Holiday Weekend Open Thread

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Memorial Day sales are starting to kick into gear, and I’m hoping to do another round-up this weekend with more of my favorites. For the weekend open thread, though, I’m drooling over this stretchy button-front blouse — it looks perfect for running around on the weekend and looking pulled together but still being super comfortable. It’s part of the James Perse online sample sale — was $155, now marked to $89.



  1. New poster :

    I have a Nordstrom question, hope it’s not too late in the weekend. I bought a pair of shoes last week at full price and when I got them home, saw them on Bluefly for much less. Exact same shoes. I have seen people mention here that Nordstrom does price matching, but would they do it for a discount e-tailer like Bluefly? The difference is about $120, so not insignificant. Thanks for any advice!

    • Seattleite :

      ?? Ask Nordstrom. The worst they can say is “no.” I promise, they’re not going to send stink bombs through the phone, ban you from the store, or try to get you fired just because you ask.

      “I just bought these shoes. Now I see I can buy them for $XXX on Bluefly. Can you match that price, or should I return them and buy them elsewhere?”

      And I truly do mean this kindly – if you are that hesitant to ask for what you want in a no-lose situation, please get some assertiveness training. Life is way too long to stifle your own voice like that.

      • ChristinaMD :

        WOW. Assuming that she needs assetiveness training simply b/c she was asking about returning a pair of shoes and whether Nordstroms recognized online vendors… is just… in the words of Carolyn Hax, “Wow.”

        • Joan Holloway :

          So glad you said something, ChristinaMD.

          • yep. Someone (not sure if it’s the same person) cut me way down on a post upthread and I was starting to think the tenor of the site was changing to be nastier. That would make me sad.

            Newbie, remember to ask a couple different people if the first says no, and let us know if Nordstrom does the adjust for Bluefly. Like you said, they might see the internet clearance-ness of it as an easy out.

          • Seattleite :

            JenK, I don’t know what post you’re referring to, but except for my very first post years ago, all my posts have been under this handle. If I do disagree with posters, I do it openly.

          • JenK, I also feel like there’s been a lot more vitriol lately. What’s up with that?

          • I totally agree. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I was hesitant to post something more personal on the weekend. During the week, there’s a smaller, more supportive group, then on the weekends, things tend to get more negative – at least by a few people. Because I subscribe to comments, I see where one person can come along and add negativity to several threads. It’s sad.

        • Yeah, jeez Seattleite. People are testy this weekend.

      • Seattleite :

        I am very sorry. I wasn’t trying to cut the OP down, and I sincerely hope that she didn’t take it that way.

        She struck me as being extremely unsure of herself, and almost frightened to make a simple request. I was trying to encourage her to speak up, and did so very badly.

        • New poster :

          I accidentally hit “Cancel Reply” and this came out at the bottom. Which made me read down and see that people are getting awfully cranky during this long weekend…

          Thanks for clarifying, and for jumping in, thoughtful others. Just logging in and seeing this now, but please don’t worry that I would be hurt by a comment made by someone on a website who doesn’t know me. I will go into Nordstrom this week and ask. I work a lot of hours, like most people on this site, and was trying to avoid the extra trip to the mall if we already knew that this was out of the question, that’s all.

          • I’ve never shopped at Nordie’s so this may be incorrect, but since you work so much, maybe you could call their customer service number? Some retailers have different divisions for brick and mortar vs. online sales, so it may not work if you bought them in-store, but it may save you a little bit of time. Either way, good luck- hopefully they will say yes and you can use the savings to buy something else.

        • Seattleite, thanks for posting this.

          • New poster :

            I called. The main customer service line has nothing to do with the stores, but their general policy is no price adjustments for online-only retailers (but something like Bloomingdales online is acceptable, because they have brick and mortar stores). Then I called the customer service department of the store where I purchased them, and they said the same thing.

            I asked to speak with someone in salon shoes (to practice my assertiveness in case anyone was worried about it). They said they don’t do price adjustments at all, and that each store and each department has its own policies. I will try taking the shoes in in person and seeing my main shoe man Michael, maybe he will hook me up. I waited too long and they have now sold out of my size on Bluefly anyway, otherwise I would just buy the shoes there and return at Nordstrom without a second thought.

            Just an update in case anyone else was wondering. I had honestly never heard of the price matching thing with Nordstrom before reading it here, which is why I was a little skeptical in the first place. Thanks for all the responses.

