What to Wear To . . . Work on the Weekend

what to wear to work on weekend

2017 Update: We still stand by some of this advice on what to wear to work on the weekend, but let’s face it: it’s an old post! Here are more recent discussions on comfortable workwear for late nights at the office, as well as an updated take specifically on what’s too casual for a weekend in the office.

In this feature, “What to Wear To…” we tackle attire for office events that are outside the confines of the 9-5 office day.

It’s the Aughts, and Blackberries and the Internet mean most work can be done from home. Still, there are times when there’s just no way around it and you’ve got to go in. This presents a special challenge: you want to look cute, cool, hip — but you’ve also got to look professional. If the hours are long you’re going to want to be extremely comfortable. Odds are good the air conditioning will be at full blast, so you also want to be warm.

We’ve found a bunch of great jackets that have a structured look to them, yet they’re made of fleece, jersey, and other fun fabrics — they’re almost as comfortable as your old reliable sweats. With a nice (non-ripped) pair of jeans, and a cute pair of closed-toe shoes (or even nice sneakers), these can maintain your dignity, broadcast your cool, and protect your comfort.

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Tool of the Trade: LeechBlock

In this feature, we’ll explore one tool that makes the busy woman’s life easier in some small way.


The thing we keep hearing from our lawyer friends is that the pay is great, but the job is unbelievably boring about 75% of the time. And almost everyone we know has a problem with distraction — you’re at the office for long stretches doing boring things like reading transcripts (it’s hard to think of something we hate more) and then Perez Hilton starts to call, or the new sale at Net-A-Porter… trust us, we HEAR you, sista. So you spend “working hours” avoiding work by playing on the Internet, and then you have to stay late to actually, you know, do the work. And by staying late, you further blur the line between work and your personal life. It’s a bad, bad thing.

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Poll: How high maintenance are you (salon-wise)?

high-maintenance-beautyLet’s face it, we’re all busy. Some stuff becomes a priority; other stuff falls by the wayside. So, in the great tradition of keeping up with the Joneses, we thought we’d take a poll:

high-maintenance beauty

Incidentally, if you haven’t heard of it, the Lifebooker service can be great — if you have a spare night free or a slow afternoon you go to the site, tell it what kind of treatment you’re looking for and in what zip code, and they’ll see if salons near you have openings that day. Alas, it’s only available in NYC at the moment.
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The Hunt: Sweater Sets

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Well, we were surprised when we started hunting for twinsets for this feature. To us, twinsets are a great summer basic — they’re the perfect solution for a deathly hot commute (you just wear the tank or tee and throw the sweater in your bag or over your shoulders) and then when you get to the office and the uber-airconditioning, you can be nice and warm in your cardigan.  Sure, we get a lot of use out of them as separate pieces — we wear the sweater top on top of white shirts, or we wear the cardigan by itself over dresses. Still, we like to buy the set as a whole — it’s a better addition to the closet that way; it ties your wardrobe together and extends it and gives you another option for a work-appropriate outfit.  Also: great for travel.

So we were surprised at how hard it was to find a collection of twinsets for this week’s The Hunt. Furthermore, there was a huge price gap — anything that had the least bit detailing was going for $1000 plus, with everything else just being a basic. Very interesting! Please tell us in comments — do you still wear sweater sets? Would you buy them if they were easier to find in stores?

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Weekend Roundup – Wall Street chicks, Money, Tiny things, Ink stains

– Women on Wall Street: A rare breed. [The Street via Feministing]

– Above the Law has added a section to promote your charitable benefit announcements. [AtL]

– Nice article on how to retire with absolutely nothing. (Wait, that isn’t your goal? Oh.) [Motley Fool]

– If you’re happy, that will apparently advance the goal of retiring with absolutely nothing. [Money]

– We love tiny purse-sized packets of stuff, and accordingly love Minimus. They’ve just put together a bag of everything you’ll need on your wedding day. [Minimus]

– Clean ink marks off your hands with a teabag. [Lifehacker]

Weekly Roundup

– Floorcloths: just what your office needs to brighten it up. You can walk on ’em and clean ’em, but they’re beautiful and cheerful. [Hilary Law via Apartment Therapy] (At left: #20.)

– Lifehacker readers vote on the best personal finance tools. (We vote for MS Money.) [Lifehacker]

– Just what every young professional needs: a guide to power napping. [43 Folders]

– This site has a nice collection of links for those trying to decide whether to rent or buy. [Brazen Careerist]

– Oooh, a new Sarah Haskins video (the reporter who brought you the “Target Women: Yogurt” report. [Feministing]

– Great profile on Kelly Cutrone, the fashion publicist on The Hills: “[A]s a powerful female whose authority is never questioned or mocked, she is a near-anomaly on television. She boasts a what-the-fuck attitude that betrays punk-rockish roots.” We’ll admit it, we’ve got a girl crush. [NY Observer]

– If you haven’t seen it: LinkedIn is, like, way popular. [NYT]

– Six vacation spots to see before global warming destroys them. Make the time! [Smart Money]

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