is terrible but I get so many compliments when I wear this.

    • That looks to me like a Kiyonna dress. They are on amazon, maybe still have their own website.

    • Anonymous :

      It might be a Karina dress.

  2. RFID blockers aren’t a Thing you really need, right? I assumed they were just a scam perpetuated by Facebook posts, but they’re cropping up more and more.

    • I think it is actually a thing, particularly when traveling internationally.

    • Yeah my state mailed me an RFID blocking sleeve when I got my enhanced license, better safe than sorry I guess.

    • I use this very bag every day. Didn’t buy it for the RFID pocket, but as it exists I sometimes use it. The front pockets are just useful for phones, travel cards, passes etc. Plus there is a slim back pocket inside the zip opening that allows the bag to slip over a suitcase handle. And a small hidden pocket in the top seam which is just big enough to hold some coins (so if you need coins for something you don’t need to get your purse out). Good in areas where you don’t want to flash your purse. And it’s light as a feather.

    • I have been staying at a hotel for 2 months and carry my room key card around in my handbag – together with my 2 cell phones. Every 2-3 days, the key card gets wiped by the magnetic field from the cell phones. I have a few Knomo bags with RFID pockets and these protect thr key card from getting wiped.
      Also, if your card has contactless payments enabled, you could get scammed in some high-risk countries (someone coming very close to you and your handbag with a device and enabling a contactless payment – charging money from your card without you being aware of it).

  3. bag help? :

    Looking for a bag for when I fly and have snacks/books/etc with me under the seat in front of me or when traveling. Wanting something with at least one zipper to prevent things from falling out, that can carry a decent amount of weight so I don’t break it by putting multiple books in it (or even a laptop if it’d fit but that’s not a deal breaker). Wanting something as inexpensive as possible, so I don’t have to worry about it if it gets damp from rain while walking or put in dirty under the plane seat locations during travel), prefer a cross body option for ease during travel. Does this exist?

    • Would a boat n tote from LL Bean work? It’s a tote, but they have some that now come with detachable crossbody straps. Some styles have zippers. The canvas is pretty indestructible and weatherproof. The classic tote with a zipper, but no strap, is 45. The fancier one with the zip top and the detachable crossbody strap is 150. There’s a middle ground–their Wayside tote–is 60.

    • It’s not really cheap, but the Vera Bradley classic black weekender might be a good choice. It’s sturdy but lightweight and it’s black so doesn’t show dirt. It also has the pocket thing to go over a luggage handle. I think I managed to get mine marked down for close to $100.

    • I have a fold up Kate Spade duffle that I got at TJ Maxx for like $40 and it’s held up really well. I recommend just trying TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

    • Anonymous :

      Save room by putting all your books/magazines/papers on your ipad or e-reader! So much easier than lugging around books!

    • I have a cross body bag from Le Sportsac. I got it from Zappos.

    • Bagallini tote?

      I don’t have this specific bag, but bought one from them years ago and it was both very light and sturdy. Not the most stylish, but you didn’t list that as a priority so I’m assuming you don’t care.

    • kipling. they have totes of all sizes that will fit this bill. I like their felix large crossbody bag, which holds a lot (including a tablet) but will not fit a laptop. Plus I like the side compartments to store eyedrops etc and also portable charger. Also dont have to worry about it getting dirty/wet with the nylon.

    • Nerfmobile :

      Really, a backpack isn’t best for this set of requirements. Go find a basic student Jansport or something and you will be set.

    • Messenger bag from Timbuk2 or somewhere like that is probably best if you really need cross body.

    • biglawanon :

      I use a Longchamp Le Pliage for this.

    • Check Knomo Sedley bag. I bought it few months ago as a carry-on luggage and I love it. I can pack clothes for 2 days, laptop, chargers, water bottle and snacks. It has a sleeve in case you need to combine it with checked luggage, and several zip-locked compartments.

    • I have an older version of this bag I use exclusively for a carryon on planes. Mine has 7 internal pockets and I like the black because it doesn’t get dirty, but also the material can be washed in the washer, as needed.

