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For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

We’re loving this beautifully designed and reasonably priced skirt suit from Max Studio. The curve of the seams, the hidden pockets, the slightly rough look to the jacket — we love it all. We’d buy it as a suit but probably end up wearing the jacket a lot as a topper for other outfits. The jacket (FAILLE SEAMED JACKET) is $178 (was $342), and the skirt (STRETCH FAILLE PENCIL SKIRT) is $98 (was $148).


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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Belle by Sigerson Morrison’s Blue Suede Flats

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison - 5736 (Blue Suede) - Footwear
We’re lusting after these lovely blue leather flats (with suede insets) from Sigerson Morrison today. We’d wear them with pretty much anything, but particularly gray slacks and a yellow or green blouse. Now $165 at Zappos (they were $299). Belle by Sigerson Morrison – 5736 (Blue Suede) – Footwear

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Open Thread: What is the best antiperspirant or deodorant to wear with a suit?

Today’s reader mail is a good one, and in lieu of a poll we’re going to run this as our open thread today…

What is the best antiperspirant or deodorant to wear with a suit in these hot summer months???

Great question because, face it, on the days when it’s boiling outside everyone shows up at work all sweaty and nasty. Apparently, the difference between the two is that a deodorant stops odor, while an antiperspirant stops sweat. For our $.02, we wear Lady Mitchum gel — it goes on clear, it dries quickly, it doesn’t smell too funky, and it works for us (both to reduce sweat and odor). (Lady Mitchum Clear Gel Antiperspirant & Deoderant, available at for $3.59.)

Readers, any favorites? Any other tricks for staying dry and avoiding sweat?

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Donna Ricco Belted Silk Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

iconWe’re normally against cowlnecks for work, if only because the neckline makes it difficult to add a cardigan or jacket on top of it. But this dress is too lovely not to include. We love the gentle pattern, the nearly elbow-length sleeves, and the slight pleats in the skirt. Ladylike and serious, without being severe. Lovely. It’s available at Nordstrom’s for $158. Donna Ricco Belted Silk Dress

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Reader Mail: How to Look Professional and Cover My Bug Bitten Legs?

Today’s reader mail comes to us from a reader with an interesting dilemma:

I just scored 3 awesome interviews with publishing companies in the South.  I know I need to dress conservatively, but it’s so HOT down here in the South that I’m not sure what to wear. I don’t want to look like a freak all dressed in a suit when it’s 98F with 100% humidity. What would you suggest?  Also, I currently work at a summer camp, so my legs are covered with mosquito and chigger bites! I’m way more comfortable in a skirt than I am in pants, but should I wear pants just to cover up the bug bites? Would really appreciate any suggestions and advice!
This is an excellent question, and one we don’t necessarily know the answer to.  Unless your interviews are taking place outdoors, we would dress for air conditioning — which is to say, wear a regular skirt suit.  Layer, layer, layer in order to deal with the heat — if you’re taking public transportation to get to the interview you may want to wear just the skirt and a tank top, and then add a button-down and the suit jacket on top of those.


Your bug-bitten legs are the most interesting question, for us, and we’re hoping the readers have some good advice for you. We would say that even though your legs are a bit marred, you should still wear a skirt suit:  the point isn’t that you’re displaying your “assets” as you would on a date, but rather that you’re wearing an outfit that, for whatever reason in today’s society, registers as the one that is the most conservative and professional thing to wear.  So theoretically it shouldn’t matter that your legs have bug bites all over them.  If you’re sensitive enough about them to cover them up, though, we recommend playing around with concealers.  For all-over coverage, Sally Hansen makes a spray-on concealer to help “tan” your legs and cover imperfections:  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan Glow, available at for $10.95 (pictured at right).  For spot coverage, you may want to look into stage makeup like Ben Nye — it’s used a lot for covering tattoos, and won’t break the bank.  (If it’s just one or two really bad bug bites, you may be able to cover them with a band-aid, also.)
Photo credit:  Year Two, Day 337:  Hairy Legs and Bug Bites!, originally uploaded to Flickr by Brymo
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