  2. SoCal Gator :

    I have been told I should watch The Good Wife but start at the beginning. Where can I get season One? It’s not in Netflix streaming.

    • I heart Good Wife :

      DH and I started watching from the beginning about 2 months ago. We LOVE it. But it comes from Netflix only on DVD.

      If I could have any lawyer’s wardrobe, it would be Alicia Florrick’s. She has my coloring, so I spend part of each scene fantasizing how her suit would work into my wardrobe.

      • SoCal Gator :

        I just checked out Hulu Plus and it has The Good Wife streaming. And now using AirPlay you can stream from your I-device to the TV using Apple Tv, which I have. Thinking about subscribing.

    • check your local library! mine has many DVD series that you can’t get on netflix streaming.

  3. Seeking Dress :

    Saw a great dress at a wedding last night – sheath dress, short sleeves, pockets in the side seams of the skirt, it was orange/light blue/gray/black/white with an abstract pattern that included what looked like clubs and spades from a deck of cards. Exposed zipper down the back. Anyone seen this anywhere??? Thanks!

  4. Valentino Silk Scarf :

    I bought a gorgeous silk scarf at a consignment store yesterday. Heavy silk twill. I’m guessing 36 inch square (it’s at the dry cleaners now). Floral design: black center, red border, pink yellow & green flowers in a ring between the center and the border. Single word “Valentino” in one corner. I paid $60.61 with tax. I am very happy with my purchase because I know it is an item that will get a lot of use.


    1. I have been all over the internet and can’t find an image of this scarf. I’m wondering what season it was, how much it was new etc. Is there some kind of resource for that info?
    2. Ditto for Hermes scarves. There was a Hermes scarf in the same drawer. It was $695 and the silk was not anywhere near as nice as this one. (I personally didn’t care for the design either, but that is subjective.)

    • From my experiences consigning, there is some sort of database that a lot of the stores use to determine their pricing. I don’t know the name of it, but you may call around and ask- the consignment store you purchased from may tell you.

  5. I have been struggling with deciding what to do with my career for about 4 years now and I feel like enough is enough. I have spent countless hours doing my own research with books, talking to family and friends, etc. I think it might be time to involve a professional but not sure which one. Is this something a therapist could help me work through?

    • another anon :

      I highly suggest a career counselor. I don’t know what you’ve done on your own, but I had a Strong Interest test done (among others) and thought it was quite useful.

      • I know this sounds silly but how do you take the test? I found a few websites that administer the test online but they looks shady and the one that looks legit won’t let you order a copy unless you are a licensed career coach or psychologist. My alma mater’s career services department will only let you take it in person which isn’t possible for me. Can you buy this test at a book store?

  6. Ladies –

    Tonight’s Mad Men. Women in the workplace. Please discuss.

    • Honestly, I may not be able to watch the show again. Several times this season I have thought, “Boy, Matt Weiner really hates women.” I understand it was the culture of the time, but I hate watching women repeatedly put in humiliating positions, such as Betty in a fat suit.

      • It was definitely yucky, but I dont think it means Matt Weiner hates women.

        I didn’t watch the show initially, but I worked with this guy (about 10 years younger than me) who kept talking about how great is was, back when “things were the way they’re supposed to be” (i’m not joking, but maybe he partially was)

        So I watched the show and my immediate take-away was that the #1 theme of Mad Men is how much it sucked to be a woman back then.

        I really think that’s Matt Weiner’s overall message. There are people out there today who claim that gender equality has set women back, but do you see any happy women (at work or stay-at-home) on that show? No, all the happy go lucky types are men.

  7. Okay. I know it’s late in the game for the weekend. And I want to preface this by saying I have awesome in-laws. I mean, they raised my husband. My in-laws are loving, accepting, caring people who adore my child and have accepted me wholeheartedly into their lives.

    And they are here for the rest of the weekend, which is great, because as stated above, DH and I are on call tomorrow together, and it magically solves all our childcare problems. So please take this complaint with a grain of salt, but I need to get it off my chest.

    My father in law is going to eat us out of house and home. We got (huge) burritos for dinner. My mother in law and I ate a half (I do not have a small appetite). My husband at 3/4. My FIL ate a full burrito. And two pieces of bread. And a bowl of cereal. And an apple. And the last of our watermelon. And then dug in our freezer and ate the rest of our frozen yogurt and the last of my skinny cows. And some of our almonds. Oh and a bagel.