  4. allergy meds and anxiety :

    My anxiety is typically super minimal and circumstantial, however the only allergy meds that work also up my anxiety. I logically know the feelings are just brain misfires but is there a way to quiet this? Lowering the dose doesn’t work since the dose has to be high enough to work and that level is causing these symptoms.

    I asked a doc about beta blockers but the doc seemed to not understand I am a woman who researches and instead accused me of being a “pill head” and sent me away. (Yes, I’m getting a new doc.)

    I have some edibles the last time I was in CA but don’t know much about them or that world.

    Is it possible to not be anxious and not be sniffly/sneezy/sinusy at the same time?

    • I’m not familiar with that problem, but have you tried Flonase (or the generic equivalent)? It works better for me than Allegra, Zyrtec, etc.

    • Try a local allergy medicine spray, not an oral one.

      I also had allergy medicine trigger an anxiety reaction, my solution was to stop taking allergy medicine. I had previously had sinus surgery since my seasonal allergies turned life-threatening (triggered blackouts and fainting spells, once while driving). I still had to take allergy medicine for years afterward, but I would have anxiety attacks on it. I’ve since weaned off of it, and I lay low on very bad days, but after two years I don’t need medication any longer. Maybe try going without and seeing if your immune system improves.

    • Diana Barry :

      I have occasional hydroxyzine for my anxiety and it is off-label – the ‘correct’ usage is for allergies – so maybe that would work?

      • BabyAssociate :

        This is what I take every night for allergies. I’ve been taking it for a little over a year and it works well.

      • Do you never drink alcohol then? I googled this thinking it would be a great solution for me as well (I’m not the OP) but it says avoid alcohol as serious interactions can occur.

    • I would do regular sinus rinses with (or without) a nasal spray like flonase instead of the meds. I have found that regular sinus rinses for me do the job without having to take medication for allergies. This is also good if the only allergy symptoms you get are sniffly/congestion (and not, say, watery eyes and itchy eyes).

      • If anyone tries this, remember to use distilled water!

        OP, I’m laughing at the idea that beta blockers would even have any illicit appeal. What on earth.

    • Anonymous :

      Your primary care doctor said this to you? How awful.

      Your side effect is common. The idea of using Flonase nasal spray (generic version is cheaper) or hydroxyzine is perfect.

    • So this happened to me with Zyrtec D and it got better with regular Zyrtec. The allergies aren’t as controlled but I also don’t feel like I’m goung to have a panic attack randomly. The key though is to plan ahead because regular Zyrtec doesn’t work as quickly as the d version. Not sure which meds you already tried but just FYI.

    • BelleRose :

      Idk if you’ve tried these already, but here is what I learned about allergy prevention from working for an ENT for a year:
      -if your allergies are from pollen/grass/trees, have outside clothes and inside clothes. Makes a huge difference. Wash clothes with hot water if you can. HEPA filter in the bedroom (or in the HVAC system if you can).
      -sinus rinses. Squeeze bottle is more effective than NetiPot. warm water, saline packet, clears out your sinuses like no other. followed by…
      -Flonase (fluticasone)/Nasacort (triamcinalone)/Rhinocort (budesonide) nasal steroid spray. NOT Afrin (oxymetazoline). 2 squirts per nostril, once per day (you can go up to twice a day if a doctor says it’s okay).

      as far as meds:
      -I assume you are talking about Allegra/Claritin/Zyrtec when saying they increase your anxiety? Some people react to one/two of these, but another one works for them without the emotional effects. But you said “the only med that works for me,” so maybe you’ve already tried that.
      -Astelin is an allergy nasal spray that can be used with Flonase etc. It doesn’t go into the bloodstream, so would probably not cause anxiety.
      -talk to your doctor about anxiety meds IF you are having anxiety separate from the allergy meds. If you think your anxiety is CAUSED by the allergy meds, than don’t start an anxiolytic just to treat a medication side-effect.

      if your allergies are bad enough:
      -allergy shots are an option to train your immune system not to react. Can be an investment in time, though, as you have to get them every week for a year, then monthly.
      -grass pills. same concept as shots, but an at-home daily oral pill. Just for grass allergies, though some European research has suggested they can work for other allergens.
      -sublingual allergy drops. Idk if these are available near you. Again, they are immunotherapy, but these are drops placed under your tongue every morning, and can be formulated for whatever allergen you have. Insurance often wont cover, but my ENT would do them at-cost…abut $1000 for a year’s supply. Check ENTs near you rather than allergy clinic (YMMV, but my ENT said that allergy clinics made more money on shots, so didn’t want to offer other options…)

      Hope some of this helps!

