Weekly Roundup

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sexy businesswoman– The Financial Times explores the myth of the sexy stiletto-heeled businesswoman, so common on television shows like Lipstick Jungle: it’s fictional! <gasp!> [FT via Jezebel]

– Schools are doing their best to draw more women to executive MBA programs. [WSJ]

– How to dress like a French woman: simple, chic. [Forbes Woman] (In fact, it’s a bit hard to find on their website but they have an entire quarterly issue devoted to women in business — check out this link for all the articles.)

– Check out the jewelry sale going on at Erin Gallagher (through Jan. 25) — especially great if you have any loved ones with an odd birthstone, like garnet (January). [Erin Gallagher]

– Finally — if you could come vote for us in the 2009 Bloggies, we’ll be your best friend forever! [2009 Bloggies]

Poll Results – Hair Accessories

professional hair accessoriesAbout a week ago, we asked what kind of hair accessories were appropriate for the office. As always, the poll is still open, but the preliminary results are in — roughly 50% of you said that as long as the ‘do and the accessory was conservative, anything was ok as long as it worked for you, including jeweled elastic bands, claws, headbands, and more. Another 34% of you thought that “fanciful minimal” best described it — simple, hair-colored type accessories from J.Crew. 13% of you thought bare minimal was best for the office — to the point that the elastic holding your hair back should match your hair color. Only 3% said that anything went, including the feathered headband we’d used to illustrate the quiz. [Read more…]

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corporette bloggiesThank you for your votes for the 2009 Bloggies — Corporette is a finalist!!  Please come vote for us as the best-kept secret weblog. (Scroll all the way to the right once you get to the page.)

And while we, OF COURSE, absolutely require you to vote for Corporette, we must give a shout-out to one of our competitors, Thursday Night Smackdown — the editors of both blogs go way back.  Good luck, TNS!

Suit of the Week: Semantiks Mélange Suit

We really like this black and white combo suit from Semantiks, available at Nordstrom.  The piping on the jacket is interesting without being distracting, and the cut of the suit is feminine without being frou-frou.  The Semantiks Mélange Jacket is $138, and the Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Trousers are $88.   There’s a coordinating Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Pencil Skirt, also, priced at $68.

gray pantsuit with black piping

Poll — Are politics still taboo at the office?

Can You Talk About Politics at the Office? | CorporetteSomehow, we made it all the way through the election without discussing this:  Is it still inappropriate to talk about politics in the office?  Sure, places like Fundrace let you know who gave what — and to whom — so the political leanings of your coworkers are much more out-in-the open.  Still, the office can be a prickly place to talk about politics.  For example:  If you’re a Republican, are you avoiding the inauguration parties that many offices are holding today?  If you’re a Democrat and your Republican boss begins spouting off about how the economy is all Bill Clinton’s fault, what do you do?

office politics

In comments, we’d love to know — what are your favorite sources for political commentary? Blogs?  Radio?  TV shows?  Do write in…

Weekly Roundup

coveroo phone coversLiking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

  • Personalize your Blackberry with happy, fun decals and stickers. [Coveroo] (Warning: some are cute, some look like “tramp stamps,” and some make you wonder how there could possibly be so much overlap between the Barbie and Blackberry crowds.)
  • Younger women may be more vulnerable to layoffs — watch out, ladies. [WSJ]
  • Is it productive to embrace your femininity at the office? This thoughtful article asks the experts. [The Glass Hammer]
  • Forbes reviews the luxury purchases you can make now that will “last a lifetime.” [Forbes] (Our $.02: focus on the kinds of purchases where you can haggle — think jewelry and watches.)
  • Hot! Filing supplies. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]
  • Take advantage of some of the inaugural specials some spas are offering — they’re coming up with some amusing ways to, uh, say goodbye to Bush. [Gothamist]
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