    Clearly, it bothers me, because I kept track. I always plan to have extra food around, but I always end up feeling resentful. Like, who eats that much? And how come I don’t get to eat leftovers later? Please please please hear me — I know many of you have real issues with your in-laws, and I fully acknowledge that this does not count as a real issue. But tomorrow I’m going to go to the grocery store, buy another loaf of bread gallon of milk jar of peanut butter and vat of vanilla ice-cream and tell him to go to town.
    Okay, calm now. Overall I’m lucky. But it always makes me crazy.

    • Anonymous :

      You’re being extremely petty. Seriously. Let it go. It’s strange and again, incredibly petty that you’re keeping track of everything your in-laws are eating. Not just your father in law, but also your mother in law, too. Honestly, I feel kind of bad for them.
      Sorry. But since you asked, I truly think it’ll help you, and your relationship with your in-laws, to know that in at least in person’s opinion, you really need to lay off.

      • Did you not see the preface? Back off. Let’s be supportive of each other here, even in our needs to vent over things we know we couldn’t say IRL.

        • Christ. Do not tell me to back off. How does it help her to validate everything she says – untruthfully? To make her more resentful of her in-laws? She’s being judgmental, and hopefully realizing this will compel HER to back off.

          • Validate, as in tell her they are true? Nothing could be more useless. Emotions are not factual statements. They are feelings. Everyone has a right to their feelings; it’s what we do with them, how we express them, that we might want to change. I don’t see anyone here saying “Go blast your in-laws with hateful invective”, and I don’t think that’s what she’s doing. She started off by C(her)A and making it very clear that she knows the tiny place this holds in the otherwise good relationship and that it’s a little thing that’s bugging her, but it’s bugging her. Venting in a completely separate forum can be a healthy way to release negative emotions without damaging the relationship. I don’t think I have mach more to say on this, other than let’s be supportive of each other.

          • Couldn’t disagree more, sorry. When I have friends being unreasonable in relationship IRL I tell them the truth then, too — and they don’t seem to mind being told if they’re unfair or unreasonable. I certainly appreciate it, when friends tell me as much. You don’t always know when you’re being a jerk, and being informed of it helps you change not only your behavior but the way you view something. Frankly, the poster here is being a jerk. Hopefully being informed of it will enable her to change her perspective and how she’s viewing her poor FIL. For you to tell me to “back off” from giving her that view is obnoxious, and seems to undermine your whole “Let’s just support each other” ethos.

          • Yiiiiikes. Hope you inform your friends they’re being judgmental, extremely/incredibly petty, unreasonable, otherwise flawed human beings, etc. etc. more gently than you do here. Sometimes it is good to have a close friend ask you, “Fo real?” but can’t say I’d be friends too long with someone who was determined to be absolutely no-holds barred blunt with me about every negative judgment she had about my attitudes/conduct/behavior. I appreciate that sometimes my friends just let me be ridiculous.

      • Couple of things:

        1) I actually didn’t “ask” anything. I was venting. And that was explicit.

        2) I think it’s pretty clear that I know I’m being petty.

        3) I appreciate you opinions. Clearly, I’m posting on a forum, so I’m not anticipating either no response or a chorus of support. But I would ask you if you think harsh words are the best way to get people to change behavior you disagree with or dislike.

      • I have to agree with Anonymous, actually, although I know her tone was harsh. Your inlaws are providing free childcare, which is invaluable. FIL eats a lot, yes, but they are providing a service back in return. And you and your husband make very good money, I assume. I can see how it would be frustrating when your favorite snacks are getting eaten, but at the end of the day – this is not a big deal (as you point out yourself).

        I have to say that I cringed when I read your note. I know that you’re venting, but in my culture, we say that the “guest is god” and we provide tons of food to our guests and we don’t think anything of it. Keeping track of how much people eat — it really makes me feel sad that you’re doing that!

        • Alanna of Trebond :

          You sound like you are an Indian? Guest is god, check. Ply with food, double check. Grandmother forces them to eat even if they are not hungry?

          • Nope, eastern european. I suspect that the ply with food mentality crosses most immigrant cultures.

        • Why do you care if she’s Indian or not?

      • For –‘s sake, people, she’s got house guests! How is she supposed to keep the fridge stocked if she isn’t keeping track of what’s being eaten? Besides, can’t any of you tell me what you and the people you were with ate at your last meal today?

        Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the infeasibility of using this site as a place to post a funny rant about something odd that’s bugging me, especially if it’s something we all know not to address with the person involved.