  5. Tips on buying a rug :

    Looking to spend around $300-$500 for a quality rug… I have seen some on Crate and barrel/Wayfair etc but how do I know if they will shed? Is there a type of material/weave that will not shed?

    What are your throughts on rugs from target?

    • Homegoods. Also most rugs will stop shedding after a month or two of vacuuming. You could also try a hooked rug.

    • Safavieh’s a good brand that you can find at Homegoods, Wayfair, etc.

      Target rugs are the equivalent of Old Navy – great for casual use for a while, durable for the money, but no one would use the word “quality” to describe them.

      Ditto pp on the shedding. They shouldn’t continue to shed long-term.

      • We got a Safavieh rug from Homegoods a few months ago, and loooooove it.

        Do not love our rug from Target.

    • No to target rugs. Had bad experience. Have you checked out Dash & Albert? I’ve bought several, and have been very pleased with the quality for the price.

    • Homegoods is nice but each store has a limited selection, so I’d go online to Overstock or Wayfair. There are also rug-only stores such as Rugs Direct and Rugs USA, which are a total rabbit hole. I have bought a LOT of rugs online.

      I think wool will shed more and hand-tufted rugs will shed more (but usually not for all that long). Look for mid to lower pile. To give you a couple of examples, I have this one in my kitchen:

      It gets pretty hard use but does not shed at all.

      I have this one in my dining room and a runner size in a hallway; it is hand-tufted with a slightly thicker pile and it sheds a bit, but not so much that it’s a problem.

      Both of these are synthetic, so some airing-out time is good before putting them inside the house if possible.

      And with a shout-out to Senior Attorney, here’s the shag that’s in my living room. It does not shed at all (but it’s also practically impossible to vacuum).

    • Longish reply is in moderation because of links (I guess?), check back

    • I get all my rugs on Overstock (usually pretty cheap & good quality). Best tip I got was on here – buy the smallest available size as a sample (usually the 2×3’s are pretty inexpensive, at least as compared to the cost of a larger mistake).

  6. Anonymous :

    Someone previously posted about sourcing their kitchen countertops at a wonderful place in brooklyn… could you repost the source?

    Thank you!

    Also, do people have experience with quartzite vs cesaerstone or some similar man-made countertop and have thoughts/recommendations/tips?

    • After a (frustratingly) long search I have Dekton in my kitchen. It’s made by the Silestone people, but is optimized for outdoor usage. It was the only way to get the color and finish I wanted. Two years in and looks like new.

      I called around and Home Depot had the best price (DC area). They let you buy by the foot installed, and many of the other people wanted you to buy the whole slab, which I didn’t need for my not that large kitchen.

      • Anonymous :

        How did it compare in price to the usual countertop types?

        • Dekton was more expensive than silestone but in line with the nicer natural stones. It was worth it for me because I wanted matte black and indestructible and at the time Dekton was the only thing that offered all three. Also, my kitchen is small so it was still on budget.

    • Anonymous :

      That may have been me – Express Brooklyn Tile in Sunset Park. We got out quartz countertops there and had a great experience with their installers. And it was cheaper than IKEA.

  7. Glasses and Exercise? :

    I’ve had a medical issue for the last six weeks that has prevented me from wearing my contact lenses. I normally only wear my glasses to bed – they are cheap Warby Parker frames. I went into the Warby Parker store to get my frames adjusted, which helped some, but I still can’t imagine jogging or biking in them. Are there special glasses that you ladies wear for exercise? Or do I just need a better pair generally? My prescription is very strong, so just exercising without glasses isn’t an option (unless I’m doing yoga at home and don’t mind not being able to see the computer screen). I keep thinking my eyes are going to get better and that I’m only a few days away from being able to wear contacts again, but I’m now really going crazy without cardio exercise.

