Tool of the Trade: Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Picture 20Facebook continues to grow in popularity, and it’s now entirely possible that your coworkers, bosses, former teachers–as well as your real friends–will see everything you post on there. Or at least they will if your privacy settings aren’t set just so. By setting things up properly, though, you can prevent everyone but a handful of people from seeing:

  • pictures that other people tag of you (because your friends may not have the same aversion to posting drunken pictures of you as you might),
  • status updates (because maybe you don’t want that guy you only vaguely remember from high school commenting when you post a sarcastic status update about being excited for another long day at the office)
  • your phone number, IM screen name, etc.

and more. (It seems to be easier to set up a “yes” group rather than setting up a “no” group — this way you don’t have to remember to add people to the “no” group as time goes on. Furthermore, if you’re like us, Facebook has become a bit like a high school reunion and office cooler party all at once, and while your number of “Facebook friends” has grown to stratospheric levels, the number of real friends has remained somewhat, well, small.)

Because this can be a bit confusing, we thought we’d post a primer on how to set your privacy settings… after the jump.

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Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Tory Burch’s Simone Sweater

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

simoneWe had hoped this sweater would be part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but alas, it is not. We love, love, love, the print and the flattering pink shade. It’s fun, it’s feminine, but it’s neither Barbie (the black pattern tones down the print) nor goth (imagine the sweater in a dark red). We’d wear it with gray slacks and a black jewel-neck t-shirt beneath, or perhaps over a black sheath dress. Tory Burch ‘Simone’ Merino Wool Cardigan

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Weekend Open Thread

Stuck late at the office or over the weekend, and have something on your mind? Discuss it here.
Pictured: Noritake “Elements Marine” Mug, 12 Oz., available at for $11 (was $16)

Weekly Roundup

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The L.A. Times has a great profile on J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons (pictured).

– Does work/life balance exist? Or, in order to rise as high as Sonia Sotomayor, do you have to be a workaholic? [WSJ’s The Juggle]

– Studies show women of color struggle to rise in law firms. [MPR] But, allegedly, women are more likely to get hired at law firms than men are. [Let the Curve Do the Work]

– Turns out no one likes the office pool party! [WSJ’s The Juggle]

– Some “no duh” advice on how not to get fired over Twitter/Facebook use. [Young Lawyers Blog] For your real life, Lifehacker offers advice on how to avoid sounding stupid: a calculated pause.

– Oh yes — in case you didn’t hear — Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale
icon is on, meaning there are discounts on this coming fall’s merchandise.

Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Nine West’s Walcott Pumps

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Today’s reader-suggested TPS comes from reader L, who writes:

I just got the Nine West “Walcott” shoes in black – and they’re perfect. I want them in every color. Not too high a heel, not too pointy at the toes (but also not so rounded they look like toddlers’ shoes) – they’re very comfortable, effortlessly professional, and inexpensive (on sale for $50!). I think the style won’t be discontinued any time soon, I’ve seen different colors introduced each season.

We think these are a great, reasonably priced alternative to the Cole Haan and Manolos out there. Note also that these shoes are available up to a size 12. They’re available at for $50.

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Corporette 101: Pant Hemlines

men's pants lengthsThis post is actually inspired by a reader’s question:

How long should pant hemlines be, when wearing a suit or dress pants with loafers (with a 1″ stacked heel) or heels?
We recall, many years ago, seeing an illustrated feature in the front of Esquire magazine, advising men how long their hemlines should be with different types of pants and shoes. (Yes, we were dorky enough to scan it and keep it.) Our advice won’t be quite as nuanced as that, alas, because in our minds the answer is always the same: the front of the hemline should brush the front of your foot (“the vamp”), and only a half-inch of heel (inch at most) ought to be showing in the back. Far too often we see women wearing heels with pants that are hemmed for flats — it makes their legs look shorter. It’s even worse with suits, because then the whole suit looks like it doesn’t fit. Readers, any thoughts?

Further viewing: Proper Fit of Pants [eHow]
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