    • Who cares? :

      I think the call is getting to you or something! So he eats a lot, who cares?

    • I get how other people’s habits, when they are suddenly living with us, can be incredibly annoying.

    • layered bob :

      oooh I feel resentful like this when my brothers come to stay with me… particularly since they can go through in one sitting boxes of things that I eat slowly and view as “treats” (chocolate bars, ice cream sandwiches, etc.) . They eat SO MUCH. And I grew up with them, in the same house, eating the same food, so you’d think I’d know how to keep food on hand for them. And every time they come I’m taken by surprise.

      Which, as you say, does not mean that I don’t love them and want them here. I would love if they would visit even more often. And I’m glad they feel comfortable enough to go through my cupboards. So I try to remind myself that I am grateful that they are eating me out of house and home, because I could not have them at all, and that would be way worse.

      So you already know that it’s petty, but you’re not alone – sometimes our families just bring out all our angst and pettiness and weirdness, and that’s just the way it is. I try to remember how grateful I am that I am having *this* problem and not some worse problem, and that puts things in perspective.

      … and then when they leave I totally appreciate again how long a half-gallon of milk lasts without them :-)

      • I like your reply. But I don’t think she knows she’s being petty, or how weird it is that she’s analyzing every single thing her family is eating.

        • She doesn’t know? Then why did she say, “I fully acknowledge that this does not count as a real issue”?

          • It IS sort of weird that she’s tracking everything her free babysitters are eating.

    • Don’t feel bad. All of us have relatives or inlaws whose habits get on our nerves, especially when it impacts us (no leftovers). My brother in law does not eat huge meals when we go out, but he comes in two or three hours later and eats another meal, seriously. MY LEFTOVERS!! How dare he! Plus he is getting quite a paunch. I would say beer belly, but he does not drink much. So let yourself be peeved at him, laugh it off, and move on. Of course, I would think as a doctor the unhealthy aspects of this also play into your reactions. Too bad we cannot control other people’s bad habits :)

    • Sounds like a healthy growing boy! Seriously, where does he put it all?

      Glad you have a place to vent and hope you feel better now. Just don’t take him along when you’re on call. He’d steal the kids’ bacon!

      BTW, my peeve about my FiL (when I had one, before the divorce) was that he would go on long walks, and sometimes decide to help me out by swinging by the grocery store. There often were items I needed, but he never ever bought them. He’d get things he thought Americans like me like, such as an oversize bag of potato chips.

    • This made me laugh – reminds me of my former housesitter. She was a broke college student with roommates and she loved staying at my house and took great care of my cats, so I paid her well and always left food for her. I would try to stop her from eating certain expensive things in my fridge (like dried porcinis and truffles) to no avail. I swear, I would come home from a trip and the fridge would look like I had emptied it out to clean it! I came to wonder if she was taking food home with her – or having dinner parties at my house with her friends.

      Good to vent here – it’s frustrating when you’re busy and you try to plan food and somebody mows through it. Try to keep your sense of humor about it!

    • EC MD, Costco is probably very grateful when your FIL comes to town.

    • ECMD, when you run out of food, just smile sweetly at him and say…”Oh no! We’re out. Could you run to the store and get more???”

      But oof. That’s a lot of food!

      • I think when someone is giving you free babysitting to help you out of a jam, you provide the food. I get other people in your space would be annoying but I mean, he’s hungry right? he’s not eating all that and then throwing it up or anything. So I would turn a blind eye for this and focus on all the good things. (And I say this with sympathy, I don’t have many overnight houseguests cuz I like my own space too) But I agree with the people who are urging you to stop keeping track of the food, I think that’s making your annoyance seem even bigger.

        • Yeah I agree with this

        • I’m not saying she shouldn’t give him money to PAY for the food! He just may get more careful about how much food he eats if he has to go buy some of it. :-P

          Haha. Seriously though, this is one of those things you just have to smile and deal with with family. It pales in comparison to family who is willing to watch a toddler for you though. :-)

    • I get it – it’s not about the food but about the upset daily routines and strange people in your house.
      No matter how wanted, wonderful and helpful the guests are, in a normal middle-class household (no live-in maids or visitor cottages) there would still be a degree of… imposition? discomfort?..

      That said, the real fridge pillaging is done by teenage boys and THEIR guests. You have a few years to prepare.