    • A pair of glasses that fits won’t move much when you run or bike. However, I also wear a wide sweatband and tuck my glasses into it behind my ears for extra security.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve worn glasses my whole life and I guess I just deal with it. I spend a lot of time pushing my glasses up my nose but it’s fine.

      • Sloan Sabbith :

        Same. I take them off if I’m really super sweaty during barre, but otherwise, I just….don’t even think about them on my face, even during hard cardio.

    • I use “keepons” from Amazon to avoid having glasses slip, slide, or bounce while exercising.

    • Even with contacts in, I always wear sunglasses, so I never jog or bike without glasses on. I haven’t had any trouble when doing normal exercise (I do prefer contacts for sports). It sounds like you could use a better fitting pair.

    • I would suggest a pair with nose pads (typically on metal frames, rather than plastic). Sometimes the frame store will swap out the regular nose pads for a more grippy material. Also, metal frames tend to be more adjustable and will probably give you an overall better fit.

    • KateMiddletown :

      Frames with nosepads seem to stay in place much moreso than plastic frames, which I’m assuming your Warby Parkers are. Target optical has a few pairs right now, and they have great service.

    • I dislike working out in my regular glasses because the frames are a bit delicate and my workouts involve a lot of falling (rock climbing). My prescription isn’t that strong, so for indoors I just deal with not being able to see that well. For outdoors, I had prescription lenses put in a pair of Oakely running sunglasses. They stay put perfectly. I bet you could have non-sunglasses lenses put in them.

      • pugsnbourbon :

        +1. I bet an eyeglasses shop could put something together for you. I am sure things have gotten better since I wore my RecSpecs in middle school sports!

    • Anonymous :

      Wire frame ones with nose pads. Make sure you buy them in the right size – if the frames are too big some models will come smaller, but have to be ordered.

    • biglawanon :

      I have running/cycling sunglasses. Mine are prescription sunglasses, but you could get clear lenses too. Mine are Rudy Project, but I have used Smith in the past. Note these are really situation specific – never something I’d just wear when I am not doing the sport.

    • Thanks a lot!

      • S in Chicago :

        If you’re prone to allergies, beware the nose pads. I’ve had bad skin reactions. And the reactions seem to be worse when it’s hot, so working out and sweating seems like it could easily be a trigger.

  8. I’m looking for a dress that I can wear to a luncheon charity event, presentation for a work conference and an evening award ceremony. Ideally a wrap/shirt dress, not black. Thoughts?

    • Never too many shoes... :

      That is a lot of things for one dress and it feels like a wrap or shirtdress would not be dressy enough for an evening award ceremony.

      What about something from Black Halo where you could add a blazer for the presentation?

      • The evening award ceremony is in small town Texas. It appears people have worn sift dresses in the past. That was an important detail that I left out.

    • S in Chicago :

      Project Gravitas wrap dress in blue (Lord & Taylor) with some sort of big necklace for the evening that sparkles it up? Gilt just had some the other day. Fabric is super thick so it reads more formal than a lot of wrap dresses.

    • Anonymous :

      Cuyana has a silk shirtdress that I really like and think might work for this. That said, mine is black and I’m not sure whether the other colors would translate to evening quite as well.

      both with a topper for work

    • Boden has a few things that might work. Summer Wrap Dress in navy, maybe? The Claremont is lovely and really versatile but not wrap or shirt. I would avoid a print, add a colorful belt or cardigan for the luncheon, blazer for the presentation, big jewelry for evening.

  9. Anonymous :

    Any advice for working on projects with people who are much more senior to you?

    I was assigned to lead a project with someone a few pay scales above me, and he is treated me like I am not actually leading the project with him, but rather working for him. It was made clear to me when I was assigned this that we would be working together as co-leads on this project (it’s normal in my org to have two people lead projects together). On top of this, he is not known to be the greatest worker, whereas I am a super intense worker. I don’t appreciate him having us meet three times already this week to go over the same action items!

