Suits for Tall Girls

Reiss Maxine SuitLast week we posted advice (as well as a call for readers’ advice) on where to buy suits if you’re petite.  In comments, people noted that it’s just as hard getting a proper suit if you’re tall.  As one reader put it:

We already know about BR, JCrew, and AT and Talbots carry some tall pants (but not tall jackets). I am hoping to hear of some cult labels. I know that being petite is not great in that you cannot find stuff that hits properly at the joints (particularly when pants are bootcut), but us tall ladies cannot create fabric out of none. That is to say, it’s very difficult to wear suits and look like Olive Oyl! Please help.

Well, they do say that the look of “floodies” is coming to suits in a big way this year, so perhaps you’ll naturally be stylish? (Pictured:  Maxine suit, available at Reiss for $144.) But seriously… As we have no suit-wearing friends who are very tall, we’ve begun our research on the Internet.  As the reader mentioned, lots of places do carry tall pants, and Benetton and Club Monaco get general raves from tall women for their pants.  There are some specialty shops out there, as well:

  • Tall Couture sells separates such as jackets
  • Moi-Même is a personal tailoring service that “was founded by a businesswoman who needed a few well-fitted women’s pant suits to wear while meeting with clients, but was simply too tall to fit into the pre-hemmed pants found at department and specialty stores.”

Readers, weigh in — where do you shop for suits if you’re on the taller side?