    • Working Girl :

      My FIL does the same thing and it drives me nuts. Frankly I never thought of myself as petty for being annoyed, so you are one step more enlightened than I am. There is nothing wrong with being a little off put. Nor do I think you are weirdly “tracking” anything as people suggest. When you are running a household with kids and doing groceries all the time, you notice what is missing because you are the one making sure there is food for your family there and paying attention to this kind of stuff. You don’t have o be “analyzing” or intentionally tracking anything to notice.

      • Yes. I keep track of what visitors eat so I know what to buy/make next time they’re here. My mom will always say she wants to go out to eat. Took me a few years to figure out that she didn’t mean to insult me or find my food inedible. She just doesn’t get how nice it is to slow down and mindfully make a meal that will be enjoyed by other adults. Even now that I’ve figured that out, she still won’t tell me her preferences–I have to watch for them.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Anyone else think that there is one person posting as a bunch of the anons to make it look like her position has more support? I smell advanced trolling.

      EC MD – that was a funny vent. My husband used to get annoyed when my brother would visit and eat and drink all his food. Now we eat/drink mostly healthy food so my brother isn’t interested in it LOL.

      • Definitely over the top. EC is a regular poster that gives good advice and I thought the post was funny. You obviously make your FIL feel very welcome and I am sure you’d never make an issue of it. I’d like to be a guest at her house – lots of food there (having been a guest many times where there’s been no food whatsoever).

      • Alanna of Trebond :

        Yes, I think that’s one of the issues with how commenters “sign in” on this site–there’s not really an accountability attached to the name.

      • I don’t think so – there are a variety of opinions on this site.

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        I didn’t mean EC MD was a troll!!! The anons responding!!

      • I’m not a troll, I’m a regular poster and I didn’t write the original response (from Anon). I also think that EC MD’s response below was very gracious and thoughtful.

      • Haters gonna hate!

      • Anonymous :

        This is the original, “harsh” Anonymous. And, I am different from “Anon” and “Yup.” You honestly think no more than one person is capable of thinking that the OP is being petty, and that her cataloguing of her what her guests are eating is weird? How insulting.

    • I want to thank everyone for the variety of replies. I honestly didn’t think I would be starting such an issue, and I think that a lot of good points were made. I hope it was clear that I did know that it is petty of me.

      The thing that make it challenging is that my in-laws don’t drive while they are here, and we don’t live walking distance to a market, so the only reason I’m really keeping track is that it’s my responsibility to provide the food, so as he’s eating, I’m adding to my grocery list. But it’s not the end of the world, it’s just another chore to juggle, and I am very very grateful for their presence, and our relationship.

      One of my favorite aspects of Judiasm is the idea of “acts of loving kindness” and reading this thread reminded me of how great I have it with my family, and how nonjudgmental and loving they are, and that has allowed me to replenish my cupboards from a place of love rather than panic that food was disappearing faster than I could restock it.

      Hope everyone’s work week is productive and not too stressful.

    • So funny – I have sort of the opposite problem. My MIL will not touch any food I prepare – like it’s poison. I pride myself on my cooking, and put a lot of effort into it, but she won’t budge. She was here last week for several days, and all of the food I had purchased, hoping we would eat in once or twice, just rotted in the fridge. In the past, she has sat at the dinner table and flatly refused to eat the dinner I prepared. It makes me crazy too, but I am trying to learn to let it go.

  8. Government Work? :

    The leave and health benefits are okay. Nothing you wouldn’t find at a private employer with a good benefit package. Security, job not physical, tends to be a little better. This seems to vary by agency, but for those that work for government agencies, have you found that you wear your series and grade regardless of your actual job?

    It just seems odd that you can be assigned job duties and held accountable; but if the person you need information from is a higher grade, they don’t have to listen.

    Also, duty assignments seem odd. You can be assigned more responsibility but receive “nothing” except another duty to add to your resume. At least in private industry, you can negotiate a small bump in $ or title change to offset some of this. It seems in government, you are what you are until a slot at a higher grade is open. Even then, you will get the $ but may only continue to do the work you did before.

    I guess I’m just rambling as friends that don’t work for the govt don’t understand and it’s a topic I wouldn’t want to share with coworkers. Anyone experienced this? How did you deal with it or did it male you go back to the private sector?

    • Anon for this :

      There are advantages and disadvantages of any workplace, and the government has its own special quirks. I would argue that job security is much better than in the private sector, but that’s a minor quibble. The issue of pay for performance is a real one, but hard to measure accurately, I suspect, and it depends greatly on where in the private sector you think you’d go, and the state of the economy in that industry. I don’t know of anyone in govt who “wears series/grade,” and at least in my agency I don’t know the ranks of most of the people I work with other than my direct reports and my supervisor. (I know those only because the information is on the evaluations I write for them and my supervisor writes for me.)