  10. Anonymous :

    Is it ridiculous to get a house cleaner if you don’t *really* need one? I’m not rich, I’m single, and I live in a one bedroom apartment. I love having a spotless apartment, I just hate the actual cleaning. I can manage it myself but it’s so tempting to get someone to come in twice a month. It also seems stupid to waste money on something I can easily do myself. But man, I actually dread weekends now because I know I’ll have to clean.

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      No. Think of it as buying your time back.

    • Flats Only :

      Not ridiculous if you can afford it and it adds to your enjoyment of life. Plus you are helping to keep another person employed.

    • Anonymous :

      It’s absolutely worth it! I resisted getting someone for a long time, as I really don’t mind cleaning and didn’t want to spend the money. DH finally convinced me. Now that we have someone come in once a month, I couldn’t imagine not having her.

    • Blazer sleeves :

      I am single and live in a one bedroom apartment, and I have a cleaner come in every 2 weeks. Coming home to a spotless apartment after she has been there is AMAZING. Like you, I don’t *really* need a cleaner but having one has added so much quality to my life, and frees up time for doing stuff I actually enjoy. I work long hours so my free time is sparse anyway. As long as you live within your means, I would say go ahead and do it.

      • This is really convincing me, thank you! I think I’m going to make room in my budget for it.

        • we do once a month with some very minimal cleaning in between and even that has made a huge difference, so if you are concerned about your budget you could try once a month to see if that is enough for you.

        • Blazer sleeves :

          Yes, honestly, I love coming home so much on those days that I typically sit down on my couch in my spotless apartment and just go “aaahhhhh”. It also helps me keep clutter at bay at least for 4-5 days after each cleaning.

        • I would say it’s not ridiculous if you can afford it, but that depends on what you mean by “make room in my budget for it”. Does that mean cutting back on other spending or cutting back on savings? If the latter, I would not do it.

    • I personally would so much rather clean someone else’s house than my own. I find it hard to relax in a space that I am responsible for maintaining; it turns my home into another workplace, and when I look around, all I see are more chores that I could do. Having someone else clean is a huge quality of life upgrade for me.

      • ” it turns my home into another workplace”

        That’s exactly it; especially because I am naturally a really clean and tidy person, I get stressed if something is messy and I see chores everywhere.

      • This is me trying to sit and enjoy my garden. I always see something that needs to be done.

      • Cornellian :

        I know this thread is from yesterday but this is so spot on: It turns my home into another workplace.

    • Do it! It’s your money, and you can spend it how you like!

  11. Conference Interviews :

    I am going to a bar association conference on the west coast this week, and have been asked to do several one-on-one “speed” interviews with companies who are hiring for in house counsel positions. I have not interviewed for legal positions in almost a decade, so I am not sure what the etiquette is any longer on whether a resume may be printed double-sided or not. It’s 2018, and they’re nearly all cutting edge tech companies, so the environmentalist in me says they would be happier with me not wasting trees. However, the old schooler in me remembers it was never OK to print resumes on both sides of the paper back in the early 2000s. What’s the etiquette now? (Please don’t tell me to only bring a one-page resume; my resume needs to be as submitted, and it’s a two-pager. I’m not asking for counsel on the resume, just on the printing.)

    In addition, since it’s a conference, generally attire would be business casual (dress/non-matching blazer). But again, the old schooler in me still feels like I should wear a suit to any interview for a lawyering job. What would you do (and, if you have gone to HNBA conferences and done this before, please give me the inside scoop! I am old-ish and don’t know what the cool kids/successful kids are doing these days)?

    • Anonymous :

      I’d make it 2 pages – not double sided on 1 apiece of paper. You’d be surprised how many people won’t flip and paper over and this miss half your experience.

      I’m a suit wearer myself at all events so I’ll let someone else help you there.

      There are speed interviews at bar conferences?? Is this normal or are you such an amazing candidate that people informally want to meet you when you’re there??

