Reader Mail – Pearl Necklaces and Younger Women

Can Younger Women Wear Pearls | CorporetteA while ago, we got this intriguing e-mail from a reader:

As a late graduation present, I was considering asking my folks for a classic strand of pearls.  This turned out to be more complicated than I had thought.  Is it (still) true that younger women shouldn’t aspire to larger pearls?  I don’t want to buy a strand that will look silly when I’m in my 30s and 40s — what’s the largest I can get away with in my 20s?

The article she linked to explained that larger pearls were for older women — the largest sizes being for women “45 and up,” with the smallest sizes being intended for “older teens, 16 to 24.”

For our $.02: We love our 7.5 MM x 8 MM pearls and wear them all the time — several times a week.   They stodge up a questionable outfit and make us feel like we belong when we’re at an event with much bigger wigs than us.  As for the size, we would say that if you’re wearing suits you’re old enough to get this size of pearls (which, according to the website, is the last size of pearls acceptable for women under 35).  Go to the store and try on different pairs — you’ll eventually find one that feels and looks at home on your neck — and THAT’S the size and length you should get.  (We went with 18″ and would never look back, but if you wear button-down shirts or crewnecks frequently you may prefer to go with the tighter 16″ length.) [Read more…]

Resolutions Series: How to Rev Up Your Workout Routine

This is the first in a series on New Year’s resolutions. We plan to do one on eating less and another on spending less — let us know if you’ve got a resolution you’d like us to cover.
How to Keep Your #Exercise #Resolutions | CorporetteOver the years, we’ve made far too many resolutions — some were successful and some were not.  The one we make every January, however, is to really commit to a workout regime; even if only to offset all those extra holiday calories.

Photo credit:  work it out, originally uploaded to Flickr by IamSam. Psst, check out more recent articles on exercise for busy professionals here. 

If you’re like us, here’s where you get stuck with the workout resolution:

– you find working out on machines at the gym to be mind-numbing and not that great of a workout

– you find classes at the gym to not fit in your schedule reliably (in the morning they’re all either way too early or way too late, and at night they’re all way too early) — plus if one last-minute thing comes up at the office your good intention of making the class is blown [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

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– Sue, the magazine for female litigators, has debuted.  [Sue]

– We agree with this post by Ms. JD:  Bitter Lawyer crossed the line with this post advising women to look sexy in order to advance their career.  (And we normally love Bitter Lawyer!)  [Ms. JD]

– Teri Agins tells you how to choose stylish eyeglasses.  [WSJ]

– If you’re single: The single woman’s guide to the recession. [Cityfile]

– If you’re not:  Some financial bloggers weigh in on the “accidental breadwinner” syndrome among women.  [NYT, Wealth is Good, Well-Heeled, With a Mission, and My Open Wallet]

– Simple tips for buying affordable wines.  [WiseBread]

Suit of the Week: Elie Tahari Black Matte Crepe Suit

Bluefly is slashing prices by an extra 30% for today alone, so we thought we’d see if they had any cute suits. It did not disappoint: behold, a lovely Elie Tahari suit with a slightly odd twist: metal mesh trim. We like that it looks like a normal, boring suit from afar, but has this harder edge when you get close to it. (Although, suffice it to say, on our first wearing we would not accessorize the skirt with good pantyhose.) The ‘Jacqueline’ jacket is $270 (down from $448), and the ‘Pacey’ skirt is $179 (down from $298). (These prices DO reflect the extra 30% off price today.)

skirt suit on sale


Poll: Can younger women wear colorful suits?

colorful suits for younger womenA few weeks ago there was some debate about whether younger women can get away with wearing colorful suits without seeming like they’re too . . . old.  This was particularly interesting to us — we’ll admit we’ve never worn color suits, but it had never occurred to us that it was something exclusively for older women.  We didn’t wear them because it seemed… not us.  (A friend of ours bought such a suit once on deep discount — a purple suit — and it has sat in her closet for three years now with the tags still on.)  But since those comments we have thought long and hard and no, we generally don’t see younger women wearing colored suits.

We thought we’d open a thread on this and maybe take a little pollsky…Multiple answers are allowed.  To clarify:  by “colorful suits” we mean a color other than a neutral black, gray, navy, white, or beige.

(Should you be looking for a nice red suit, however, we thought we’d suggest this one at left, from Ann Taylor — it is currently $219 for the jacket and $109 for the skirt, but today there’s a sale: 30% off every single purchase.)

colorful suits younger women or older women only


What Not to Wear To… a Black-Tie Affair

what not to wear to a black tie affair2018 Update: We still stand by this advice on office what not to wear to a black-tie affair, and links have been updated below. Looking for general advice on what not to wear to work? Check out our latest discussion.

On the off chance anyone’s company is still having their black-tie affair this year, we thought we’d give some advice on what to wear, and what not to wear.  (Although the best advice we can give you is: ask a colleague who’s already been to the dance at least once.)

1.  First of all, ways to tell dressy formal attire is required:  generally, your invitation will tell you what to wear.  Secondary clues that dressy attire is necessary:

  • the event is held on a Saturday, not a Friday
  • significant others are invited
  • the event is held in a swank place that is not necessarily well-located near the office
  • your company holds two parties: one for staffers (held on a Friday night near or at the office) and one is held for the executives/lawyers (the dress code will be very different for the two events) (check out this advice on what to wear to a more low-key holiday office party)

[Read more…]

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