      If I have a problem with a higher ranking person not providing information, I will address the person as professionally as possible, but then raise the matter with my boss or the other person’s boss. I don’t see this as being materially different than when I worked in the private sector and a higher ranking person didn’t provide the info/turnaround/response in a timely basis. Higher ranking people in my private sector job ‘didn’t have to listen’ any more than in government and the way to work it out is no different. Public or private doesn’t matter when your work is stymied by someone who doesn’t have to take orders from you, and the only thing you can do is make it clear (professionally!) to your supervisor that you cannot complete X until you have Y and Y is currently with JaneBob.

      Additional duties do come without any additional pay, but I found the same was true in my private sector position as well. Yes, I could ask for more money, but the firm didn’t have to give me the bump or raise or bonus, and job titles where I worked were set and nonnegotiable. Friends in other industries tell me that it was completely unheard of to ask for a change in compensation “just because” you were assigned other duties; especially if the other duties came along because of layoffs and work just needed to be redistributed. At one point when my firm wasn’t doing as well as before, it changed our benefits package and reduced bonuses significantly; for a few years we were basically getting less for the same amount of work. Promotion tracks in the private sector can also be dead ends (no real moves until you show you are qualified and the best candidate for the job, and no guarantees that you will get it….same as in govt).

      I guess my bottom line is that everything you wrote here is true and can be incredibly frustrating, but I found that several of the issues you raise are not any better in the private sector, but the private sector can make decisions (good, bad, and ugly) faster than the government; that speed might reduce frustrations but it’s balanced by other factors, such as employees have less recourse. The grass isn’t necessarily greener, but it may be a different type of grass.

      • Government Work? :

        When I worked in the private sector it seemed like there was less combativeness and more of a common goal. For example, I wasn’t in the same direct reporting structure as the controllers but I worked in the VPs direct organization. There was never an outright salary/rank discussion when something came up. It was so much easier to get information, work together for a solution, and if I said something couldn’t be done bc of internal policy, us code, contracts, etc there wasn’t too much of a fit. Promotions were more straightforward. If there was someone they wanted, that person got it and an announcement was made congratulating them. Otherwise, the position was posted and mostly fair game.

        With the government, it seems like everyone feels like someone is out to get them and you have no business looking at “their area”, your not their boss so you can’t “tell” them what to do, etc. We have a monthly report the director sends to HQ. I can’t make any of the offices turn-in information for the brief. (sometimes the Director can’t get a straight answer out of them.) Government promotions? I’ve seen too many panels and the selection sheets to buy it.

        I never saw anything like this at Treasury so I know not all positions are like this and agencies are different. I get it’s the management style that is frustrating me. Sommany positions are only open to current agency employees, I feel like it would be difficult to switch and going back to the private sector may be my only option if I want a different environment.

        • Where does your agency rank on the “Best Places To Work” in the government list? My agency is at the top, and I see none of these problems. I don’t think you can just pin this on being a government job — it’s just bad management. You might want to target your future job search at agencies and sub-agencies that rank high on that survey.

          • Government Work? :

            Not in the top 100; actually, not in the top 50%. Do you know where the numbers come from? That don’t exactly match the annual OPM scores we get but I would guess they would be related?

            There aren’t many agencies or sub-agencies in my area that are ranked highly. Time to start saving for a relocation? I am a somewhat higher grade which has made switching agencies difficult. I’ve interviewed for positions bit they always chose someone that was an in-house promotions. (some of those interviews were closet interrogations where it seemed like more of a way to exclude the lateral so X can be promoted; the person that got it shouldn’t have been in the interview, should they?)

  9. New poster :

    Thanks for clarifying, and for jumping in, thoughtful others. Just logging in and seeing this now, but please don’t worry that I would be hurt by a comment made by someone on a website who doesn’t know me. I will go into Nordstrom this week and ask. I work a lot of hours, like most people on this site, and was trying to avoid the extra trip to the mall if we already knew that this was out of the question, that’s all.

    • SoCal Gator :

      Maybe you could call Nordstroms first before making the trip to the store. If they sound encouraging, that would make it worth your while. My customer service experiences with Nordstroms have all been Exceeds Expectations. Good luck!

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