      • Conference Interviews :

        I’m not special, I promise–this particular conference does this unique thing where you can submit a resume if you’d like to be considered, and then companies looking for candidates will contact you if they’re interested in doing a one-on-one.

    • Def wear a suit. Black/brown/navy, white shirt – never out of place. I’m on team double sided. Use thick paper.

    • I don’t interview for in-house counsel positions, but if someone I was interviewing had a 2-page resume, I’d prefer double sided over a stapled or paper-clipped version, only because I’d probably lose that 2nd page in the shuffle of documents. I don’t count it against them whether they stapled it or not, just voicing a personal preference of mine.

      I think a dress/non-matching blazer is OK, but if you are worried, I generally feel like dressing more formal is better than dressing too casual so maybe the suit would be better. During the actual conference, you could lose the suit jacket to be more “business casual”.

    • bring the paper resume, one sided. dress how a lawyer would dress if they are going for an interview. don’t overthink this! more than that, practice your interview questions in a fast paced setting- I had them during an econ conf a few years ago and it was tough to keep fresh/stay interesting on the fourth interview.

    • Conference Interviews :

      Thanks so much, everyone! I’m going to trust my instinct to wear a suit, but perhaps add a tasteful (not too flashy) necklace that might be slightly more business casual than business formal.

      • A little late here, but I’m going to dissent. If you’re talking to tech companies, you’ll look out of place in a full lawyer suit set-up. I’d do nice separates or a dress – polished but not stuffy. I also vote for 2-sides (& frankly, cut that thing down – you’ve probably got a lot of filler words that you don’t need and experience that’s repetitive & you can get it on one page).

      • In mod so trying again in case you’re leaving soon – do not wear a full suit to a tech company interview on the west coast. You will look and feel out of place. Casual, nice separates.

        • Conference Interviews :

          Thank you! The interviews are not at the companies; they are at the conference. A different vibe than going to the office of the actual companies (and some of the interviews are not with tech companies, so I have to strike a balance).

          • Even more reason to not suit up – I see a lot of jeans & only the occasional blazer at conferences (I’m in-house in SF)

    • I print my resume double-sided, and then put the page at the bottom, 1 of 2, 2 of 2.
      I am not a lawyer or in the legal world at all.

  12. Anonymous :

    What the heck to wear to a baby shower this weekend when it will be below freezing and there’s 6 inches of snow on the ground? I’d hoped to wear a cute spring dress. Nope. It also feels wrong to wear tights/boots since it’s March. I want to look cute but I’m so tired of my winter clothes!

    • Spring dress over tights & boots, maybe even turtleneck. Avoid black.

    • Shopaholic :

      I’ve been re-watching Gossip Girl (thank you netflix) and they sometimes wear really cute dresses with tights and booties. Do you have a lighter colour dress that is heavy enough that it won’t look off with tights? And booties?

    • Over the knee taupe boots. Then you can wear a war-ish cute dress and tights

    • Never too many shoes... :

      If there is six inches of snow on the ground, it is still winter where you are. Dress for the weather, not the calendar. Although in all honesty, I think March is still winter on the calendar too.

    • Anonymous :

      Dude – tights and boots will be in my wardrobe until May (as needed). If there is snow on the ground, you can wear tights/boots, no matter what the calendar says. March has never been a “dress for spring” month in my book – the weather is too variable.

      That being said – a dress in a dark floral might feel weather and calendar appropriate?

  13. Vicarious Home Decor Shopping? :

    I’m looking for 6 matching 8×10 picture frames that are thin and gold with either small (1 inch max, give or take?) or no matte. Looking to not break the bank. I found what I want at Michaels for $29 a pop. Trying to spend a lot less than that. No dice at Ikea. Any other online places to look than Amazon?

    Here’s the one I had my eye on:

    This is for a nursery for some coordinating prints I’ll hang in a cluster. TIA.

    • I found some that fit that general description at Target online, the Threshold brand.

    • Evidently I forgot Target exists… might have found something good there since posting. Still open to other ideas!


    • BeenThatGuy :

      Check out Joss and Main. I order a bunch of home things from them:


    • Anonymous :

      I think if you go up and down or over an aisle at Michael’s, they probably have a similar version for less.

    • Or

    • AttiredAttorney :

      Download the Michael’s app in the app store. They routinely run coupons for 50% off frames and 20% off your whole purchase (can’t combine though).

      • Anonymous :

        Michael’s on sale is usually the best deal I can find on frames, if Ikea isn’t working for you.

    • Anonymous :

      I usually get my frames on arttoframe dot com, where they’re very cheap. Shipping is about eight dollars, and it says it will take forever (like, three weeks) but usually only takes two days, since they ship from Brooklyn and I live in DC.

      • I love this place, too, and have some beautiful custom frames from them. But note, it’s arttoframes, with an S on the end, before the dot com.

    • Anonymous :

      Dick Blick has good inexpensive frames. Also keep in mind you can take the matte out of any frame if you don’t need a matte.


  15. paging mthfr :

    I just added a late comment to your thread yesterday, and I think others might have as well. Check back, if you haven’t seen them.

  16. how to hang pictures :

    I have 4 8×10 photos in frames that I want to hang on a wall. Is there some trick to getting these hung up evenly and well spaced without losing years of my life to the process? I don’t want it to end up a total mess or make it obvious that I swear my head is on crooked since things I hang are never straight!

    • Get a yardstick, an old school wooden one, and a level. Draw marks on the wall using these tools and place you hangers there.

    • I have done it both by measuring out where it will hang and marking each on the wall or by making a template on a big piece of paper and laying the frames out and marking where it will hang then tape the template up and use to place the hangers. Use a level with either method.

    • Cut out newspaper to the size of your frames by laying frames on top of paper and tracing around; mark on newspaper where frame hangers are located. Hang newspaper on wall with tape, measure or eyeball to your level of desired spacing perfection. Nail directly into the newspaper/wall at the appropriate location, pull newspaper off the wall and replace with frames. I find this easier than finding one giant template, especially with bigger items. It lets me see the finished product spacing on the wall.

    • Level + yardstick

    • Anonymous :

      Getting the nail hole in the right spot to make the frame hang where you want can be tricky. Depending on what kind of hanger you use, a tool like this can be helpful:

      You can also hack something like this yourself with a thin strip of wood and a nail that sticks out on both sides. Hang the wire from the nail, put the frame in the desired spot, and then push the pointy part of the nail into the wall to mark the place for your hanger.

      There is also a tool called “Hang and Level” that looks tempting.

      To help keep a frame level once hung put bumpons (little no slip bumper pads) on the back lower corners – this makes the frame more parallel to the wall and helps keep it from sliding around.

    • Ouch that hurts! :

      Use the blue painter’s tape and a pencil or marker onto the tape for your “spots” Dial into/through the tape. Pull the tape off. I recommend using picture hangers (the angled kind… level is your best friend. You can also stagger the pictures so they are all about 2-4 inches below and off to the right so it looks like an intentional design. Then accuracy is not as important. Agree with others that you HAVE to lay out the pictures on a table, bed, or floor to “see” how it will look first. I’d use plain newsprint/plain paper/packing paper not newspaper to avoid getting ink marks on your walls. These methods have not failed me… at my corporate office, home, and other’s homes. Even did a geometric array of various sized and shaped items as a faux headboard on a very tall wall… have fun with it.

  17. Is there any quality difference between furniture at West Elm, Crate and Barrel, CB2, Pottery Barn, etc.? I’m furnishing a new condo and we’d like to step up from our current IKEA stuff, but I don’t have any experience with any of the mid-range companies. Thanks!

    • Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are the legacy brands, CB2 and West Elm are the ‘cool little sisters’ that skew more young/mid century modern/on trend.

      If you can, go to a showroom to see stuff before you buy. I’m shocked by how much particleboard furniture I’ve seen at CB2/ West Elm (which are more my style). It can be the same quality as Ikea for 4x the cost.

      • Anonymous :

        +1 we don’t shop these brands because they aren’t great quality. We buy consignment/antique for any wood furniture which is WAY cheaper and way better quality. We buy upholstered furniture new but we’ll go to a local furniture shop that has furniture shipped in from NC. Also cheaper than these brands and you can customize the fabric/legs/etc….

        • Anonymous :

          You don’t even have to buy used to get better furniture than PB for less money. We buy new at our local independently owned furniture store and get much better stuff for somewhat less than PB prices. PB is poorly made and doesn’t hold up over time.

    • Marshmallow :

      We just did this in a recent move: switched over to a mix of West Elm and CB2 after our Ikea and hand-me-downs finally bit the dust. FWIW, I have had unending service and quality problems with West Elm: upholstery coming apart, delayed shipping , wrong furniture shipped to my house, on and on. CB2, on the other hand, has been generally high-quality and hassle-free.

      Another brand pointed out to me by commenters here you may want to look into: Room and Board. We didn’t wind up pulling the trigger but I was drooling over a few of their couches and they strike me as somewhat higher quality than WE/CB2 but a bit cheaper than, say, Crate and Barrel.

      • Room and Board is amazing. We have many pieces from them and love all of it – end tables, sectional sofa, regular sofa, 3 accent chairs, and our kitchen table and chairs. The wood pieces are actually made of real wood. The upholstered pieces are very comfortable and durable. The quality and customer service are top notch. I would put them above Crate and Barrel.

        • Room and Board is generally very good quality. I find Crate and Barrel to be better than Pottery Barn. I have some PB and West Elm stuff that I’m happy with but it was all bought on sale from their outlet. I wouldn’t pay full price. Agree with buying vintage when possible because quality is better.

          If it’s in your area, I’ve had some success with AptDeco dot com. It’s like CL but with professional movers. I’ve found some great pieces at a discount.

  18. I just downloaded “How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids” and I’m 30 minutes through it. Thanks to everyone who recommended this to me on here months ago.

  19. What does a late-30-something wear to a concert these days? It’s a long walk from the hotel to the venue, so comfort is key (no heels, even in boot form). Is a pair of jeans with a blush moto jacket too basic B? All my clothes are for work or weekend mom-ing … which means I legit have nothing to wear.

    • Anonymous :

      Fine, with sneakers – sounds perfect!

    • Anonymous :

      Your moto jacket sounds cute. I really think anything goes at a concert. Just remember, concerts tend to be hot. I’m a late-30s mom that loves live music. I’d either do something like a Madewell courier shirt and skinny jeans or rolled up boyfriend jeans and a cropped shirt (the kind that’s to the top of your pants – no skin, for me at least). I’d pair either of these with cute sneakers for the walk and standing at the show.

    • oil in houston :

      can I piggy back? I have the same question but I’ll have to walk back in sub-zero weather, how do I look cute, not freeze and not burn inside???

      • pugsnbourbon :

        When it’s that cold, I’ve been known to uber/lyft/cab very short distances. I add a tip to make it worth the driver’s time.

  20. S in Chicago :

    If you’re prone to allergies, beware the nose pads. I’ve had bad skin reactions. And the reactions seem to be worse when it’s hot, so working out and sweating seems like it could easily be a trigger.

  21. Anonymous :

    Is there anyone in Houston right now who would be able to comment on the weather? The forecast for the next few days shows a high of around 73, with a low of around 50. Will this feel warm? I am trying to determine if I need to bring a jacket. Here, in my home location, we have had a few days where the temps have reached 70, but it still doesn’t feel very warm. Any help is much appreciated!

    • Yes, hello! It feels pretty cold in the morning but warms up nicely. However in the shade and the wind it still feels a bit chilly, so I would err on the side of a light jacket. Today I wore a lightweight wool coat and expect to carry it over my arm when I go home like I did yesterday.

    • Houstonian :

      I feel its a little chilly and need a sweater or cardigan every day, but I don’t think of it as being hot until around 95ish. I think a full on jacket might be overkill, but you might want some lighter layers. It is supposed to rain this weekend, and it rains here a lot anyway, so I would bring a rain jacket or umbrella for sure.

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